UM… Ocasio-Cortez just said ICE ‘sexually assaults women with impunity’!

Responding to Katie Pavlich this morning, Ocasio-Cortez just made terrible statements about ICE.

Are you kidding me? If you listen to Ocasio-Cortez, you’d think ICE was some Russian KGB or brown-shirt army going around kidnapping children and raping women. This is not what is happening! What a hateful joke this woman has become.

And Pavlich’s point is exactly right. If you get rid of ICE, just how do you deal with deportations exactly? We’re not just talking about one person, we’re talking about thousands!

The truth is this ‘socialist from the Bronx’ doesn’t really want deportations. I mean sure, get rid of the Nazi. But all these people flooding our border? Let them stay because white American can pay for it. That’s why she wants to get rid of ICE.

In very much related news, Ocasio tried to pull an Obama the other day:

You didn’t build that! Democratic socialists made that happen!

Actually America made that happen:

But while worker-owned businesses may have a ring of “Workers of the World, Unite!” to them, Ocasio-Cortez took heat for what critics described as the common mistake of equating some things government-run to socialism.

“The National Park System is not socialism in action: It is a mix of public goods, like monuments, and government maintenance of park land, which is not an interruption of private economic activity or a usurpation of private property rights,” The Weekly Standard’s Chris Deaton wrote in a column.

Deaton added that “contra Ocasio-Cortez, a fishing trip to Yellowstone is not a celebration of Marx and Engels.”

She was similarly knocked on Twitter, including by some users who noted that the billionaire Rockefeller family — associated more with capitalism than socialism — has ties to the park.

“Acadia National Park was created by private philanthropists who made land donations and paid for its design, John D. Rockefeller in particular,” one user tweeted. “Read the signs next time. “


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