UNBREAKING: Corrupt Alvin Bragg DROPS charges against pro-Hamas activist arrested at Columbia

Just as we knew would happen, the corrupt Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has dropped the charges against most of the pro-Hamas activist at Columbia University. Bragg claims there’s a ‘lack of evidence’, which is preposterous.

He tried to drop the charges against all of them, but couldn’t strike a deal with 14 of them who refused to lay low for six months and avoid arrest.

Here’s more from NBC News:

Nearly all of the people who were arrested inside Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall last month had their cases dropped Thursday.

Of the 46 people charged with trespassing in connection with the building’s occupation, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office dismissed cases against 31 people largely due to a lack of evidence. Prosecutors told 14 others that their cases would be dropped if they avoid being arrested in the next six months, but those defendants rejected that offer and will be due back in court on July 25.

The remaining defendant, James Carlson, has two other open cases against him involving separate charges, including flag burning. Carlson has no affiliation with the school.

Protesters had seized the building on the Manhattan campus of Columbia University on April 30 as demonstrations against the war in Gaza erupted on some U.S. college campuses and as tensions at Columbia intensified over mass suspensions.

Dozens were arrested the next day when police with riot helmets cleared the damaged and barricaded building.

Those arrested included at least 14 Columbia undergraduates, nine graduate students, two employees and six students from affiliated schools, a Columbia spokesperson previously said. At least 13 of them had no affiliation with Columbia, the school said.

The 31 people whose cases were dismissed were students or staff at Columbia, Barnard or Union Theological Seminary.

Of the defendants who would have later had their cases dismissed, pending no further arrests, 12 were not staff members or students at Columbia and two were students, the district attorney’s office said.

At a news conference after the hearing, some of them, flanked by supporters, said they rejected the prosecutors’ conditional dismissal to show solidarity with those facing the most extreme repression across the pro-Palestinian movement.

The prosecutor said it would have been “extremely difficult” to prove the dismissed cases because the district attorney’s office lacks evidence, including surveillance footage from cameras that were covered up. The fact that some of the defendants wore masks also made it difficult to identify their specific actions.

What evidence does he need? They were arrested in the building after the NYPD broke in and were subsequently unmasked while it happened. That arrest alone is enough evidence they occupied the building!

No, Alvin Bragg doesn’t want to prosecute these leftists because he agrees with them. But for Trump, who did nothing wrong, he’ll bring down all the might he has to try and bury him.

What an evil and corrupt a-hole.

I guess this isn’t really true…shocker!

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