[VIDEO] – Democrat rushes to suggest Biden’s classified docs were PLANTED to make him look bad

Joe Biden can do no wrong in the eyes of some Democrats, who are now suggesting these documents were planted to make him look bad.

Rep. Hank Johnson, who once asked an Admiral if the island of Guam would tip over and capsize, is now suggesting the classified documents found in Biden’s garage were planted there – probably by a Republican.


How can this be? Biden made clear today that his garage with his corvette in it is locked. So how could someone get in there to plant classified documents?

Seriously, Hank Johnson is a hack and a moron, just like Biden. And now he’s pushing this conspiracy theory that Biden is being framed, when there is zero evidence to suggest something as outlandish as this.

I can guarantee you he’d never give Trump or any Republican the benefit of the doubt like this.

I’ll leave you with this:

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