Unbelievable: Racist abortion doctor defends killing “ugly black babies”

Operation Save America paid a visit to the home of Charlotte abortionist Ron Virmani and what he told them is shocking to the ears. He defends the practice of abortion by saying that he doesn’t want to pay for them on the public dole with this taxes, or that he doesn’t want them to grow up and mass murder people like the guy in Colorado. When OSA replied that they want to adopt those babies, he challenged them saying:

“Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.”

Here is what OSA wrote on their website about the visit:

It was recorded on a neighborhood visit by OSA on July 26th, 2012. Abortionist Ron Vermani of Charlotte, North Carolina, has a problem – now he is giving it to everyone else. Several years ago he was removed from the staff of Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte because of his shoddy medical practices and record keeping. Upon his removal, he purposed in his heart that he, “would not deliver pretty babies anymore.” He has kept his promise in spades! (You can read the article in which Ron Virmani states this called “My American Dream Turned into a Nightmare” here)

Upon his request, I visited him three weeks ago at his home. I sat and listened to him attempting to justify himself as to why he kills babies and what causes him to do it. Most abortionists that I have been in contact with over the years always seem eager to justify themselves to those of us out on the sidewalks bringing Christ to moms in crisis pregnancy situations. Abortionist Vermani is filled with bitterness and rage. It wasn’t long before the fulisade of four letter words poured out of his mouth. He called me a racist because I had often said to those entering the abortion mill that he was a bad doctor.

Why is he filled with such fury and venom? Because he believes Presbyterian Hospital is racist and fired him because of his Indian ethnicity. Because he is divorced and has two children that he doesn’t see much. Because he is all alone now, and assuages his deep seated hatred for almost everyone by killing “ugly black babies.” By the way, Ron kills “ugly white babies” too. To his twisted mind, making ugly babies out of the beautiful ones God creates, is somehow payback justice for what the Presbyterian Hospital, his wife, and life did to him. Ron Vermani believes he is a victim.

His solution to crime in America, is to kill babies. His solution to welfare in America, is to kill babies. His solution to rising taxes in America, is to kill babies. His solution to stanch the flow of bitterness that fills his heart, is to kill babies. Murder is his answer to everything. Sounds just like the Democratic Party doesn’t it? Kill the old, kill the new, kill all those who disagree with you.

Jesus cannot save “victims.” He can only save sinners. As a matter of fact, Jesus is the friend of sinners. Yes, he is a friend to every man who finally comes to the realization of how wretched he really is and confesses this truth to the only One who can save him from his sorry self – Jesus!

Please Pray for abortionist Ron Vermani. ~ Flip

(h/t: Life News)

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