Venezuelan Army STOPS humanitarian aid, also blocks Guaido from getting to aid site

Maduro is cracking down on allowing legitimate humanitarian aid to come into the country because he believes it’s a pretext for US intervention. He’s also blocking Guaido and his supporters movements in the country toward the site of this humanitarian aid.

Here’s more:

BLOOMBERG – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro started closing the nation’s entry points on Thursday and soldiers blocked the movements of National Assembly leader Juan Guaido as opposition supporters prepared to bring humanitarian aid across the borders.

Three buses carrying lawmakers sympathetic to Guaido left Caracas heading for the town on the Colombian border that’s the focus of the aid effort, but were stopped in Carabobo state. Guaido, traveling separately for security reasons, was held up by army trucks blocking a tunnel east of the capital, said Edward Rodriguez, a spokesman.

Maduro, who has said the aid effort is a pretext for a U.S. intervention, also announced that Venezuela’s land crossings with Brazil would shut at 8 p.m., and said he was also weighing “a total closure of the border with Colombia.” He already had sealed off access from Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire.

Maduro’s government and the resurgent opposition are readying for a showdown this weekend over donated food and medicine stockpiled in neighboring Colombia, Brazil and Curacao. Maduro’s government says that the ravaged country has no need of help, despite widespread shortages, while U.S. President Donald Trump has demanded that the Venezuelan military allow the aid in, warning that “all options are open” in the event they refuse.

Wow. Sounds like it might very well be a showdown if Trump calls Maduro’s bluff.

Here’s more on what actually happened today:

Traditional aid groups have shunned the aid effort, saying basic human needs shouldn’t be tied to politics. But the Trump administration and Guaido’s supporters have made the food an incentive to overthrow Maduro, whose regime has overseen hyperinflation and malnutrition.

On Thursday, lawmaker Delsa Solorzano led the group of her peers aboard the buses.

“We’re on the presidential caravan on our way to the border”, she said in a video posted on her Twitter account. “We’re going for humanitarian aid and for peace.”

Then, the transport was halted.

During a transportation workers’ rally on Wednesday, Guaido called on supporters to march to military installations on Saturday.

“You have three days to follow the order of the president in charge and support the constitution. This help will save lives,” the lawmaker wrote to the military on Twitter.

Rubio has been tweeting about this all day. He actually believes Maduro’s National Guard are just going through the motions:

He also tweeted a video showcasing how people are fighting back against Maduro’s National Guard:

Here’s a couple more from him today:

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18 thoughts on “Venezuelan Army STOPS humanitarian aid, also blocks Guaido from getting to aid site

  1. Bernie Sanders watch this and come clean .. good luck. President Trump Effect plain view .. make Venezuela Great Again MVGA America is leading feels great

  2. When over 7% of your country’s population have fled in starvation, when that refugee population is destabilizing neighboring countries, your country should be placed in receivership, the leadership deposed by occupying foreign forces.

  3. This is the naked face of socialism. Security forces preventing their neighbors, friends and families from receiving life saving food and medicine. Disgusting.

  4. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro started closing the nation’s entry points on Thursday

    Whoa. Hey now, P-Nan, J-Mao, and Chucky Shoom says that’s immoral.

  5. I’ve been wondering why the U.S. doesn’t just para-drop palletized aid into the country.
    Our military does it every day, they can even drop Humvees out the back of planes.

  6. Come on Trump, keep branding this as socialism. Socialism, socialism, socialism! The opiate of the masses.

  7. What many countries do for receipt of aid, especially if they despise the US or want to seem benevolent to their citizens, is strip off any labeling of pallets and packaging. No USAID, no World Food Program, no religious annotations or any item labels that might indicate the package is from outside the normal food supply chain.

    Maybe Maduro isn’t quite smart enough to go this route.

  8. South Americans and Mexicans have a hand in wrecking their own countries by voting these idiots in and then want to escape and come to the U.S. for free, vote Leftists in and then wreck this country too. Keep them all out till we get immigration control in the U.S.

  9. Rubio has a lot of fight in his belly all of a sudden, I just wish that he’d been a scintilla as engaged when it came to fighting the last funding bill, securing the boarder here or defunding planned parenthood but he’s got his hands full fixing the problems in Venezuela so I’m probably being selfish expecting him to worry about American problems.

  10. ‘Viva La Socialism.’
    This guy is going down hard. Let them fight for themselves like our forefathers did with British rule. They put this jerk in. There’s a price to be paid. We can help them, but no American blood to be shed in Venezuela.

  11. So we’ve forgotten our last couple or forays into regime change and decided to give it another go with a little South American flavor this time? What could possibly go wrong?

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