Unbiased Media Alert: ABC’s Jon Karl LOLs At Ted Cruz During #CPAC Interview

ABC’s Jonathan Karl doesn’t like Ted Cruz very much. In fact, he once “humorously” suggested that Cruz is so hated he might need to hire a “food taster“. On This Week on Sunday, Karl’s CPAC interview with Cruz was aired in segments. In the below clip, they discuss Obamacare.

Karl, like a good little liberal pet, scoffs at Ted’s talk of repeal. Ted Cruz, you are meant to understand, is a an extremist and an outsider and thefore not credible. This is the new party line, and it must be undisputed.

The press in America have long been exposed as shameless promoters of Barack Obama. The examples are as numerous as the stars in their eyes when they gaze upon his sacred visage. The superior grin, smug tone, and open mockery in this interview is just another in a long line of examples of lapdogging on the part of a compliant press more interested in laying down and spreading than standing up and reporting.

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