USA Today asks 1,000 registered voters what they want Joe Biden to do and the top answer is AWESOME

USA Today asked 1,000 registered voters what they most wanted Joe Biden to do and the top answer, which drew the highest percentage, is awesome:

What do Americans want President Joe Biden to do now?

We asked them.

In the new USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll, we asked 1,000 registered voters to name the single thing that was most important for Biden to do in the next year.

There was only one answer that unified people the most in the selections, and that was for Joe Biden to get the heck out of office.

Here’s the list from top to bottom:

1.Resign/retire/quit – 20%
2.Economy/jobs – 11%
3.Unite/help the country – 8%
4.Immigration/border control – 8%
5.COVID/mandates – 6%
6.Infrastructure bills – 5%
7.Inflation – 4%
8.Health care – 3%
9.Climate change/environment – 3%
10.Bipartisanship – 3%

I love it and I totally would have picked that one too. The top four, which account for nearly 50% of the voters, says alot about the angst people feel toward Biden and why they want him to resign.

With the same registered voters, both Biden and Kamala’s approval ratings are at rock bottom:

And even worse, a huge percentage of these registered voters do not want Biden to run again in 2024:

58.4% don’t want Trump to run either, which is less than Biden, and that tells you a lot about these registered voters.

Point is that Biden hasn’t even been president for a year yet and the country is already so fed up with him that they are giving him approval ratings around Trump’s lowest. Trump had a media that scandalized him every day of his presidency, which is why his approval numbers were so bad at times. What is Biden’s excuse? He’s just a horrible president.

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