VIDEO: Dem House Manager compares Trump to having to deal with 9/11 terrorists, Nazis In WWII

The Democrat House managers are quite unhinged as of late, and today one of them actually compared America having to deal with Trump with America having to deal with 9/11 terrorists and Nazis in WWII:

What Hakeem Jeffries is doing in this clip is presenting a horrible situation in America’s history and then saying “but we made it to the other side”.

He starts with the civil war, then the Great Depression, and then mentions our fight with Nazi Germany in WWII. He mentions several other things, including the era of Jim Crow before he brings up 9/11 and how we had to fight terrorists. “But we made it to the other side.”

He then asks what will we do about Trump, who he falsely claims “tried to cheat and solicit foreign interference in an American election”, which he argues is an attack on our character, making it sound worse than all of the above. It’s pathetic, evil, and he owes Trump and the Senate an apology for making such absurd comparisons.

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