[IMPORTANT UPDATE] – Video captures Marco Rubio apparently INSULTING the BIBLE on front of Ted Cruz’s dad!? Or maybe not?

I’m not sure what to make of this video to be honest, because I just can’t believe what it captures. There was an awkward moment wen Marco Rubio encountered Ted Cruz’s dad and a Cruz staffer in the lobby of their hotel, but he does something really weird.


Watch below:

But the staffer says that he was looking at the Bible. Whatever second book Rubio pointed at, it appears it was Ted Cruz’s book – but he says there aren’t answers in in either. Seriously, Marco?

From DPPolitics:

…once he saw them he decided to have some fun with them.

“Got a good book there,” Rubio said to Collins, a young Cruz staffer in a suit, about the book he was reading over his cup of coffee.

“Not many answers in it, especially that one” Rubio added tersely and walked out of the lobby without a backward glance.

Collins was visibly taken aback after being addressed by his boss’ political rival. Rafael Cruz and Collins proceeded to discuss under the incident in hushed voices for several minutes.

The staffer then confirms that they were reading the Bible. I really hope there’s some other explanation, because this is just difficult to believe he’d say that.

Look, I can see why he would want to poke fun at Cruz’s book because he’s his opponent but to mock the Bible in front of his preacher dad is an unbelievably douchebag thing to do. Was he saying that because Rafael Cruz is Evangelical and he’s Catholic? That seems like small justification to be so snide about the Bible.

Good luck with Evangelicals after that, Marco.

UPDATE: OK, so some very strident outraged Marco fans are saying that the subtitles are incorrect. They are claiming he says, “a lot of answers in it.” I’ve listened to it a couple of times, and I’m gonna admit I’m not sure what he says. The audio there is garbled, and it could go either way. I’d actually rather side on giving Marco the benefit of the doubt, as it would be hard to believe that he’d say such a terrible thing.

But, the audio is there for you to listen to – judge for yourself if you think the blogger who subtitled the audio is lying about it.

And seriously, I implore everyone on all sides to quit with the exaggerated outrage over every little thing and pushing out knee-jerk personal attacks. TRY to notice that in the original article, I expressed doubt in the interpretation given by the blogger. I haven’t changed a word of it except for the red update.

[Ed. note: We also changed the title to better reflect the muddled nature of the audio.]

UPDATE!!! Cruz’s Communications Director has apologized and confirmed that Rubio DID NOT mock the staffer for reading the Bible.

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