Video: Allen West apologizes to America for failure of Congress on debt

From The Hill:

Freshman Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on Thursday evening apologized to his constituents and the nation for the failure of Congress to rein in federal spending during the first session of the 112th Congress.

“As we enter the final days of 2011, and approach the end of this first session of the 112th Congress, I must take the time to offer an apology to the citizens of the 22nd congressional district of Florida, and to all my fellow citizens across this great nation,” West said on the House floor.

“It is not because we haven’t changed the conversation here in Washington D.C., but because I would have hoped our exertions would have been, as a collective body, a bit greater.”

Really, how many Congressmen have you ever heard apologize to the American people because they weren’t successful at what they had promised? None. And I would be willing to bet that Boehner will not follow in the footsteps of Allen West here because he doesn’t have the same level of character. But then perhaps no one there does.

Here’s his full 15 minute speech. The apology comes at the beginning but the entire speech is excellent!

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100 thoughts on “Video: Allen West apologizes to America for failure of Congress on debt

  1. Yes just like many of the comments, I’m sick of apologies. I want to see action! First get rid Oblahblah, second get almost ALL Conservative in Senate bc the House of Reps is doing pretty good job but we still need most Reps to be Conservative. WE NEED OUR REPUBLIC BACK!! We have got to call our Senators and tell them Oblahblah has GOT to OK the Keystone Pipeline!! That would give us so many jobs AND get our dependence off the evil east for oil!

    1. The payroll tax holiday extension bill in the House will include approval of the Keystone Pipeline. Obama’s says he’d veto it over the pipeline.

      So which of you GOP supporters thinks the Repubics will have the nerve to challenge the Liar in Chief over this? They’ll pass it in the House, maybe. Guaranteed they won’t filibuster or hold the line in the Senate.

      Right Scoop and anyone else thinking the GOP isn’t part of the problem will be suckered again. The Republicans don’t fight because they don’t want to win! The GOP is a big government party of bribe takers and thieves just different enough to keep the peasants fooled into thinking the votes aren’t rigged.

      Just getting rid of Obama isn’t enough. If the “conservative” candidate isn’t opposed to the GOP leadership we won’t change a damn thing except the rate of our collapse.

      1. Obama nor Carney said they would veto this bill. Nancy Pelosi said “I guarantee he (Obama) will veto it. Harry Reid also said if the Reps pass this and send it on to the Senate it will be a waste of time because it will not pass the Senate. John Kyl said the Senate will pass it as he is positive there are enough swing votes.
        Aside from that, WHY do unions still back this party? Why do unions still vote liberal? Obama just put a fork right into labors eye socket passing the buck on KeystoneXL to the State Dept to keep the envirowhackos in his pocket. If I were big labor, I would be flipping the middle digit to these clowns.

  2. Goodness. Several of you are willing to dismiss this man because of a few questionable votes when he is clearly a man of honor and integrity, willing to spend the rest of his days upholding his vow to defend the Constitution of the United States.

    He himself pointed out the solution – stop with the massive omnibus bills. Get Congress voting on the issues and stop with the selfish earmarks. We’re not happy with some of his votes because of all the junk attached to his decision that he had nothing to do with.

    I will continue to defend and support this man because he outshines many of the alternatives by a long mile. Plus, he’s willing to stick it to the president and the press, when no one else has the guts to.

  3. I love Allen West, he is a man of character.

    The real apology and correction ( in our favor) to the American people needs to be made by Comrade, obama.

  4. I like Allen West , but one thing keeps nagging at me…he supported and voted for that POC “Satan’s sandwich” budget legislation over the summer that resulted in the worthless supercommittee, so his apology here seems disingenuous.

  5. The facts that Rep. West laid out here are the facts that the Presidential contenders need to lay out before the American voters! Facts are what the Independents, Democrats, Libertarians, and GOP need to hear and heed!

  6. It was an obvious campaign speech and there’s nothing wrong with that. West faces a tough re-election next year so he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. He’s also made it very obvious that he wants to be the VP pick so it’s only smart to position himself to be picked. So the kinds of recycled Tea Party platitudes he sprinkled throughout this speech will always work. Most people will be fooled and not know his voting record contradicts most of what he said. So it was a smart move.

    One thing that really struck me was that he seemed like he might have had a couple of drinks. West is a great speaker and stumbled over quite a few words in this speech. But then I figured he was just reading a speech someone else probably wrote for him and maybe that’s why he messed up. But right off the bat he sounded drunk when he said “unanimous consent” and I just thought “whoa, he’s three sheets to the wind” which he obviously wasn’t.

  7. I still have a problem with West – He publicly supported and then voted for that disastrous debt ceiling bill. Therefore, he has added to the existing problem that he is now apologizing for. Had he held steadfast and voted no on it, his current words would have more weight for me. I can’t forgive him for his support of that bill.

  8. boy oh boy!!!!!!!!!by some of the comments here you would think West committed murder or something…West is not the problem “DEMONCRAPS ARE” and until we totally destroy them …i mean wipe the whole party out..we will continue down the road to destruction…they have blocked about 10 bills that would have started us on the right path…and Denomcraps in the Senate have blocked them…and you blame West…better step back and re-access what your doing…the Demoncraps are good at what they do… causing division and hate…they want this bickering among the conservatives and look at us falling for ready to throw someone under the bus and they sit back and laugh at us for doing just what they planed for us to do…we really have to be smarter here than to be Charley Brown and Lucy with the football…the Demoncraps are Lucy and Conservatives are Charley

    think about it……….

  9. BTW there are only 68 Tea Party congress people, out of roughly 600 (Rep. plus Sen.) if I recall the number correctly… Freshmen have very little power, or influence. They are fighting straight up a cliff, with fierce resistance… give them another term and more than double their number… then if they don’t give us the liberty we desire, replace them.

    1. Floyd, agree with you that they need a chance to get their wings and realize their air current is US, therefore they have to realize also that Every vote they cast is telling their true core values, no amount of influence or resistance can or should change those. Stand tall Col. West and have confidence to vote your conscience and represent your constituents in every vote you cast. Read and reread the founding documents, follow them to a tee and you can’t go wrong. Hope your air currents in Florida decide to keep you flying……..I think you could soar.

  10. While I like West…he did VOTE for extension of the debt increase in February. I regret he did not vote against the increase.

    1. Lol, they were going to have to vote for the increase sooner or later. There wouldn’t have been enough money to pay the bills. Yeah, I know that’s what we want in order to force them to make the cuts now instead of ten years from now. But, are you ready to let Obama decide what government programs get cut? Do you think he would cut any of the big government agencies? I doubt it very much. He’d cut our seniors off at the knees and say “the Republicans did this”. I would much rather get a serious Republican President in there that will start chopping government agencies in half or preferably eliminate them.

      1. >>There wouldn’t have been enough money to pay the bills. <<

        Obama said the same thing. Frankly, if there ever was enough money we wouldn't need cuts.

        1. Don’t compare me to Obama. Republicans said the same thing. I never said we don’t need the cuts, but if we didn’t approve the debt ceiling increase Obama himself would have chosen which parts of government to fund and which parts not to fund. I kinda have a feeling that the elderly and our military would be the ones to take the hit. I’m not for a debt ceiling increase at all, but we can’t just chop it off in one move. It has to be a gradual turnaround with Republicans controlling the cuts, not Obama.

          1. And yet, the Elderly and Military are STILL the ones taking the hit! Only, we got NOTHING out of the deal. At least if we had shut down the Government, we’d at least have SAVED some REAL money.

            I do realize it was a no win situation, but in hindsight, I really think we made the wrong decision raising the debt ceiling with no strings attached. We got screwed.

            1. True, but I’m hoping those cuts don’t ever happen. I’m all for military cuts in waste, but not cuts that put us at risk. This is going to be a very tough road ahead when you consider what happens to politicians that try to do the right thing by reducing the size of government. They get tossed out on their asses and it’s back to business as usual. I think we waited too long before we made a serious stand against big government and it might be too late.

      2. He would not have cut the Seniors off at the knees, since many Welfare rats are using Social Security as well. Obama would end up losing so many voters.

        1. Huh? What happened to make you suddenly say you were mistaken?

          Obama would be able to blame the Republicans for it. Who caused the housing bubble? Democrats. Who got the blame for it? President Bush. Who’s causing the economy to be stagnant? Obama and Reid (plus at one time Pelosi). Who’s getting blamed for it? Republicans.

          It would be pretty easy to place blame, too. The debt ceiling increase would be needed to maintain the norm, and it would be Republicans that killed it.

          1. I was making an “All shapes are circles” kind of statement! I was doing some research on Social Security, Welfare, and the recipients of each, and looking for a cross-section of people that are included in both groups, in order to show that Obama would never cut SS. Then I remembered how petty he is, and realized he would go as far as to exclude INDIVIDUALS from getting their SS money to not alienate HIS voters.

            Anywho, I came to inaccurate conclusions! After I posted, it suddenly clicked in my head, so it would have been wrong for me to leave it up.

            1. Ah, I see. In any case, I don’t want you to get the impression that I was for the debt ceiling increase. I’m just against who is going to make the cuts. I was extremely unhappy that we didn’t get immediate (real) cuts and no balanced budget amendment. Instead, we got the Ringling Brothers Circus that the libs ultimately went belly-up on their agreement to make cuts and demanded tax increases instead…when they already lost that battle and the panel was supposed to be for finding cuts. I am so frustrated that Republicans fall for that trick over and over again.

  11. This from someone who supported raising the debt ceiling and called his constituents nasty names when they called him out on his actions. This from someone who voted for Pigford. Allen West talks a good game but he is full of it.
    I campaigned hard for him last time but he won’t get my time, money, or vote this election. It’s election time again so West has to speed up the drama because he failed to deliver on his promises. Sorry, this dude just likes living on the government dole and being in the spotlight. Later dude.

    1. Boy you are so right…i would never put my life on the line for some one like you …and remember West could have done it all on his own…passed everything YOU wanted him to get passed…he could have just walked up there and said your hero Obama…and yelled out “I JUST SIGNED A WEST EXCUTIVE ORDER AND EVERYTHING I WANT IS NOW LAW…and …puff!…Its done

      oh by the way …you sound an awful lot like a Bamster supporter…me thinks you have a alterative motive there buddy……

  12. Mr. West why didn’t you do this during the last session, then maybe the people who pay the bills could do something about it. So now we have to give you and the rest a pass, give us another chance, you are all the same. It is NOW time for a real CONSERVATIVE party we have had enough of this crap. Big changing’s coming.

  13. It’s not your fault Allen. You only have one half of Congress. The other side is controlled by marxists. Keep fighting the fight man!

  14. Can we air this speech in place of the president’s next state of the union address?
    I can’t stand to hear Obama’s voice anymore, let alone the despicable lies that he continues to spew.
    This I know: O’s gotta go!

  15. Can’t say I agree with every one of Col. West’s positions, and some of his votes have been disappointing, but you cannot deny that this man has more integrity in his little finger than most of the rest of his Congressional peers. America could use about 400 more Allen Wests!

  16. I was enthralled by West initially – his elocution, knowledge and composure are all alluring. He’s beginning to seem too polished now, too practiced, as though he has completely mastered the art of saying exactly the right things to sell himself. He’s just not 100% convincing now.
    Not condemning him for the failure this year; just evaluating, that’s all.

      1. Schizophrenic, raises my ire everytime I say it, he was fighting like a libber with his name calling….can only hope he learned from it.

        1. Well, it’s only because some would go from one week loving him to the next week hating him over a tough vote. I think West is dead on when he yearns for the end of these omnibus bills where no matter what you vote, you’re going to alienate some ‘purists’ since they throw in all that despicable pork. Once he gets a chance to vote on the issues and the issues alone, I have a feeling he’ll be right where we need him to be.

    1. well i mean he’s getting used to giving congressional speeches more than he was at the beginning of his congressional term… doesn’t mean he’s insincere or anything.

      1. Amen. Why dog someone for being able to articulate their ideas better? Would you prefer him to speak like our Vice President? Hell no. Congressman West is beginning to master the art of decimating your enemies with words.

  17. No such thing as a collective body in congress. All congress appears to want is collective chaos. A bunch of damn sellouts!

  18. I appreciate your apology Congressman West, but I don’t think it was up to you to do the apology. Those who have been “serving” before those freshmen had PLENTY of time to do something, but did nothing.
    Those who are supposed to be serving the people of this nation have done nothing for those, but have served themselves only.
    I do appreciate your apology, and yes, it’s a refreshing thing to hear from our capital- but when you, and your fellow freshmen are the true minority in Washington, we can not expect that a handful of decent “newbies” to have much of a chance when so many stand in the way of real change that the people voted for last November.
    Thank you for your efforts.

  19. Do people understand why this man is so great? He’s not a lawyer. He’s a soldier and a man of honor. Someday he will run for POTUS and that will be a great day.

  20. Thanks for the post Scoop and I agree it starts with Leadership, standing up for what you believe in, I remember when the Democrats were hammering the message that the Republicans were a party of No Governor Palin said that’s not so, we are the party of Hell No!!!

  21. I would have followed with this…

    And since I have realized I am irrelevant in this body and can’t deliver on anything I promised, I am resigning from my post effective immediately. He was the one who voted to raise the debt ceiling. What’s he talking about?

    1. And he’s also STILL a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. Seems a bit odd to me, considering the blatant racism and evil-Whitey sentiment they have. I have lost a lot of respect for Allen West. At one time I was a member of the “Draft Allen West for President” club, and now, I wouldn’t vote for him for Booster Club President. His military distinction and honor are well outside of anything I would EVER use to criticize him with, but his actions and inactions as Congressman have been confusing to me.

      1. In a position of authority, Allen West would be awesome. Right now our hands are tied. They won’t be much longer and then you’ll have a much better context in which to measure his progress.

        1. But why would he still be in the CBC? THAT is the only MAJOR issue I have with him, and I really can’t figure it out. I understand that there may be something going on in the background, or perhaps it’s strategy, but it seems to really fly in the face of an honorable military hero’s integrity by ignoring the fact that he is a member of a hate-group.

          1. I know the CBC is full of idiots, but I give him leeway whether he stays in or not. He knows those people personally, and perhaps he believes he can get through to them. It’s easy to judge on the outside.

            Just sayin.

            1. True. It’s just hard for me. I’ve experienced so much hatred from black people (especially violence) growing up, and it’s so hard for me to place any trust in them as it is. When I heard Allen West on the radio, I knew I liked him! But then I saw him on TV, and it took a lot for me to overcome my initial tendencies, and I really came to DEEPLY RESPECT him (like I said, I wanted him to be President). I completely trusted him.

              And then after the CBC fiasco, I fully expected Mr. West to resign from that club. And when he didn’t, I was crushed. It was a major setback for me, and I just really wish he would explain why he didn’t leave the group. I feel like he owes us that much.

              1. Brian. Though I never really experienced racial hatred until I started listening carefully to Maxine, Sheila and the other commie stooges of the Black Caucus. I had the same feeling about Allen West and expected him to walk out.

                Later he explained that if he had left the black caucus, then there would have been ZERO conservative voices in that room. THERE ARE ZERO CONSERVATIVE BLACK PEOPLE “IN THE HOUSE.”

                He described how when he walks to the caucus room, he is rarely accompanied and sits alone. But his is a rational ear for a chorus of hatred, historical social dependency, ignorance, violence, public corruption and racial bigotry and I believe his continued membership will benefit the rest of us. He is a man of courage and good cheer.

                As a military man, Mr. West will understand that, in war, there is a part to play both for diplomats and sappers.

                1. I like your answer…But it’s going to take a long time for me to believe in him again. I wouldn’t join the KKK to balance out their hatred towards blacks, and Allen West shouldn’t join the CBC to balance out their hatred towards Whites. Both groups have just about the same amount of relevance to any kind of legislative purposes, which is why we put him in Congress in the first place.

                2. Brian… your failing to see the bigger picture. The CBC IS what it is! West knows that… he’s not playing a game. But instead of looking it as participation in the Black KKK, look at it like the CBC has to put up with an “oreo” in their midst. It’ll drive them crazy. West has been very clear on his being in the CBC. That’s has not changed.

                  He’s basically getting in their face and poking his finger in their chest saying, “you are not going to define who I am just because you call yourself black and have this little club… and there’s no way you’re going to kick me out either.” Now that’s playing the reverse race card.

                3. Hey…I like that!!! It’s kinda like “I’m here, I’m…Oh wait!”. I’m just kidding (Seriously guys…that was a joke :-D)! But is it like when the atheists go to our Christmas celebrations to tell us we’re crazy and bother us with signs? I mean, we all believe in God, but THEY still want to be the thorn in our side until we stop celebrating Christmas?

                  If I understand you correctly, I can live with that! For whatever reason, that thought just never clicked in my noggin. Thanks!

                4. “t’s kinda like “I’m here, I’m…Oh wait!”. Heh heh… I just somehow can’t see West winding up with that one… LOL

                5. I know right!!! LOL! I’m so glad you got that that was a joke! I personally thought it was hilarious! I’ve been smiling from ear to ear thinking about that joke! Hehehe!

                  I wish there was a “laugh” key on the keyboard!

          2. Stay close to your friends, stay closer to your enemies…
            What better way to know what the other side is thinking, planning, etc than to be close to their plans.
            I’m not saying that’s for sure what West is doing, but it’s one of the reasons I still read MSM and pay attention to what the ‘establishment’ is doing/saying.

        2. So when are our hands NOT tied? If that is the criterion then you will never act. I understand he has one vote but he did not exercise that one vote either. If the fire breathing tea party congressmen get mellowed out like this in just a year, who can you trust to change things?

          1. Me, in south central PA but AI would have wasted all of those traitors and took one for the country. Todd Platts really disappointed me when he voted for that fiasco. Would have thought he knew better being their for four terms but I was wrong. Vote them all out or set up guillotine on the steps of the Capitol and begin to use it, then we’ll see people straighten up.

  22. Follow the leader…

    Who is the Speaker of the House?
    Who is the Leader of the House?

    Good point Scoop –

    “And I would be willing to bet that
    Boehner will not follow
    in the footsteps of Allen West here because
    he doesn’t have the character.”

    Boehner is the elected Speaker of the House
    West, and those who agree with West, are the Leaders of the House.

    As Mark Levin has said before, Boehner has gotta go.


    1. Here’s a dose of reality for ya. We have a radical leftist as president and a radical leftist majority in the Senate.

      In 2010, we voted our guys in expecting gridlock, knowing they wouldn’t be able to get anything done.

      So while I didn’t agree with some of the things they did do, the bigger picture is simply that there wasn’t anything big they could do.

      And it doesn’t help that we have a weak leadership. But even still, there isn’t much we can get done until we get Obama and his leftist majority out of Washington.

      1. Scoop, they should have shut down the Government. We could have done that. Instead, much of our problems that we find ourselves in (currently) are related to us NOT shutting down the Government when we should have. We held more than enough cards to balance our budget OURSELVES, and yet, we deferred to the Libs. Now the Dems know Reps. in Congress are pushovers and gutless, so no wonder they won’t budge on anything.

          1. Absolutely true!!! I was just referring to the comment about voting for gridlock. We definitely did vote for gridlock, and I just wanted to point out that we didn’t get it!

              1. NO WHERE NEAR the leadership we thought we had! We took a lot of lickings standing up for Boehner and his tear-festivals. I mean, seriously, if he’s going to cry all the time, he’d better have bigger stones than Pelosi does…just sayin’!!!

                1. True. I don’t mind an emotional Congressman (Hell, it means he cares!!), but an emotional Congressional Jellyfish…nope…not okay. The problem is, Pelosi’s been bending Boehner over the desk for a while now, and even though she’s not the speaker, she sure SEEMS to be the speaker…

                2. Be careful, the left wants us to call Boehner names and talk about him crying all the time ( which isn’t true) so we will replace Boehner with one of their own.

                3. We do need to replace Boehner, because he IS one of their own.

                  I have ALWAYS defended Boehner’s crying (I have been known to get emotional, at times, about things I deeply care about, such as: the kid that got beaten to a pulp in Milwaukee fair flash-mob, Christopher Newsom tragedy, those kids that were murdered in Norway by that asshole, 9/11, spies getting tortured by Iran, kidnappings, grieving mothers, etc.). I’m not one of those men that thinks you should never cry, but it also should not be all the time (and God help you if you force out Crocodile tears).

                  ALL of the events I have listed make me VIOLENT, which tells me that if Boehner is truly tearing up, he cares enough to do something about it. I’m starting to think those tears were fake, given his actions as of late.

              2. That’s debatable in ref to Boehner. We already suspected before hand, he SUCKED and was diappointedly confirmed.

      2. Right On Brother! I am voting for the Republican Candidate, no matter who it is, to at least slow down the bleeding. Of course I want the most Conservative candidate but we have to remember our big picture goal. Get this Marxist pile of crap out of the White House! NOW! We can continue to promote awesome candidates such as Allen West to run in the 2016 election to complete the Conservative cleansing.

      3. the problem we face is that the public does not realize that the freshman have their hands tied, they think its just business as usual.
        we need to get the message out that they try but are blocked.

        1. I am SHOCKED that he has not been imprisoned yet. SERIOUSLY. We could have a video of him kidnapping, raping, torturing, maiming, killing, and then EATING an infant, while humming “Lying A** B****” and interjecting with racial slurs, and the Liberals would just call it a “very late-term abortion”, or something like that, and Holder would say “Oh. I can’t comment since the I.G. is investigating”…the Republicans have been advised not to criticize the President for anything he does, so that’s what THEY’LL do…and the game would continue. I truly do not think it is possible for that man to be found accountable for anything (close your eyes and randomly pick which man I’m talking about…they’re all just as guilty…).

    2. The Republican Capitalist loving Congress is battling the Marxist in the White House and his leftist minions if the Democratic party in both the house and senate.

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