University of Florida drops another BADASS statement on pro-Hamas protests

The University of Florida, who had cops hand out a statement last week to protesters warning of stiff consequences for those participating in these pro-Hamas encampments, just dropped another badass statement.

Here’s what they said:

This is not complicated. The University of Florida is not a daycare, and we do not treat protesters like children — they knew the rules, they broke the rules, and they’ll face the consequences. For many days, we have patently told protesters – many of whom are outside agitators – that they were able to exercise their right to free speech and free assembly. And we also told them that clearly prohibited activities would result in a trespassing order from UPD (barring them from all university properties for three years) and an interim suspension from the university. For days, UPD patiently and consistently reiterated the rules. Today, individuals who refused to comply were arrested after UPD gave multiple warnings and multiple opportunities to comply.”

Notice they point out that many of the pro-Hamas protesters were “outside agitators”, which were no doubt being paid by Soros and other leftist billionaires.

Whatever the case, UF is the shining example of how to deal with these protesters and every university – especially Columbia – should do exactly this. Problem solved.

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