US Intelligence finds that China ‘faked’ it’s coronavirus numbers

The US intelligence community has found that China intentionally faked it’s coronavirus numbers in a report to the White House:

BUSINESS INSIDER – The US intelligence community has determined that the Chinese government concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in China and gave false statistics of the total number of positive cases and deaths in the country, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday.

Intelligence officials transmitted a classified report of their findings to the White House last week. Sources told Bloomberg that the main conclusion of the report is that China’s public reporting of coronavirus cases is “intentionally incomplete.” One official told the outlet the intelligence document found that China’s numbers are fake.

Bloomberg reported that there’s been significant doubt of China’s reported statistics on its coronavirus cases, and that the Chinese government has repeatedly changed its methodology to track cases.

For instance, the report said, for weeks Chinese officials excluded asymptomatic people from being counted as positive cases and only revised that measure on Tuesday, adding more than 1,500 asymptomatic cases to its total count.

US officials have repeatedly accused China of covering up information about its coronavirus cases and of spreading disinformation as the virus continues to spread.

Business Insider notes that even the South China Morning Post is reporting on evidence, on the ground in China, that would suggest they are lying their butts off about the death toll there:

Almost a week has passed since a case of the novel coronavirus has been reported in Wuhan. Coronavirus cases are flattening off across China, Reuters reported on Monday.

But some Wuhan residents also believe that government officials have not accurately counted the number of deaths from the coronavirus.

A truck driver in Wuhan delivered about 5,000 urns to a single funeral home over two days last week, according to the South China Morning Post, which cited a Caixin magazine report.

The Caixin report, according to SCMP, “purportedly showed 3,500 urns stacked on the floor of the funeral home.”

The official death toll in Wuhan “can’t be right … because the incinerators have been working round-the-clock,” one resident, who identified himself by his surname, Zhang, told Radio Free Asia.

“So how can so few people have died?” Zhang asked.

According to RFA, some city residents said on social media that Wuhan’s funeral homes were “handing out 3,500 urns every day.” RFA’s reporting, which could not be independently verified by Insider, said at the current rate, about “42,000 urns would be given out” between March 23 and April 5, when a traditional grave-tending festival begins.

Chinese testing kits aren’t working and it appears that Wuhan has far more deaths than the Chinese want us to know about. But hey, keep parroting Chinese propaganda MSM. You do it for the Democrats so why not China too.

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