[VIDEO] Brit Hume SHREDS Jane Harman Over Benghazi

On Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume blasted former Representative Jane Harman over her spin on Benghazi. She spent most of her segment playing down any idea of cover-up or false narrative on the part of the administration, but when she started comparing Republican inquiry to Area 51 conspiracies, Hume had had enough.

HUME: You’re right, there wasn’t a conspiracy in the United States to mount the Benghazi attack. The question, that’s not the question. The question was whether in the aftermath of the attack, when the administration sent its UN ambassador out to explain it to everybody, and she did so falsely, that there wasn’t a conspiracy to create the false talking points that she used. I’m not talking about the CIA talking points, I’m talking about the talking points used on that program that day, which were monumentally misleading, and since have been shown to be false, and based on no intelligence of any consequence that we know of.

HARMAN: And my answer to that is no there wasn’t a conspiracy, they did not turn out to be accurate …

HUME: Well how did it happen?

HARMAN: I think that people made at the time their best guess at the facts …

HUME: But wait a minute, where did the idea that the video had anything do with Benghazi come from?

HARMAN: Where did it come from? I think it came from people who weren’t sure about it.

HUME: Well can you identify anybody?


HARMAN: My view is, having been around at the time, that this was not deliberately misleading, it turned out to be wrong but it was not deliberately misleading.

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