US Strategic Command WARNS that US must prepare for nuclear war

The head of the US Strategic Command yesterday said something ominous yesterday on their main Twitter account, warning that the US must prepare for nuclear war:

“US Strategic Command Posture Statement Preview: The spectrum of conflict today is neither linear nor predictable. We must account for the possibility of conflict leading to conditions which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option.”

Here’s more from Daily Mail:

US Strategic Command will warn in its annual posture statement that the ‘spectrum of conflict today’ could rapidly lead to nuclear war.

Commander Charles Richard will give testimony to the House Armed Services Committee and the Senate Committee on Armed Services this week.

The posture review informs Congress on the state of Strategic Command and what it intends to do with its 2022 budget request.

It also determines the command’s readiness for combat, its strategic vision and likely causes of conflict in the near future.

The testimony will be heard on Tuesday and Wednesday and will be delivered by Commander Richard alongside US Space Command’s Commander James Dickinson.

Ahead of the review, he said his force has the difficult position of trying to prepare for a war that has never been fought before.

The army general told The Hill: ‘United States Space Command faces a unique dilemma in that we can’t plan for future conflicts based on how we fought previous conflicts even if we were inclined to do so. Rather, we are preparing for the war not yet fought.

‘Why do we need to prepare for such a conflict when space has traditionally been a peaceful domain, open to all for exploration, and whose benefits improve the lives of virtually every human being on Earth?

‘As I will soon testify to Congress, the answer is because highly capable competitors realize the extraordinary military and economic advantages that space-based capabilities give to the United States and our allies.’

Commander Dickinson noted that China is rapidly building military space capabilities including anti-satellite weapons while Russia has already conducted a number of space missile tests.

Such threats could harm US communication systems and the West’s ‘extraordinary reliance’ on space for modern technology.

The military review comes at a time of fraught relations with Russia amid major military exercises in the Black Sea that prompted Joe Biden to send two battleships to the region.

Vladimir Putin has deployed more than 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border and in the Crimea where a new military camp was revealed by satellite imagery on Monday.

Moscow’s military says it is conducting exercises along the frontier in response to moves by Western military alliance NATO that ‘threaten Russia’.

Ukraine is pushing the West for more practical support as it looks to deter any further aggression from Moscow in a conflict that is already fraying US-Russian relations.

Biden has called for the Russian president to ‘de-escalate’ tensions and proposed a summit which could take place in Finland in the coming months.

Biden likes to talk tough but as he’s recently proven, he’s all talk. When Putin threatened him not to enter the Sea of Azov, Biden backed off and Putin then blockaded access to the area.

And then you’ve got China making all kinds of aggressive moves on Taiwan. Biden is reportedly set to approve a sale of weapons to Taiwan soon, but what you wanna bet that China warns Biden not to do it and he’ll back down just like he did with Putin. And like he did with Democrats last week when he initially said he’d keep the refugee cap at Trump levels, but then changed his mind after outrage from his own party.

Weakness is not the way to avoid nuclear war, so I can see why the head of US Strategic Command feels the need to prepare for it.

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