University of Colorado Cancels Anti-Racism Rally When They Find Out Organizers Are White

A group of students at the University of Colorado, Boulder – where the most recent Republican primary debate was held – tried to hold a rally against racism and show their solidarity with similar protests that recently and famously took place at the University of Missouri. But the event was shut down. Why? Because the people who wanted to oppose racism are white, and that is bad. Don’t be white!

Lee Stranahan reports:

The rally was killed under pressure from the CU’s Black Student Alliance, whose co-president Paris Ferribee said, “It’s not anyone that’s being affected telling the story, it’s only white people telling the story.” The rally was planned by students in a CU course called “Whiteness Studies.” Azabe Kassa posted an apology on the group’s Facebook page

That apology, by the way, was described in an editorial in the school’s newspaper as sounding “like a forced confession from one of the accused in a Stalin-area gulag

Ferribee said the students planning the anti-racism event were racist for doing so.

“That’s a slap in the face and that’s practicing racism, whether they want to believe it or not,” Ferribee said. “They used their white privilege and oppressed voices and stifled voices that are experiencing this every day.”

Only, as Stranahan reports, Kassa is actually a “person of color”. Oops.

Not that it should matter. The absurdity of these protests is apparent to anyone over the age of 25 who is not a college professor, and the ridiculous behavior of those involved doubly so. Halloween costumes and anti-racism rallies that include white students are hardly the stuff of oppression, and the general treatment of these overgrown toddlers as some kind of serious effort worthy of consideration is ludicrous, especially in this world where terror, racism, and hate cause actual bloodshed on a daily basis.

It is, in the end, just the latest preposterous incident exposing the sickness that is in our higher education system, and the weak, embarrassing generation of infants who are about to enter the world’s workforce from the United States. Heaven help us all.

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