[VIDEO] Allen West: Obama would ‘rather you be his slave and economically dependent upon him’

The left hates being confronted with the truth and they especially hate hearing about it from Allen West. Right now they are getting their dander up because West dropped the ‘slave’ word this weekend when talking about Obama and his policies of dependence. But there is nothing wrong with what he said and if they find it offensive, it’s only because the truth is offensive to darkness.

Here are the full context surrounding his ‘slave’ comment, most of which has been left out by the leftists press who want to make his comment entirely about the slave portion when he said a lot more:

Most of you will want to hear the entire speech so I’ve provided it below. It’s awesome:

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64 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Allen West: Obama would ‘rather you be his slave and economically dependent upon him’

  1. The lefties are afraid of Allen West because he is African American and speaks the truth. If Romney doesn’t pick Rubio for VP he should pick West and scare the pants off of Obama and his cronies. I feel either candidate is a win/win situation for Romney. Actually all politicians $uck, but I’d rather have a republican in office even though he has been called a RINO.

  2. As a “Euro-American,” I have a heritage from 6-10 different ethnic backgrounds-Irish to Scot to German to Czech, but zero French.

    More than half of those ethnicity’s were slaves to someone else, sometime in the past. Sometimes, one of my ethnic ancestors was enslaving the other. But do I bitch and moan and rape and rob accuse and excuse and demand rights and refuse to speak the languagee? Nooooooooo.

    Does your heritage includes a period of slavery? Welcome to the human race, my friend, now — “Sierra Tango Foxtrot Upyour-Silesia.”


  3. the leftist media doing their selective editing again.. like the Romney WaWa story about fed regulations, and the zimmerman tapes…
    old school media= institutional corruption

  4. Allen West is a leader for all Americans and the Congressional Black Caucus can’t begin to comprehend what that means. When the democrats start the racial hatred and class warfare, as they always do, Colonel West will tell them to pack it where the sun doesn’t shine. The man leads, others will follow.

  5. Any black that is a democrat is a person with not two brain tissues to rub together.

    The racist, oppressive history of the DNC is plain, from their abduction, slavery, rapes, tortures and murders of blacks, to their slavery, tortures and murders of Chinese (and other Asians), culminating in national violence and the DNC using anti-Chinese discrimination as one of the party planks, back in the 1900s.


    From the first democrat, to Kennedy (whose family was dedicated to assailing Dr. King), to Obama, they’re all slavers. Now, though, they try to hide their true faces through such things as revisionist history (more commonly known as lies) and what has now become equal opportunity slavery. Whereas, before, they were concentrating their efforts on victimizing blacks and Chinese, now they want universal slavery. Whereas they’re trying to de-emphasize ‘racial classes’ for the determination of who should be a slave, or not, now they’re separating people into economic and political classes to determine the amount of freedom you’re rationed. Leftists like to point to KKK notables like David Duke, who ran on a GOP platform, but then they’ll stop short of mentioning the fact that the GOP shunned him:


    …and won’t mention that he was originally a DEMOCRAT


    …until around 1988. This means he was no different from any other Klansman.


    Knowing things like this, this is precisely why I can do no more than despise blacks that cling to the DNC, and shake me head in disgust at Asians that do the same, when all they’re doing is supporting a party that was originally created to enslave, destroy and murder them, and hasn’t changed a bit.

  6. I love Allen West. He is a truth-teller and a patriot, two things we are not used to in Washington.

    1. He is doing well in the PR realm, but I would like to see him tighten up his voting a bit. I recall some instances where people who liked him had to make excuses for him.

        1. Without doing some research, I would be trying from memory. It seems like he voted for some questionable spending bills and gave in to the Obama threats. I personally didn’t agree with his support of the Patriot Act and the NDAA from a liberty and constitutional perspective concerning their infringement on the bill of rights.

          I just recall some people here not being happy with his votes, but generally accepted his explanations. I believe that his rendition of the NDAA was wrong after I did some research. It was changed from what he quoted before it passed. I tend to be a bit more hard core and uncompromising. I would side with Rand Paul concerning these issues. For me, Rands voting record is much better than West’s.

          I know that Rand is a senator, but they vote on the same things, and they both came out of the tea party movement.

          1. I have a great deal of respect for Rand Paul. He has a stellar record and has shown himself to be a man of great integrity.

            However about Allen West.

            Yes, I know about the patriot act, not to excuse him in anyway but fairly I believe West has been falsely accused about signing onto this trash legislation. We know that the left hates West, they can’t use the “race” card against him and that must anger them tremendously. So they do all in their power to bring West down by spreading lies about him.

            You might appreciate some of the the blunt and unflattering things West has said about obama and his administration ( reasons the left hates him).

            Allen West Obama Community Organizer Socialist Agitator Third World Dictator Like Arrogance

            “Sorry Mr. President, life ain’t fair.” : West on Greta

            About NDAA
            Allen West Argues Against Amendment to Ban Indefinite Detention of People Arrested on American Soil (Updated)


            Colonel Allen West Puts NDAA Myths to Rest

            NDAA: Allen West sets record straight

  7. Love Ya Allen but why did you Vote for MORE BIG GOVERNMENT on Highway/Student Loan/Flood Insurance Omnibus Bill (HR 4348)…This another Pigford moment? Siding with the RINOs and Demonic-rats Won’t SAVE this Country…This Bill is Loaded With Pork and add to the deficit if not create another bubble…Even Paul Ryan/Steve King voted up on this…Can anybody do as they say? Kudos to Louie Gohmert..Also another RINO trick slamming 3 bills into 1 vote.

  8. He was mine and my girl’s write-in for our State GOP Primary. I could not in good conscience vote for anyone else on the ballot for nominee.

  9. “Sitting at home and getting a check from the government is not going to help your self esteem. What it will do is make you an economic slave to a bunch of people in a far far distant place.”

    We need more mothers like his.

    The left is going balistic over this? You have got to be kidding me! The left invents racism at every turn. Yet, West points out a fact that applies to every race and they can’t handle it. It’s racist for a conservative to make an inference to slavery, yet the left can do it with impunity out of thin air. They don’t have a single honest bone or ounce of integrity in all of their collective bodies.

  10. I would love to see this PATRIOTIC AMERICAN

    debate ANY “person” from the democRAT party

    I would pay for that privilege !

  11. Allen West is the most articulate communicator in the republican party and he would be an asset to the Romney ticket or the administration.

  12. By the way, former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Shamir died yesterday. He was 96. May God bless his memory!

    1. I’m not so sure about that. Don’t get me wrong, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat this November. But so-called conservatives seem to not vote for solid conservatives in the Presidential elections. If they did we wouldn’t be having to deal with Romney.

      1. Aren’t you suspicious of Romney getting the nomination when the real conservative base is fired up and looking for a real conservative? (election fraud)

        1. It might give cause for concern, but there are other factors that I look at as the cause instead.

          You have to consider that Independents vote in our primaries. In addition, in some states Democrats can also vote. The process is dilluted. Independents will pick moderates and liberals will pick the biggest RINO in the bunch. Plus there are a lot of conservatives that believe that a hard-liner is unelectable so they try to move to a moderate to get a more electable candidate.

          What needs to happen is to ban Democrats and Independents from voting in Republican primaries. The only people that should be allowed to vote on our candidate should be registered Republicans. Then get people to get past the notion that we can only win with a moderate.

          1. Maybe you could clear something up for me. In Nevada, Romney won hands down. (the popular vote) At the district level, delegates are proportioned according to total votes. Ron Paul comes out of it with the overwhelming majority of the delegates, and many people tell stories of how the vote counts were changed, and this is after they matched what the state GOP recorded for their district with what the totals were at their district caucus.

            After the state convention, the national GOP and Romney camp decide to create an alternative GOP in the state of Nevada to negate the Paul delegates.

            Reports of this kind of thing came out all over the country. How can this happen if there is no fraud?

            You could argue that Paul supporters were the only ones who showed up to vote at the state level. That would be a pretty weak argument.

            I understand the national level reasoning as you are stating it. There are states who allow independents to vote in the caucus’, but if Romney got 50% of the votes, why didn’t he get the delegates? The delegates are picked at the district level, then sent on to pick the national delegates at the state level. Did all the Romney district delegates just stay home?

            1. You’re asking me, lol? You’re going way over my head. I haven’t payed any attention to any of that so I can’t give you even a wild guess for an answer. If there’s something fishy going on then it should be investigated, but did any of the candidates complain about possible fraud?

              I can’t tell you that you’re grabbing for straws and I can’t say that you aren’t. I can only make an opinion on what I pay attention to and what I know (which isn’t much, lol)…which explains my previous view on why Romney won the primaries. My big question is how Romney or the GOP could get away with this in 50 states because wouldn’t election officials notice?

              If you are onto something I hope it gets stopped in the future. Elections are useless if they aren’t fair and honest.

              1. I followed this stuff for the last few months. I had questioned the national elections for some time, but never looked into it. As I followed the RP campaign, I was absolutely amazed at how deep the fraud went. The two parties have a literal dictatorship within the election process. The state election officials are democrats and republicans. What ends up happening is that the two parties make their own rules, within the framework of the state and federal laws, but there is a lot of room for manipulation.

                As I learned how the republican process works, reading the actual rules, then watched the caucus’ take place, I was angered and blown away at how blatant the fraud is. In the past, there has been very little questioning of the process. Most of the people showing up for a caucus just follow orders from the leadership. They don’t know any better. There is a thing called “Roberts Rules” that govern the meetings. They allow for the voters and delegates to openly vote in leadership. The person running the meeting can be changed out if the crowd doesn’t like them, simply by calling for a motion, a second of the motion, and a majority vote.

                These rules actually get a bit tricky, and if you don’t know the order of things, you can’t effect any change, which is generally how it goes. The Ron Paul people learned the rules and went to the meetings with the ability to actually have a voice, and hold the establishment GOP to their own rules.

                In many cases, when they did this, the GOP ran rough shot over them. When the whole crowd went against the leadership, (following the rules) the GOP leaders had police arrest them. One man was voted in as the new chair, and they started to run the meeting with a new chair. The GOP called the police in, which are often there to begin with and they take orders from the GOP as if they are their boss’, and the man was assaulted and arrested for following those rules. The whole thing is on video on youtube.

                The establishment realized early on that the RP people knew how to follow the rules, and that they were going to have an effect. In one caucus at a local high school, the people changed out the chair, so the GOP shut down the meeting and ordered everyone out. The people went into the parking lot and continued the meeting, because the rules say that it has to be done at the place and time that was advertised within fifteen days prior. The GOP had the police kick everyone off of public property and some were arrested for trespassing. They could not have a new meeting later because fifteen day notice was required, and it would be too late.

                The threat to the establishment is that if RP or “liberty movement people” get in, they could run these caucus’ and even take leadership positions in the state. If they do, then the GOP won’t be able to have widespread fraud, because the new leaders won’t let it happen. They succeeded in several states in gaining state level GOP positions.

                This is why the GOP simply replaced most of the state delegates with new ones, and created an “alternative” GOP within the state. The delegates that the voters put in were simply negated by GOP decree.

                I could tell stories all night, but the point is that the fraud runs deep. From the district level, all the way to the national level. Until now, it has been easy to enact, because there has been no movement within the GOP to change it. The RP supporters have my respect and appreciation for bringing this all to light, and to video as indisputable proof.

                I know what I am talking about when I say that Romney was not, and will not be, given the nomination by the people, yet he will be the nominee.

                You are right, this is of utmost importance. People need to realize that it is all fine and good to make fun of RP, call him a tin hat guy, and ignore him as ridiculous, but the man is real. He has real solutions. The establishment GOP cannot have this within their party.

                I have been an active republican for 22 years. I have never voted for a democrat. This revelation was devastating. People are spending lots of money and energy supporting these other candidates, and the fact of the matter is, they were never going to win, and never had a chance due to the fraud. I knew this, but still sent my money to the RP campaign, because he was doing us all a service in causing the fraud to be obvious to all who would look. Many won’t look, because it was “the Ron Paul people” doing it.

                Many supporters posted these videos and testimonies on


                It is a good sight to go to if you want to see things that the media won’t report.

              2. Just thought that I would give you a link to what is happening in my state concerning delegates. The state GOP pulled a whole bunch of dirty tricks, and even cut out duly elected delegates, closed the meetings early, and appointed delegates who didn’t even legally apply for the positions.

                Some of the illegally appointed delegates are familiar names from when I used to attend local conservative meetings. A couple of these guys spoke at the meetings locally. I am now ashamed to say that I have voted for Allen Alley, and a couple of the other guys. They were the GOP candidates for various state offices.

                This is indicative of what is happening all over. We didn’t nominate Romney.


        1. Maybe, but if that’s the case why did they vote for Romney? Don’t we consider him to be a loser (as a politiican)?

    1. I agree. If we are going to have to settle for Romney, we need someone who understands our Constitution and who will actually help us get our country back.

      1. He’ll pick a RINO my friend. And the irony? You’ll still “settle” for him. He has you all in his back pocket and he’s smug about it too. 🙁

          1. even Soros calls them nearly the same. Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. Captain_Maynard is just telling you what you already know.

        1. Let Obama win so the revolt can finally begin! The Tree of Liberty requires the blood in order to prosper. Our only questions we must ask ourselves: Do we want Liberty or enslavement?

          1. We’re getting close to having to decide. So far, nothing substantial is being done politically, unless the liberty movement grows quickly.

        2. Would you rather have another 4 years of misery with Obama? At first I felt the same way, but then took Obama into consideration and looked at all the ruination he has created along with his notorious lies. Romney is far, far better than Obama any day.

    2. Sorry my friend. But you can dream on. It will be Pawlenty. Very fitting really. A RINO VP for a RINO candidate.

      1. Would you rather have a fascist than a RINO? It feels like 2008 all over again….hopefully the result won’t be the same.

        1. To all my conservative friends asking me questions to the tune of 12grace’s, I say: wake from your stupor brothers and sisters. Educate yourselves. The founders gave us the answer in the form of the electoral college.

          To begin your journey of education about the true nature of our political process and the efficacy of our constitution in times such as these, I would urge you to diligently read the three part article by Alan Keyes on his website, loyaltoliberty.com, titled “Restoring Representation”. (Scroll to the very bottom to find the relevant links)

          I too am currently in the process of reeducating myself about our rights as an electorate and how the electoral college offers a hope out of the Obama/Romney complex. With busy lifestyles and such I realize its easy to just eat up what we are told by the media and the GOP is our only way out; Its our way of passing over the responsibility of citizenship so that all we have to do is arrive at the voting booth on election day. I get that it makes things easier and who wouldn’t take the easier way out if they could 99% of the time?

          Still, our Founders did not write the constitution, so that the people would defer to elites on what it meant and how they were to use it. They wrote the constitution, hoping that an informed and active citizenry would always be in control of its own destiny. I urge all to read Alan Keyes’ words carefully and diligently. Its not an easy read. He does write in a somewhat prolix and verbose manner but nonetheless, at the end of it all, what he is saying makes 100% sense and is definitely worth the read, I guarantee you. It opened my eyes to so much I didn’t know about. (Granted, I am a young guy and have never really been interested in politics and how we as a people are governed up till relatively recently.)


          1. PS Keyes’ words and idea in that three-part article I cite needs to go viral folks! Here’s an introduction to the man; He’s been a quiet thorn in Obama’s side for some time now.

          2. Thank You for your thoughtful response, CM.

            I love Allen Keyes! He is a brilliant and morale man.

        2. PS Keyes’ words and idea in that three-part article I cite needs to go viral! Here’s an introduction to the man; He’s been a quiet thorn in Obama’s side for some time now.

      2. Romney will Lose – If he picks from his list of Rinos from Portman, Christie, Pawlenty, Jindall, Rubio, he will lose. the last two are not eligible.

        If he picks Allen West, Michele Bachmann, or another Conservative he would win. There is no excitement for Romney. Rasmussen just did a poll and people don’t care or think he would fix or do anything different. that is so sad. But that is why 60% of the people didn’t vote for him in the primaries.

        1. After Romney recently covered for Obama on the TAX issue, he may end up being the next McCain.

        2. I think you’re wrong about Rubio and Jindall. Jindall would make an EXCELLENT VP choice…he has a very compelling “story,” and I think he’s the real deal. May I respectfully ask you to take another look at him? I hope you will.

    3. He would outshine Romney but would give Romney the necessary boost to reach the finish lines in victory!!

    4. Col. West would be a great choice but it makes too much sense. The establishment Rs want nothing to do with him. Sadly I think they will pick someone even more bland than Romney and we’ll have to endure 4 more years of the “won” and the fat chick.

      I fear that the best we can hope for is to hold the house and secure the senate.

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