VIDEO: Biden bites his wife’s fingers during a campaign speech and Twitter is grossed out

Joe Biden made all of his supporters cringe when he decided to bizarrely nibble on his wife’s fingers while she was trying to give a speech about why people should vote for her creepy husband.

Uh… why. You can tell she was either surprised that he did this, or just simply annoyed. Or both!

As you can imagine, the internet was all over this one.

And also this weekend he was embarrassed when he was out trying to campaign and this dude was just like not giving a damn at all:


AND THAT’S NOT ALL. The viral video of his creepy speech hit four million views. That ain’t gonna help.

Then there’s this of course:

It’s gonna be a wild election if he gets the nomination.

That’s it for this Sunday. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!! Have an open thread. Here’s one very funny comment fodder item:

Now go get some rest, we all got work in the morning. Well most of us anyway.

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