UNHINGED: Watch these leftists go NUTS over peaceful pro-America demonstration, try to steal Flags in Seattle

Your local zoo isn’t the only place in the world with wild animals. But it’s usually the only place where you’ll get the chance to see them. You want to see a lion you don’t go to the savannah you go to the zoo.

Sorta the same, the leftwing agitators, rioters, anarchists, and all-around jerks in Oregon are just a sample of what’s going on around the country. They show up on camera a lot and their antics are the big strokes version that highlights the problem.

It’s not limited to Seattle and Portland, but it’s a good place too see what’s going on.

And here’s another example. I’m sure you’re all intimately familiar with how CNN’s Fat Dumb and Bald Guy and the other loons who work there get dramatic and catch a little hitch in their throat as they wax philosophical and romantic about protests and freedom of speech and so on while pretending there are no riots.

But here’s how the leftists REALLY feel about “free” expression: it’s for me, not for thee.

That’s just the going ballistic part. But they also tried to steal flags. I’m guessing they needed more kindling for their Bible fires.

But don’t worry, this didn’t mean they didn’t also have time to get in the faces of the police.

Like CNN, when these unhinged leftists talk about “freedom of speech” they’re just saying that for cover. They hate free speech. They want to cancel it. And they hate more than anything to see someone other than them exercise it.

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