[VIDEO] – Chicago PD releases footage showing how rioters intentionally AMBUSHED police officers last weekend in Grant Park

We’ve already posted on what occurred last weekend in Grant Park, when rioters were throwing hundreds of objects at police officers. Well this week the Chicago PD held a press conference and showed their own footage of what took place and just how coordinated it was:

The video footage from last weekend stops at 6:55, and that’s what I really want you to see. The police described people carrying bags of frozen water bottles, frozen cans, and other materials for people to throw at officers. They said the PVC pipes that was holding the signs together had been sharpened on one end so they could be used against officers.

They showed some with umbrellas who were there solely to hide rioters from police while changing clothes into all black outfits. Everything about this ambush on police officers was planned from the beginning.

Police said that there have been other large protests at the Columbus statue and they were all peaceful, and that they’ve respected the right of people to peacefully protest. They were obviously not expecting a riot like this, which is clear from the fact that they had little protection against the things being thrown at them.

Looking at some of the objects they were throwing, these rioters clearly intended to harm the officers if not outright kill them. This lawlessness is reprehensible and I hope the Chicago PD are more prepared next time to deal with these rioters, if their derelict Mayor will let them.

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