URGENT: This is our only chance to stop ObamaCare funding

Mark Levin interviewed Michele Bachmann and Steve King tonight and the big takeaway is that if we don’t kill the 105 billion of ObamaCare funding in the Continuing Resolution that will be released tomorrow, we lose our chance to do it. Thus, Bachmann and King are trying to get other House Republicans to sign on with them to force the leadership’s hand to add this to the CR (because they are being very stubborn). But they need you to call your Representative to put pressure on them so that they get on board with this.

Levin has begun one of his famous surges and has already posted this on his Facebook:

THIS IS A LEVIN SURGE! Call your member of Congress and say, “Vote No… On the Continuing Resolution because it doesn’t cut funding for Obamacare!” 202.224.3121

This is absolutely crucial, as it is the ONLY chance we have to kill this funding that Democrats hid in the ObamaCare bill.

Listen to the interview below to get a better understanding of it. And listen to the end for some tough talk from both Levin and Bachmann. She has a one liner in there that I thought was just awesome. And please pass this interview around.

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