Upcoming NFL star left the NFL for Jesus

I find this story very inspiring. Here is a young man of 23 who walked away not only from a promising career with the 49ers, but the lavish lifestyle that the NFL offers because he knew that it wasn’t what God wanted for him. And while it took him a bit of time to get to that very point, he left it all behind for Jesus. What an amazing story!

I hope you are inspired by this as I am to find out and do what God has for you. Like Glen Coffee, God likely has a future for us that may be different than the one we are living now.

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16 thoughts on “Upcoming NFL star left the NFL for Jesus

  1. As an objectivist, this, to me, is anything but inspiring. Sorry. What he could have done with a potful of cash by using his talents would have been far better than walking away from a RARE nfl contract -just think how FEW people get that kind of deal. But then, I don’t have an ol’ invisible dude in the sky to worry about.

    Proof positive that opinions are just like…. 😀

  2. As an Alabamian and a Tide fan, I can say I am proud of/for Glen Coffee. The guy would have possibly went on to become a great NFL player..he was that good! But, I am quite familiar with that ‘feeling’ that God can place over you. It is one that once you have experienced it, there is no other thing like it. And you get atuned to His presence and what He is leading you to do (or not do).

    Glen, you will do great things! I am sure your future will be a bright one without the NFL. Btw, it’s refreshing to hear stories like this about NFL players vs what we are accustomed to hearing, ala NFL thug-like scandals/storys.

  3. Napoleon Kaufman, I think from the Raiders, is a Christian minister here in the Bay Area. He left football for the pulpit, too.

  4. …there is another.

    WILLIE FRANKLIN (OU in the early ’70s ~he would be the first to tell you, that if he hadn’t been so arrogant his junior year, you would have NEVER heard of ‘Greg Pruitt/Heisman winner~ … ALL-PRO for the Chargers), left it all to become what he believed God wanted him to become… a preacher.

    We shared a house together for a short time (early ’80s) in Searcy, AR, and traveled together to speaking engagements.

    CM Sackett

  5. Pat Tillman gave up a lucrative, stellar career in Professional Football to fight for our freedom. Glen Coffee has given up a stellar, lucrative career in Professional Football to fight for God. Both men are an inspiration. Let’s hope Glen lives a long, healthy life following the Lord’s plan for him……

    1. So giving up your career to go to war, then when you get over there and realize that nobody is fighting for American freedom, you want to come back and expose the war for what it is, but they kill you first because you are well known, is inspiring?

      1. Had you read my post, sir, you would realize that my comment was that the MAN was inspiring, not the circumstances regarding his tragic end. Your incessant need to attack, vilify and excoriate everything that government does or does not do is disgraceful and sad. I’m glad I’m not you. I would greatly appreciate your ignoring my posts in the future. I find you extremely revolting and obnoxious.

      2. Who are you to judge? As long as THEY believe their cause is just, along with about 3/4 of Americans…what business is it of yours why they do what they do? Geez! Jerk!

  6. Keep in mind this guy got busted for a cocked weapons charge too! Not judging but it did happen. I hope he learned from this!

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