Useful Idiot Hanoi John Kerry Is Learning about Islam

Hanoi Johnny is reading a book called “No god but God” by Reza Aslan.

The traitor Kerry said this in Berlin:

Hanoi John – And unfortunately, in too many parts of the world, some religions – not – and I’m not just speaking of one religion or another. You have intolerance in a number of different kinds of religions or points of view in different things. I know that Islam is not represented by a lot of jihadists and others. I know it’s a beautiful religion. I’ve read more and more about it.

I’ve been reading a book recently called No god but God, which is the history of the Prophet and where he came from and how it developed as a religion. It’s fascinating. If I went back to college today, I’d probably go back and be a comparative religion major and a comparative literature major, because those are the things that help you understand what makes people tick and how they’re working and how they think. But the important thing is to have the tolerance to say you can have a different point of view.

However. there IS a problem here. Oh what could possible go wrong?

Robert Spencer – What could possibly go wrong? This: “No god but God” is a whitewash of Islam written by none other than the childish Islamic supremacist pseudo-academic Reza Aslan. Aslan is Board member of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). In 2008, NIAC chief Trita Parsi sued Seid Hassan Daioleslam for defamation after Daioleslam’s investigative reporting exposed Parsi’s and NIAC’s deep and incontrovertible ties to high-level agents of the Iranian regime. Parsi lost the case, and NIAC was establish as a front group for the bloody mullahcracy in Tehran.

Kerry’s choice of reading material underscores a point I have made often lately: today’s public square is so debased and befogged with propaganda that mediocrities like Kerry and Aslan can rise to the top, not because of the quality of their work or the wisdom of their insights, but solely because they echo the acceptable politically correct opinions. The only ones who will be made to pay the price will be the American people.

Video Update via Sun News & Michael Coren.


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