UMM… CNN commentator admits to putting Cassidy Hutchinson in touch with Liz Cheney for ‘new’ testimony

It turns out that CNN had a hand in Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony before the January 6th committee the other day.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, who joined CNN around the end of last year as an anti-Trump political commentator, actually put Cassidy Hutchinson in touch with Liz Cheney so she could share some of this ‘new’ testimony.

Hutchison had already been interviewed by the January 6th Committee but apparently shared none of this ‘new’ testimony. So she told Griffin that she had more to share with the committee and Griffin then put her in touch with Cheney and go the ball rolling.

Here’s more from Mediaite:

Former Trump White House official Alyssa Farah astonished her colleagues on CNN by telling them she helped Cassidy Hutchinson break away from Donald Trump’s sphere of influence before her January 6 Committee testimony.

Farah appeared Thursday on New Day, where she said that she spoke to Hutchinson and she’s “doing remarkably well” after her bombshell testimony against the former president and his inner circle. Farah also said that Hutchinson contacted her before the hearing, and she told Farah, “there’s more I want to share with the committee” than what she had before in her previous depositions.

“A couple months ago, I put her in touch with Congresswoman Cheney,” Farah said. “She got a new lawyer and that’s how this testimony came about.”

John Berman asked Farah to elaborate, and she replied that Hutchinson was one of several former White House staffers who at first had a lawyer assigned to her from “Trump World.” Farah added that Hutchinson’s original legal representative was “someone who had been in the White House counsel’s office,” and “still aligned with Trump World” when she gave her first interviews to the committee.

“She did her interview, she complied with the committee, but she shared with me ‘There is more I want to share that was not asked in those settings. How do we do this?’” Farah said. “In that process, she got a new attorney of her own. Congresswoman Cheney had a sense of what questions needed to be asked that weren’t previously. So that’s how this shocking testimony that people didn’t realize before kind of came about, and it didn’t come up in her earlier interview, some of those facts.”

Cassidy originally had a Trump lawyer when she gave her initial testimony. But then she decided she wanted to share this ‘new’ testimony, so she got a new, non-Trump lawyer, and then headed for the committee again.

One has to wonder why she didn’t just volunteer any of this now-bogus testimony the first time she testified? I’m sure they would have permitted her to offer it without it having been aligned with one of their questions. What changed between the first testimony and the second, other than her lawyer?

Whatever the case, we know it’s garbage at this point. But I’m sure CNN or MSNBC will give her a job and all the fame she was hoping to get from smearing President Trump.

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