VICE video shows how INSANE the fascist liberals are at Evergreen College

There’s been a lot of stories in the conservative blogosphere about the insanity at Evergreen College. If you’re not quite sure what it’s about, Vice News has an excellent and entertaining video explaining it very well.

Watch below:

There is no way to describe this aside from far left liberal fascism. They will not let even progressive liberals speak if they disagree in any way, and if they’re white.

In one sense, it’s fun to watch them destroy each other. But in another it’s very alarming. What are these pathetic wastrels going to do once they graduate and go out into the real world? They are not going to be productive members of society, they’re going to be the opposite – parasites that suck the life from society in order to fuel their fascist protests.

Here’s a video we posted before about the protests – they actually objected to this video being published because it made them look so bad.

And an interview with progressive professor Weinstein who began the entire furor.

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