‘UNBELIEVABLY CRIPPLING’: Clay Travis reveals Twitter’s dangerous post-Musk reality to Jesse Watters

Why would Twitter sue to keep Musk in the deal they’ve fought so hard to torpedo? Well There could be one pretty simple explanation: the DATA.

You see, they have been cagey with their data, refusing to give some, deluging him with other, and putting “conditions” on it, according to the letter of termination Musk’s lawyers sent to the company today.

But Musk has huge resources, OutKick’s Clay Travis pointed out to Jesse Watters on Friday. Big enough to crack the data open anyway. And that could be “crippling” to the company — even more than this deal already has been to their veneer of impenetrable and inscrutable authority over information.

Travis thinks there will be a negotiated settlement and Watters hopes so.


“Practical impact here, if it doesn’t end up happening, Jesse, is Elon Musk can really be destructive to the overall Twitter brand and business,” said Travis. “Because unlike you and me and the vast majority of people who use Twitter, he’s got the engineers and data analysts to be able to review what you basically call the “fire hos”e of data that relinquished to him to allow him to try to determine how many of the accounts on this platform are real, how many are fake, how many of them are spam, bots, versus actual real people.”

“So, to me, if Elon Musk ever publishes the date data that he may uncovered as a part of this investigation, that could be unbelievably crippling to the overall impact of Twitter,” Travis said.

“Remember, only 20% of Americans – even based on Twitter’s own numbers – are on Twitter. And only one in every 50 people ever bothers to actually send a tweet. We’re talking about 2% roughly of the American public. It’s not as big as you would think that it might be,” he said.

So it can be salvaged. And it might be good to salvage it.

But you have to admit the idea of him destroying the company with their own lies is — dang tempting.

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