Van Jones: “We are not broke!”

This is brilliance on display. Van Jones is supposedly debunking the lie that America is broke and the left is eating it up. He claims we are not broke, yet in his debunking he never mentions the size of our deficits, the size of our debt, the size of our yearly entitlement spending, or even the most recent projections by the CBO that our debt will exceed 100% of our GDP in the next decade and 200% in the next three decades.

What’s so stupid is that he mentions the 1.3 trillion that Bush spent on the wars that we put on a ‘credit card’, yet he never mentions that Obama put more than that on a credit card in his first year’s deficit and that he more than tripled that number in the three budget deficits he’s been responsible for. How can you not mention that???

Yet he can get the crowd to energetically chant “we are not broke” when all he is doing is playing class warfare. This is a perfect demonstration of the lunacy, the lies, and even the fear mongering (killing medicare, laying off police) that lives on the left.

I encourage you to watch the whole thing. He is a good speaker so it isn’t hard. And I’m sure you’ll find more than I have mentioned here to grumble with. I just don’t have time to break the whole thing down:

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