[VIDEO] – CNN blames severe thunderstorm on CLIMATE CHANGE – and it’s pretty stupid when you think about it!

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota blamed Climate Change this morning for a violent thunderstorm that produced baseball-sized hail in Colorado yesterday.


Ok first of all, this happening in August is probably more common than these ditzy CNN anchors would like to admit. After all, August is one of the hottest months out of the year, if not the hottest.

And when you consider that Colorado is on the outskirts of tornado valley – which is called that because it’s an area where cold Canadian air mixes with hot, dry Mexican air AND hot, moist air from the gulf to form severe thunderstorms that cause both hail and tornados — well it doesn’t seem that odd really. In fact it seems quite normal for this time of year.

I mean sure, seeing big baseball-sized hail hitting the land and water like that is quite impressive. And I definitely wouldn’t want to be underneath it. But to jump the gun and suggest it’s because of Climate Change, well in my opinion is quite, quite dumb.

Look I’m not a weatherman. I only took one geology class in college (it was awesome btw), and almost everything I know about weather comes from being in that classroom. I would think that these geniuses would be smarter than I am. But I guess bias isn’t something education can really overcome.


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