Veteran told he can’t hang his American flag


WMUR: Joe LeVangie, 88, said he’s upset after he and his neighbors were told to take their flags down because flying them was against management policy. He said there should be an exception for the flag.

To tell a veteran who has served his country that he can’t fly his American flag outside his dwelling leaves me feeling pretty sad. I understand that home associations and land owners want things to look clean, but this is the American flag. It’s not a car with the hood up, it’s not 50 gazillion plants, and it’s not toys in the front yard. I understand there are beautification rules, but they don’t even concede on the size of the flag – they rule them out completely.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of country we live in, that we’d tell a man who has put his life on the line that he can’t respect those who are currently defending our freedom by flying an American flag on his front porch.

UPDATE: Looks like this Veteran’s rights have been violated:

The Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 (Pub.L. 109-243, 120 Stat. 572, enacted July 24, 2006) is an Act of Congress that prohibits real estate management organizations from restricting homeowners from displaying the Flag of the United States on their property.

I know that it says homeowner above, and he is not a homeowner. The law actually states:

A condominium association, cooperative association, or residential real estate management association may not adopt or enforce any policy, or enter into any agreement, that would restrict or prevent a member of the association from displaying the flag of the United States on residential property within the association with respect to which such member has a separate ownership interest or a right to exclusive possession or use.

I believe this would apply to him as well.

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5 thoughts on “Veteran told he can’t hang his American flag

  1. Did I understand that correctly? The units are subsidized by Fed funds and he is not allowed to fly the flag? How can any management company or association justify telling these people that they cannot fly the US flag? This is ridiculous to tell a vet that he cannot fly the US flag.

  2. KeninMontana, thank you for your grand service to our nation.

    ELJ… GO TO HELL! Home Owner Associations and Property Management companies are little Napoleans who could never get the girl so always had to bully normal people.

  3. It took the better part of a day to compose myself after I first saw this story. As an American and a veteran I find this an utter disgrace(yes,I am restraining myself). Here is a little something to perhaps give some insight to those who have not served in the Armed Forces, the flag represents our nation, that which we took an oath to defend, it is a sacred symbol that men and women have paid and will pay to defend in the most precious of currencies,Our blood. To us it is a symbol of home and all that is right and good with our country,when I look upon our flag I don't see a piece of cloth I see the people of this nation, family,friends and fellow countrymen. I see all those who have gone before me and I dwell on those that have paid the ultimate price to defend the rights, privlideges and safety of all who reside here, even those that would defame and speak against it. If there are any persons who have a right to display and fly the flag it is those who stood up to defend it and all it represents. You have a right to speak against it and unfortunately,under our laws, to burn it. However, a word of caution,if you ever decide to burn one in front of me, I will exercise my God given right to issue you a Grade A , USMC style arse-whipping. Just sayin'………….

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