UNREAL: This is how bad crime has gotten in San Francisco

A hardware store in the Democrat-run city of San Francisco has had to completely change the way they do business with customers because of the rampant shoplifting in the city.

The owner of Fredericksen Hardware told Kron 4 News that they now have a table barrier at the front of the store and that customers must wait there until someone can help them. Customers can no longer just freely browse the store.

Fredericksen has also had to put locking systems on everything of value in the store because of all the snatch-and-grabs, which have cost them a ton of money.

Here’s the full story from Kron 4:

Fredericksen says they are going to try this new system for a month and see if it deters the crime.

While this is shocking, it isn’t anything new. We’ve been covering the rampant shoplifting now for years and it’s all because of how the state changed the law with Proposition 47 ten years ago. If the value of what was stolen is less than $950, it’s only a misdemeanor. Add to that how the city of San Francisco won’t allow police officers to respond to misdemeanors and crime is completely out of control. Totally unhinged.

Chain stores like Walgreens have completely pulled out of the city because crime is so bad and these mom-and-pop stores like Fredericksen Hardware are just trying to survive.

Meanwhile, nothing changes.

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