VERY REAL & BIG THREAT: This man INFILTRATED and spent a YEAR behind ANTIFA lines. And they have PLANS.

Antifa isn’t a bogeyman or a figment or an idea or the D-Day troops, as the mainstream press would have you simultaneously believe. They are “very real,” says the man who infiltrated and spent a year recording and documenting one cell in California. “And they’re a big threat.

This video from ABC7 in San Francisco is amazing both on account of it showing their murderous hate and ill intent, and in the fact that it exists from a press outlet at all.

Not to mention it exposing this California terror cell’s total doucheness like using “sick” for cool.

I’d be doing you no favor summarizing this. You should get right to watching it.

It took a private citizen to do this. The media won’t and you know the government ain’t gonna either. Heck with Biden in office the Feds might cut Antifa some “infrastructure” checks.