UNSHOCKER: Mitch McConnell breaks with GOP colleagues on Biden announcing he’ll nominate a black woman to SCOTUS

In an unshocking turn of events, Mitch McConnell told business leaders today that he’s totally find with Biden announcing he’ll nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court:

DC EXAMINER – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has no problem with President Joe Biden pledging to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court, breaking with many Senate Republicans who criticized the move.

”I heard a couple of people say they thought it was inappropriate for the president to announce he was going to put an African American woman on the court. Honestly, I did not think that was inappropriate,” McConnell said at a luncheon with business leaders in Lexington, Kentucky, on Tuesday.

“President Reagan promised to put a woman on the Supreme Court: Sandra Day O’Connor. President Trump promised to put a woman on the Supreme Court when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. So, I’m not complaining about that,” McConnell said.

If Biden “picks a highly qualified nominee,” the Kentucky senator added, “she will be respectfully vetted with a kind of process I think you can be proud of — which certainly did not happen when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated.”

McConnell’s stance is a break from a number of other members of the Senate Republican Conference who critiqued Biden’s pledge to nominate a black woman.

Yes, just like Ted Cruz, who made the great point that Biden’s announcement that he’s choosing a black woman is an insult to black women, noting that it would be far more credible for Biden to pick a black woman out of all candidates.

But I guess none of the casual racism that Cruz has pointed out among the left really matters to McConnell. At least not enough to criticize Biden for it.

Or it could be that the left has so beat down McConnell over derailing the Merrick Garland nomination, that he’s just going to keep his mouth shut on this one.

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