[VIDEO] Dick Durbin claims he’s OPEN to court packing, but we all know he’s lying…

Dick Durbin told Jake Tapper today that while he hasn’t made up his mind, he’s ‘open’ to adding seats to the Supreme Court:

I don’t believe Durbin for a second. He sat there and made the dumb liberal argument needing ‘balance’ on the court, when the court hasn’t been ‘balanced’ for a long time.

But he’s wrong about the American people wanting ‘balance’. The polls show decisively that the American people are in favor of Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court and AGAINST Democrats adding seats to the Supreme Court:

Durbin is lying has butt off. He isn’t just open to it, he really wants the court to be majority liberal like it was before Trump (and sometimes still is) and he’ll vote to increase seats on the court in a heartbeat to make that happen.

As Ben Shapiro suggested, Democrats have lost their freaking minds.

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