UNREAL: Petulant Obama actively looking for ways to undercut Netanyahu Iran speech

Our petulant president is so threatened by Netanyahu’s speech on Iran that he is now actively seeking out ways he can undercut and blunt Netanyahu’s message, trying to push the alternate message that a nuclear deal with Iran would not be a threat to Israel or the world:


AP – In what is becoming an increasingly nasty grudge match, the White House is mulling ways to undercut Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming trip to Washington and blunt his message that a potential nuclear deal with Iran is bad for Israel and the world.

There are limits. Administration officials have discarded the idea of President Barack Obama himself giving an Iran-related address to rebut the two speeches Netanyahu is to deliver during his early March visit. But other options remain on the table.

Among them: a presidential interview with a prominent journalist known for coverage of the rift between Obama and Netanyahu, multiple Sunday show television appearances by senior national security aides and a pointed snub of America’s leading pro-Israel lobby, which is holding its annual meeting while Netanyahu is in Washington, according to the officials.

The administration has already ruled out meetings between Netanyahu and Obama, saying it would be inappropriate for the two to meet so close to Israel’s March 17 elections. But the White House is now doubling down on a cold-shoulder strategy, including dispatching Cabinet members out of the country and sending a lower-ranking official than normal to represent the administration at the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the officials said.


Of all the hostile things you could do to put what is supposed to be your greatest ally in danger, a freaking nuclear deal with a country who wants to wipe Israel from the face of the earth is at the very top!

So because Ahmadinejad is no longer president, they no longer want to annihilate Israel? Who does Obama think Ahmadinejad was speaking for?

Obama’s contempt for the state of Israel couldn’t be any more clear.


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