VIDEO! Glenn Beck: “Mitch McConnell Is As Big Of A Danger To This Country As Barack Obama Is”

In Louisville, Kentucky today, Freedomworks hosted #FreePAC, a gathering of right and center right grassroots activists. The keynote speaker was Glenn Beck, who had strong words for Mitch McConnell and other republican party leaders.

“I told you at the very beginning what this administration tries to do you and what the progressives on the right, let me tell you something, Mitch McConnell is as big of a danger to this country as Barack Obama is. The progressive disease is in both parties. Big government is a philosophy in both parties, period. It is antithetical to the American system. Period.”

Now that is throwing down the gauntlet. Glenn had the crowd on their feet several times, and, like Matt Kibbe’s and Matt Bevin’s speeches before his, the biggest applause came when attacking the Republican party leadership, or what many grassroots attendees refer to as “the party establishment.” A central theme of the day was “throw the bums out.”

RightScoop was at this event and we’ll be posting several more videos as we process them.

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180 thoughts on “VIDEO! Glenn Beck: “Mitch McConnell Is As Big Of A Danger To This Country As Barack Obama Is”

  1. Rick Perry and Dan Patrick (who’s now running for Lieutenant Governor -Texas), both supported David Dewhurst (career entrenched politician) over candidateTed Cruz. Just how far the progressive leftist wing of the republican party will go……Dewhurst spent 21 million of his own money and lost to the conservative people of texas who said no. Wake up people of Kentucky and do your do diligence for yourselves and the nation.

  2. Thanks Glenn,

    your rally back in 2004 at Marshal University on Marshal Field (Football Field) Has been proven 100% right, even though you put out the warning
    ” We Will Not Go Back”!, sadly to many Americans forgot the mission and the progressives didn’t.
    I wish today you were as wrong as many though you were back then, But I didn’t think you were wrong, I saw what you saw and I warned after the first World Trade Center Attack, but those that listened during the next 10 years or so before 911 were far and few, they would not believe what was right in front of them, in their lifetime right before their eyes facts with centuries of history, knowledge that could not be refuted, but willingly ignored the reality of the dangers. How very sad for American families, their dreams and futures.

  3. The government I would envision, goes back a couple of hundred years. Just for fun, compare what King Henry III did to the Colonists. Chicken feed, compared to what this current government does to you and me daily.

    And no one says a damned thing. Sorry for the rant. Wish I had been here earlier.

  4. Truth is, we don’t have a government right now. What we have, is a bunch of Millionaires, who decide how we live. If you boil it down to the reality it really is, there is really no difference between Obama and Boehner. Here is why. Neither of them is listening to anything you say.

  5. I agree with Glenn. I don’t see any difference. One wants to destroy this country immediately. The other wants to do it in slow stages. If you see a difference in that, please tell me what it is.

  6. I measure what our current government does, with this one question.

    What would Jefferson think.

    Or Franklin, or Madison, or Hamilton, or any of them, for that matter.

  7. I just got home. Looks like I missed a lot. I’ll try to keep it simple. I am a big fan of Glenn Beck. I think he understands more about America, and the trials we face right now, than almost anyone, including all the Idiots in Washington, we call our leaders.

    I have read all his books. They make sense. Far more sense than anything that comes out of Washington these days.

    I have watched him portraying the History of this great nation, in excruciating detail. Glenn doesn’t just teach History, he dissects History.

    I am glad Glenn Beck finally made his way here to The Right Scoop. It can only get better from here.

  8. There are two camps in the Party Of Big Government. The only differences between the two are the rate at which government grows and in what directions. They squabble about this incessantly, giving it a rest only when someone comes along who would challenge the very idea of big government. Then they unite to overwhelm and kill that person’s chances of election. When that person is sufficiently discredited and no longer a threat, they go back to their squabbling.

    1. You nailed it.

      The back & forth is nothing more than a distraction as government continues its never ending march of growth & control over our lives.

  9. Don’t know that Mitch is as dangerous as Obama,but the fact remains that the repubs have lost any principles they may have once possessed.All career politicians need to go,regardless of party.Congress and the senate were never intended to,be lifelong positions.Power corrupts,and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  10. I agree. He’s a sneak about it. I heard Matt Bevin speak on Mark’s show Friday. It was the first time I ever heard him.

    Kentucky is blessed to have someone like Matt Bevin, and they should take advantage of it. If people continue to vote in the John Cornyn’s and Mitch McConnell’s, the corruption’s going to continue. The low information shouldn’t vote.

  11. “Mitch McConnell Is As Big Of A Danger To This Country As Barack Obama Is”…. ??? If he really believes that he is a total idiot.

  12. I dont mind Beck , but when my sister left the catholic church to become a Mormon, I got a taste of Mormonism that I didnt care for. So, Beck and Romney were never my choice but if its the only thing in the menu, I dont mind it. Who does Beck want for 2016? if its Cruz then he’s on the right track

    1. He is a libertarian so he prefers Rand Paul but Rand endorsed Mitch McConnell and sold us out many times already. Its gotta be Ted Cruz. (stu and pat like Cruz better too)

      1. I like Rand. Is he better than Cruz when it comes to fixing the decade of obama laws? No, Cruz is a constitutional scholar and a lawyer. We are going to need a conservative lawyer on our side in 2016. The next president has the toughest Job in the history of liberalism disease fighting.

        So Im not impressed at all with Beck if its Rand that he thinks can fix the decade of obamanizatiin

    2. He is a libertarian so he prefers Rand Paul but Rand endorsed Mitch McConnell and sold us out many times already. Its gotta be Ted Cruz. (stu and pat like Cruz better too)

  13. So let’s see GOP. You have lost the last two elections. Why is that you wonder? Didn’t you say the right things at the debates and speeches?

    Yes you did. And we have been listening to that litany since 2000. And then you do the opposite.

    You expect us to believe that you are any better than the Democrats? When did you reduce spending? Oh that’s right you didn’t reduce it—you massively increased it all through the Bush era. And then when the Democrats do the same thing you shrug your shoulders, yell at Cruz and state it isn’t your fault. If only we would vote you in again. Never mind we have and you continue the treason. Then you think that traitor McConnell standing with a rifle raised is somehow going to make us forget that you have no intention of solving the border invasion or
    reducing a debt which will be the downfall of the country. Because a collapse will be less painful when you’re sitting in the Oval Office. Sure, we all buy that. That’s why you took second place for the last two elections.

    Try this GOP. It’s called following the law and doing the right thing. You start massively deporting illegals. And you tell La Raz to get out of your face. You don’t meet with them you don’t negotiate because they cry racism or color. You follow the law. And if half of southern California is offended then they are. Then you cut the spending—as massively as you deport illegals. You reduce benefits. You reduce Medicaid. Because most of those permanently disabled could find a job of some sort. You say that—out loud. That you’re not going to let a forty-five year old live off the rest of us because he is obese and has an anxiety disorder. Try that. You’d win in a landslide.

    If you’re not going to say that then be prepared to lose the third election. Because a lot of us aren’t useful idiots that think the impact of the car going off the cliff will be less if you’re at the wheel. And we’ll be staying home or voting third party when you put a Jeb or McCain in. You’ll lose again. Because if you are going to continue the corruption then we will collapse anyway. Don’t just trust my fiction—take a look at history. It agrees with me.

    You want our vote. Tell McConnell to put down the rifle, shut his mouth and start voting for America.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    1. two words …..VOTER FRAUD… The dem. machine has perfected the craft of and the GOP is scared to call the out on it

      1. Who says the republicans are scared?
        I don’t think that’s case here at all.

        Both parties want big government, except
        for a few republicans in the “Tea Party”….

        I left the republican party in 2004 after Bush was elected again. I became a independent for good reason.

        Reason: Both parties have become “FRAUDS!”
        Both parties have become big spenders who
        want big government to control the people.

        If you doubt this, then you are not looking deep
        enough to see this truth.

        “We the People” have no friends in Washington.
        Today, Washington is all about power and corruption. “We the People” are standing in the way.

        Boehner & McConnell are both aligned with the
        democrats in programming the American
        public into believing their are “two parties.”
        If you were to draw a line in the sand, and had
        both parties step either to the left, or step to the
        right; you’d get the majority step to the left
        on big issues.

        Amnesty is a good example. Both parties want amnesty. One party wants to do it this way, and the other party wants to do it their way, but both parties want amnesty! Also, both parties want Obamacare, and they are both big spenders. Both parties want the power
        to control the people!

        Are the republicans scared?

        I don’t think so; they just want power to do as they
        please like the democrats.
        What you see is a political war taking place in
        Washington, both are fighting for their
        piece of the pie; ” its power and control over the

        This is exactly what our founding fathers feared most. a government out of control: “Oligarchy”…..this is what Thomas Jefferson feared the most……

        The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

        Thomas Jefferson

        1. So bite your nose off to spite your face. When your back yard gets weeds, you weed it you dont move. The grass is never greener on the other side.

          1. MY nose is still attached to my face and I can see the republicans for what they really are for! They are in lockstep with the democrats….

            Its not what’s on top of the ground that you worry about, its what’s beneath that is growing. I suggest you go get a weed-wacker, if you think the republicans are for the people….

            The RINO’s own the republican party. In many cases they are as bad as the democrats. So, why do you think they haven’t really challenged Obama? The answer is obvious; they stick with their own kind—“democrats”……

              1. Bush was a big spender. I haven’t forgotten.

                The democrats pose a bigger problem for this country, than the republicans. But they are both a problem for this country. Both parties are corrupted, and beyond repair!

                Among a corrupted government in Washington liberty cannot exist. And big government breeds crony capitalism that protects its own. It’s corrupt; its but anything but neutral in Washington. They’ve set a barrier between the elitists and the people.

                A broad participation in prosperity is only for the Washington elite. Who have become millionaire since they took office?

                1. he wasnt a big taxer. he lost control of both houses, dems were the spenders. presidents dont make laws unless the are bo

                2. Presidents have influence. They push the underlings who usually follow their leadership. Bush was a spender, and he knew it…..

                  Obama has out done the rest of the presidents combined in spending. We are going to face Hillary in 2016. She will be worse than Obama, because of her indecision’s. She’ll send more of our military to the grave than Obama. This country is on a roll; its rolling downhill!

                  Today, the people are at war with their government. And most people want to bury their heads in the sand and play dead. But a few say, hell no we’re not going to take it anymore. Therefore, I throw my hat into the ring for the “Tea Party.” I’m a independent that will vote for a Tea Party candidate in 2016……..

                  P.S.–I have my nose out of joint for the republicans running for office. I consider them “Tory’s”….

                3. I understand what you are trying say; but the current president bye passes the Constitution, by bye passing the house before he institutes his own law for the land. A good example is Obamacare…

                  For the record congress makes the laws, and the senate needs to sign off and its passed onto the president to sign before it becomes law. Checks and balances instituted by the writers of the Constitution….

                  Currently, that’s not exactly the procedure being done in Washington these days. Obama is skipping the house then getting Reid to back it in the senate, and finally make it law.

                  This president is out of control, we the people have “No” representation today—other words, our country is being run by a “Oligarchy”……

      2. One of the many things it appears.The Marxist knows deception and dishonesty are two components to promote his cause–as history shows.

        Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

      1. Thanks. The GOP gives us Jeb they will most likely lose again. You think they would get it after two losses.

        Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

      1. I’m just wordsmithing what all with common sense think.
        Hope you liked this week’s article, Gene

        Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

      2. I’m just wordsmithing what all with common sense think.
        Hope you liked this week’s article, Gene

        Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  14. I was a great fan of Glenn Beck. I didn’t miss one single show of his when he was on Fox. But since Glenn did such horrible things to Newt Gingrich I don’t watch and listen to him anymore. And I don’t think he is right about McConnell – you cannot say he is the same as Obama. This is what he said about Newt in 2012 – that he would be the same as Obama..!

  15. If I had to vote in the Kentucky primary, Bevin would get my vote. That said, I find Beck labeling McConnell a progressive is a laughable ploy. He’s a libertarian in the mold of the Paul’s. He still believes Rand Paul would be an excellent candidate for the 2016 presidential race.

    He uses and often calls Republicans who don’t tout Paul’s beliefs as being progressives. That’s nonsense and I don’t believe Bevin holds the same views as Beck. Below is a recent article that contains a video of him interviewing “prominent libertarian Kevin Williamson of National Review” who disagrees with Beck oddly.

    Does Rand Paul have a chance in 2016?

    Thus, while I am not a McConnell fan and believe he was as WEAK as Majority Leader and he is as Minority Leader, I won’t fall for Beck’s often use and resorting to label Republicans as progressives in a false pretense meant only to support libertarians like Rand Paul. And recall Beck’s 2016 favorite candidate, Rand Paul, is supporting McConnell in the primary but has a problem with Sen. Cruz on foreign policy.

    1. On this point you raise, Beck lost me years ago when he was engaging in the false relativism that the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats. It’s utter tripe. To raise a false equivalence like Beck is an insult to conservatives everywhere. Call out the RINOs… call out the GOP/RNC establishment, corporate cronyism… whatever, but to wipe Republicans (aka conservative Americans) off the table for being as bad as Democrats… it’s insulting.

      I still listen to BeckTV but no where as near as much as before.

      1. Indeed and I also watch BeckTV and go to the Blaze too. That’s why we know and understand the difference between RINOs, Tea Party conservatives like Cruz and Paul’s libertarianism.

        1. I’ll hand it to Beck… He certainly piqued peoples’ interest in the Constitution and American history and a deeper understanding of American Progressivism. Kudos to him for that. Am I a Beck fan? You betcha.

          But to work for Beck must be a real challenge. Beck does not run the show, his ADD and pathological narcissism does. And his ADD forges ahead while his poor minions try to catch up.

          There are so many schemes and projects that Beck has started and trumped up, that have been left on the floor. His Black Robe Regiment is one such example. He’s had so many guests on his show who were left with very little to say because Beck did ALL OF THE TALKING.

          There are many things wrong with the man, but human foibles don’t preclude me from appreciating and promoting him. He has many good things, but too many other things that interfere with the good things.

          1. I think you summed it nicely. Of course he has done much good and it produced millions of supporters and a fan base which lead him to were he is today. He has his own network, web site and is a successful author as well. He can do and state what he wants and that’s a powerful and wonderful way to earn an income as a political pundit.

            But it’s ironic that 5 days ago he conducted the interview on Rand Paul running for president, who’s backing McConnell in the primary, and then to attack Mitch when the guy you want to be president is backing the so-called PROOGRESSIVE.

  16. Mitch McConnell becomes a real conservative during his re-election campaigns. Other than that, he is “Mr. Big Government”

    1. Here, here.

      To each his own, but I’m amazed by the number of people that gravitate to this guy. Seems to me figuring out what he is relatively simple.

  17. voter fraud…… the Nancy Pelosi’s harry Reid, Mitch McConnell’s. They are buying their seats and ramming their laws and agenda….. and America sits back limp and numb and pays more more more taxes. TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESNTATION

  18. After watching Captian America the other night I can see Mitch leaning into nobamas ear and whispering “Hail hydra”…..

  19. Thanks Glenn for your tireless pursuit of Truth and Righteousness. You woke me up when you were on Fox. Amen, Bro!!

    1. I agree. Glen gets it.

      RINOs are far more dangerous than Democrats.

      Vote against them every chance you get. The Democrat is by far the lesser of two evils. I hate voting for Democrats but love voting against RINOs. Selecting the Democrat running against a RiNO is an easy decision as the RINO is poison and a traitor to the Party. The Democrat just evil but both vote the same when it counts. I detest what they did to Ted Cruz, Sharon Angle, Michelle Bauchman and every other Tea Party Republican. They vote Democratic all the time against the Tea Party. They do NOT deserve our vote ever. They deserve to be put out of office by us in the primary, but if not, then in the general.

      1. Avoiding voting for a Rhino means we vote for a REAL conservative Tea Party type, NOT a Democrat there fella. A Democrat is WORSE than a Rhino, get it.

        1. No a Democrat is NOT. Never. Both are Democrats but only one the RINO is a Traitor and an Imposter. The far greater evil. RINOs are Democrats. They are only running as a Republican because of the State they live in. If they lived in a Democrat State when they ran for office the first time they would have registered as a Democrat because that is what they really are.

          When the choice is an EVIL SOP RINO or a Democrat the RINO is by far the greater EVIL I vote against the RINO thus for the Democrat to evict that RINO from office to replace him next election with a Conservative.

          Obviously you are a RINO trying to get RINO’s in office by fooling me. Aint workin.

          1. Obama or a Pelosi is worse than a McConnel, You are a Democrat. I am a Patriotic citizen who isn’t fooled into voting for Hilarious or the Democrats latest commie. Have a nice day. I wouldn’t vote for a Rhino there pinko, get it, and much LESS a bloody Marxist Democrat. Why would you patronizingly vote for a Democrat, when there ARE Conservatives to vote for is the Question, right. I think you are just using the latest desperate Media Matters attempts to muddy the waters. Glenn Beck would think you’re crazy, I suspect you’re just devious.

            1. Neither of who are running against that POS. You just used the favorite trick of the left. LEFTIST. By the way Reid is worse than either of those turds yet RINOs did in fact vote for him in Nevada and they endorsed him. So you are a lying RINO.

              Us true Conservative Tea Party people must vote out RINOs unfortunately with the rigged primaries that really has to happen in the General.

      2. Avoiding voting for a Rhino means we vote for a REAL conservative Tea Party type, NOT a Democrat there fella. A Democrat is WORSE than a Rhino, get it.

  20. My question to turtle’s supporters is, then what? the old guard are a cob web that has no energy to make the kinds of radical changes needed to save the country, only conservatives have the energy, and the more we delay this by electing turtle lite the worse it will get for the country, it is not enough to stop Obama anymore, he will be out shortly anyway and then what, people have to vote thinking of the long term.

    1. I want to start by thanking McConnell for his years of service and past accomplishments. But now I almost cringe every time I see/hear him on TV with the quiet, no-spark recitation of mundane facts and positions. There is no inspiration or excitement there. Much like Trent Lott mumbling about procedure and policy some time ago. We need to have leaders that are more aggressive while displaying some sense of humor, more in touch with day-to-day problems and current language to deal with them. Our guys are SO easy for the libs to ridicule and ignore – and that catches on with crowds of lib voters, young people, etc. (Hence the Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, SNL et al popularity). Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy (with a little added humor perhaps) seem to have the fire and quickness to stand out and command respect. I know there are others like Tom Colburn who can be much better in representing conversatism. Conservatives don’t need or want to be rock stars but we have to compete against them in the public arena.

    2. McConnel will always be a Democrat who only registers as a Republican because of the State he lives in. He will pretend only to be conservative when he needs another six years lying with every word said for a few months. Any Democrat would be better than this poisonous TRAITOR.

  21. I am laughing my as* off at the people here who actually think Matt Bevin has a chance of winning. Unlike 99.9% of the people commenting here, I will actually be in a position to vote in this particular primary, and I can tell you now that Matt Bevin has so little support in KY, he will be lucky to hit 30% in the primary.
    If McConnell loses in the general to a Democrat, and the Republicans don’t win the Senate, a lot of the blame will lay at the feet of the people who cared more about defeating Republicans than Obama’s agenda.

    Sooner or later, people are no longer going to listen to the idiots who gave us Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell.

    1. 6 years of big government republicanism gave us Obama. Hush!! When you spend as much as the lefties, you lose the moral high ground. Throw the bums out.

      1. 9/11 , war, and Mc Creepy….. along with the restitution of electing Oprahs first black president gave us the first four years. Voter fraud with Sorro’s money gave us the next four

    2. You’ll never get it. We don’t care about Republicans, we care about the Constitution and limited government. Rino Republicans will kill this country as surely as Obama and the radical Left, only a little bit slower.

      If Matt Bein loses this primary, alot of the blame will lay at the feet of the people who cared more about electing Republicans than electing a Constitutional Conservates who is actually willing to fight Obama’s agenda, rather than just giving lip service to doing so.

    3. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were a Liberal troll, assigned to try and convince us that Mitch Mcconnell is a Conservative, in order to get Obama’s favorite Republican reelected.. Good luck with that.

      I gues your name -Obamaiscarter, is supposed to convince us you’re conservative and make us believe that your analysis is correct, in spite of what our brains tell us. Again, good luck with that. I know that works with liberals, who can be convinced of anything, as long as it’s packaged to them in a certain way

    4. Everyone knows now that Progressivism is THE disease. American citizens are tired of voting for the, “lesser of two evils”. Tea Party types, smaller government types, less regulation types, IE. FREEDOM loving Patriots will wash over the RHINOS like a Tsunami. Angle, O’Donnell, Palin are wonderful people and would have made great leaders, however, the Democratic Machine lied their asses off slandering them. It won’t work again. Even Obama’s rigged machines/multiple voters/illegal voters, can’t stop THE PEOPLE. Quit digging in your heels, and march!!!

        1. Yes it is. Anyone that knows history, knows it is coming. Like it or not, the storm is coming and it ain’t gonna be pretty on either side.

        2. If that is what it takes. America is well worth saving. Freedom is worth fighting for. I remember us all cheering for, “Braveheart” when he shouted, FREEDOM! I remember someone saying, ” give me Liberty or give me death! How can we just sit? Let’s all vote en masse first.

    5. O’Donnell’s win over long time career politician mike castle was a good step in the right direction. I live in DE…. Biden home state where he began his career as a politician. TERM LIMITS NEEDED!!!!and a wake up call for the go along to get along republicans. we are headed towards a civil war if this machine isn’t stopped.

      People in DE are waking up to this nonsense Nanny state that the Democrat Party has set in stone…. as they think

      Also, We need to get rid of the fraudulent voting system and every person voting should be registered with three form of ID…SS# …or you dont vote. Millions are getting away with voter fraud.

    6. Interesting that you don’t seem to mind the GOP establishment declaring that they will destroy conservative candidates across America, but you condemn conservatives for opposing the establishment. If we lose the Senate it will have far more to do with the RNC and GOP establishment refusing to support conservative candidates (like Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia) than conservatives trying to remove progressive Republicans who have been corrupted by spending 30 years in office. We would not need term limits if more people were willing to oppose incumbents who have been in office too long and have become a part of the problem instead of the solution!

  22. What a pathetic joke. McConnell currently has a 100% conservative rating from the ACA, but hey, he’s as bad as Obama. Sure thing, Glenn, you paranoid nutbar. This year the Republicans have the best opportunity they’ve had in a decade to take the Senate, yet the geniuses who brought us Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle and Richard Mourdock are more concerned with ranting about “establishment Republicans” than they are electing a majority that can completely block the Obama agenda.

    I would also like to add that I live in KY, and I will tell anyone who doesn’t already know that Matt Bevin has no virtually no following, at all.

      1. Proof? Bevin is trailing by about 40% in the primary polls. Is that enough proof for you? The only people who take him seriously are idiots like Beck who have spent about ten seconds in KY.

        1. You said, ” McConnell currently has a 100% conservative rating, but hey, he’s as bad as Obama.” I said where is your proof? Obviously you have none, loser.

            1. I was going to mention that. If I were in Ky, and Mitch won the primary, I’d be tempted to vote Dem just to dump his sorry butt out of Congress.

              (And I gave Mitch money the last time he was up for election. What a waste.)

        2. The real people I feel sorry for are Americans and the citizens of Kentucky. McConnell is an old man who continuously allows Obama to run rings around is old out of date thinking. ie the last budget where McConnell went against the Republicans in the House and then under cut them in the Senate on the debt ceiling. Americans will pay for that.

    1. “yet the geniuses who brought us Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle and Richard Mourdock”

      So, you support the geniuses who gave the R’s minorities in both houses and got smoked for President by an empty suit?

      Support the ‘geniuses’ who gave the R’s more state congresses and Governorships, as well as the House than seen in a generation. That wouldn’t be the same group that gave the R’s the minorities.

    2. FYI.

      The American Conservative Union’s Embarrassing Scorecard

      By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | February 22nd, 2013 at 04:30 AM | 34

      I had to look twice. Then I looked one more time.The American Conservative Union (“ACU”) has released its annual scorecard. It is supposed to be a scorecard for a measure of conservatism on Capitol Hill.So you will be as surprised as I was to find that Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican Leader with a history of undermining conservatives in the Senate, has a 100% score for 2012 — higher, in fact, that either Jim DeMint or Tom Coburn.I had to laugh.I have to hope someone on the ACU’s Board has some sense of shame. Chairman Al Cardenas, in his letter introducing the 2012 scorecard, writes, “our ratings have become the most important conservative measuring stick in American politics.”Not after this. I guess if ACU wants to ignore that Mitch McConnell

      1. voted to keep the Essential Air Service program that conservatives annually ridicule as a waste;

      2. voted to continue federal student loan subsidization at a ridiculously low rate;

      3. voted for a massive highway increase;

      4. voted several times in favor of parliamentary changes in the Senate that undermine conservatives' abilities to stop bad legislation;

      5. voted for the debt ceiling increase;

      6. voted to keep market distorting energy tax credits and subsidies;

      7. voted to let a $41 billion bailout of the post office go to the floor of the Senate; and

      8. voted for a host of temporary spending measures designed to kick the can down the road to no end.

      In addition his most recent score from Club for Growth was 53%. BTW, it’s ACU not ACA. That’s your guy’s healthcare plan.

  23. Give me a break. Beck needs to come out of the fever swamps. Comparing McConnell to Obama is insane.

    1. Really?
      They may be more or less far apart but still on the same trajectory.

      And, let’s face it. What good does it do for us, We The People, if the gopE takes back the Senate and we get McConnell as majority leader???

      1. Exactly!

        They are both driving us over the cliff. Obama wants to go at Mach III, while McConnell only wants to go at the “moderate” speed of Mach II

      2. Yeah, what good does it do? Blocking Obama’s nominees? That doesn’t matter at all, does it? Passing popular bills with the House that Obama will be forced to veto? Who cares about that? Let’s hope McConnell loses to Alison Lundergan Grimes and the Dems keep the Senate, right?
        As I note in another comment, it is the kind of bullsh*t that you are parroting that brought us Richard Mourdock, Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell.

        1. Just in case you have not notice. The candidates and the Tea party has evolved. These new slate of candidates are articulate, smart, have lived life, and understand the Constitution. Go away RINO lover.

          In fact here’s something for ya:

          To democrats who have stepped all the Constitution and to the Republicans (RINOs like you) who have tarnished our (The Republican) brand. You have sat here too long for any good that you have been doing. It is not fit that you should sit here any longer. You will now give way to better men. So go. Go and let us be done with you. Go in the name of God. Go….. Igor Birman FeePac Kentucky….2014.

    2. Your comments just shows your ignorance and also explains why we are where we are. If you cannot see this then do all of us a favor. Never ever vote again. Period.

    3. The GOP needs new leadership, all the way through congress. Politicians that will fight, and not just drink the wrong brand of Kool-Aid.

      1. JP, I noticed that the picture of Hitlery you posted on NB was deleted. I guess too many people experienced nausea. GOOD pic, tho’…

        Nobody’s got a sensahumah any more.

    4. Sitting around with your thumb in your…ear and doing nothing, letting the Obama machine steamroll over your party and saying, “Yes sir, may I have another?” IS the same thing!

  24. So PT Beck is at it again, uh?

    How does he balance these comments with his man love for Rand Paul since Curlylocks supports McConnell?

    1. ANYTHING and ANYONE who does anything to help to defeat McConnell is on the right side of the line. McConnel needs to be GONE.
      Forget about Curly. Forget about Beck’s prior , uhm, snafu’s.

      Let’s stand UNITED and get McConnel out!! First order of business!

  25. I watched FreePAC on their live feed earlier, however, missed some of the earlier speakers. I was very disappointed in Glenn’s presentation, but that’s probably because I had my hopes up. I sure hope Scoop will post Igor Birman’s talk as most of you probably don’t know who he is. He reminds me a lot of Ted Cruz in the part that his family came here from a totalitarian state, the Soviet Union, so he has a unique appreciation for Liberty and what freedom really means.

    I know many get their joy with jokes about Kalifornia but we fight every single freaking election. We need your help to fight. We’re working hard to bring back the Reagan state, but can’t do it alone. Please….. we really need help!

    Please consider supporting a great guy.

    1. MaxineCA, he is fantastic! The message always seems to come clear when there are people who have either experienced or who have relatives who have experienced communism. I guess that’s why I have a special place in my heart for Ted Cruz because I believe he understands Liberty and know that we must never stop fighting for Liberty. Igor Birman understands that too. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Isn’t it a crying shame that it takes LEGAL immigrants from communist countries to remind us of what we have for so many years taken for granted? We are losing it, but those that never had Liberty in their old countries so clearly see what is happening. Americans better wake up quickly. We have 3 more years of this crap.

          1. Another great guy! It’s too bad this thread turned into a Beck bash instead of focusing on the real great candidates that can help restore the country. Perhaps that will happen when Scoop posts some of the speeches. I remember years back when Beck was asking “where are our George Washington” s. They are here, and that is what’s important IMHO.

            1. I would never bash Beck! I so respect him. But he has been hood winked by Rand Paul and perhaps that because of people like SE Cupp. I have learn so much from Beck and he is the best.

        1. Have you read Pursuing Liberty? It is a collection of stories from people who came to America from Socialist/Communist countries. In every story, they voice their concern about America following the road they just ran to us from. They sound extremely concerned that they jumped out of the frying pan to a place of safety only to find it is being consumed by the fire.

          1. Thanks for the recommendation. I will have to check it out.

            I also have a close friend who is a legal immigrant that fled the tyranny of his home country. I’m sure he would love to read it as well.

          2. Thank you! Sounds like something that should be incorporated into our educational system. When I was young we read about the true history of our great country, why people sacrificed to come here. I think it’s about time we update OUR history into modern times. What great lessons for our current and next generations.

        2. I’m a legal immigrant. Where I live, in liberal S. Fl.
          I find that my immigrant friends are a LOT more alarmed than my US citizen friends -“The US will Always be the US, they just better get used to it” – (meaning the left)

          Americans are like the Jews in the 30’s. Denial is THE problem…

        3. my parents are the children of those that left and yet they and the rest that wouldn’t take a hand out are now rank and file democrats because republicans were the enemy back in the 50’s and 60’s

      2. and thank you for sharing his speech. He is a bright light in the darkness!
        And topped off with Matt Bevin! You the man!

      1. Wow. That quote of Oliver Cromwell he gave ate the end is outstanding. I’d never heard that before, but it applies to our own times perfectly.

        P.S. – I know Oliver Cromwell is a controversial figure and I don’t know enough about him to either like him or dislike him, but that quote was brilliant.

    2. If he has managed Tom McClintock’s office, he apprenticed with a good man. I recall Tom warning us back in ’09 that Congress was trying to implement the same system of operation that the Calif congress has adopted. We are seeing that now for ourselves.
      Thanks for sharing this candidate information with us Maxine. I would support him though I can’t vote for him.

      1. Yeah, I’m not in his district, but I try to support (within my limited means) anyone who is a patriot, especially here in CA. I’ve always loved Tom McClintock and always supported him. They are attacking him as well. We’ve had a huge battle against the conservatives here, a battle like most can’t imagine. It surpasses normal dirty politics. But we still charge on and won’t give up.

    3. The best thing Californians can do is donate to Conservatives in other States. Conservatives have no chance of winning in California and if you find one that does, they are not a Conservative, Arnold.

      Every dollar spent by a Conservative in California is wasted. You may as well light that money on fire.

      1. Excuse me???? Do you live in CA? What made you think that conservatives supported Arnold? We’ll spend our money on candidates like Igor or Tom McClintock or whoever we wish in our state regardless of the district as well as other states. If we (with the country’s help) can take back CA that would be a huge win for the country.

        You spend your money however you wish, but please take your defeatist attitude elsewhere and don’t tell us how to spend our money and to stop fighting. We are fighting for our state and in turn fighting for our country.

        1. I think its the states like CA that have the hardest work but biggest impact. I live in Biden home state where he has most of the black votes all the rank and file geriatric liberal votes like my parents….. eventually this generation will be gone and they won’t have the rank and files. But you have the cat ladies, the tree huggers….( I actually love trees) All the gays. Yes its divide and conquer that we are standing tall against.

  26. I see what Glenn is doing and I totally agree with they way he is perusing it and he putting our ideas into action. If not Glenn who?

  27. He’s always great in his “three steps boldly forward” mode.

    Let’s hope he leaves out the “running two steps back” part for a change.

    1. Hi…I have been listening to Glenn for many years now and I do not understand the running two steps back part of the comment…respectfully, could you explain that? I probably am just not connecting…thanks

      1. We’ve discussed Glen’s quirky nature here for years. He has a habit of ramping up the rhetoric against the left, and then spending weeks in some misguided attempt playing Dalai Lama or Gandhi (Pat and Stu even call him on it), and selling the “can’t we all just focus on love and respect” thing.

        Both of those aspects of life are important. But you can’t be inconsistent in your message if you want it to make a difference. For example, you don’t run for office and simultaneously be the head pastor of a church. It just leads to people wondering what the heck happened.

        In the leadup to Beck’s big rally in DC in 2010, he made “Restoration” the theme for months. He wanted to get folks motivated to take back our country. He wanted to show the Dems how big this movement really is. And he made it clear for the year prior to that rally that “Restoration” was about removing progressivism from our politics and getting back to what the framers intended.

        So the rally occurred, and the word went out to the speakers not to make it about “politics.” Instead it became a big massive, “Rally to Nowhere” all about peace, love, and understanding or something. No one really knows. People were dying to see Palin light the audience up, and Beck stifled her.

        My personal opinion is that the lawyers got to him, and pointed out that he could be held responsible for firing up the crowds if things “got out of hand.”

        Of course, then he distanced himself from Palin shortly afterward, and eventually dissed her. It was a huge, wasted opportunity. He’s done similar things many times since then.

        I like Beck, I just had to quit watching him because I couldn’t take the constant change of direction and strange things he says when he hasn’t researched a topic. I’ll still pay for his channel, but the shows featuring him we just don’t bother with anymore.

        1. Exactly!

          As I said in a comment above, in a word Beck is manic.

          However, when he is in attack the left mode, no one but Levin is more effective.

        2. I forgot to add that I also believe the “fizzle” of having Palin headline an event and not really fire up the troops was the first domino to fall in causing her to decide not to run.

          So the Rally to Nowhere was a major boost to making sure we had yet another “mush” candidate.

          That’s what I mean by it being a “huge, wasted opportunity.”

          1. K-Bob, I totally agree. I notice that there is an obvious rift between Palin and Beck and I know it’s not her. Beck is confusing. When he says things against fundamental principles that really go against Conservative values it really makes one wonder if he is just faking any belief. But, overall I think his heart is in the right place, for the most part. But, the Rand Paul support is making me question my support for Beck.

            1. I haven’t heard anything out of Beck in a while. Is he still banging the pots and pans for Rand, or does he simply mention him once in a while, along with “other” conservatives?

              Because I notice Levin tends to keep mentioning Rand Paul whenever he lists people doing good things on our side. (I always take it the way I took it when he mentioned Rubio. I.E., he’s hoping he can salvage Paul as a decent Conservative voice.)

              1. Well he’s still aggressively supporting Rand Paul with a few nuggets of support for Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee for appearance sake.

                1. Yeah, I caught one episode of Pat&Stu last week and after listening for five minutes I shut it off because it was ALL Rand this, and Rand that.

          2. K-Bob, is it possible that Beck is trying to do the same with Sen. Cruz as he done with Gov. Palin given his staunch support for Rand Paul? I hope not because I don’t think many will go along with him if that’s the case. I know I wouldn’t.

            1. Man, that’s a total head-scratcher.

              You never know what’s in the minds of some of these radio talkers. Beck totally stunk up the 2012 Elections. He appeared to be for Palin, then all of a sudden was saying great things about Jon “BFF of barack” Huntsman. He was all over the map, and probably confused the heck out of people. He finally settled on Romney like the rest of us, but by then he missed a golden opportunity to help get a Conservative out in front. It may well be due to his desire to appear to be “libertarian.” It could have been because he wanted investors for his Blaze network. He’s so full of quirks you’d swear he was running IE6. (web programming joke)

              Same thing with Laura Ingraham. She went from Conservative to arch-RINO almost overnight, suddenly dissing Palin and talking up Romney.

              I can only say that I hope Mark Levin delivers on his “promise” (plan, whatever) to get behind someone in the early going. I think it’s his intention to try and get others in talk radio to go along with him. But all it takes is one or two to freak out about losing audience share or somehow putting their credibility on the line to make that concept dissolve.

              They all know if they form some sort of “coalition” to get John Q. Conservative elected, and it fails, it will result in very noticeable revenue losses for their respective clients (Clearchannel, Salem, ABC, etc.). So expect it to be a VERY tough sell for Levin to get them to go along, regardless of how important 2016 is to the very concept of Liberty.

    2. There is definitely a strong track record in regards to your “two steps back” statement.

      Did you happen to catch Bevin on Levin Friday night? Good interview / chat. If not and you are interested, it was closer to the end of the show.

      McConnell yard signs are nearly non-existent here in Northern Kentucky.

    3. K-Bob – I don’t want to be OT, but I was watching FreePAC live this a.m. and saw this guy (sorry don’t remember his name) that is either a judge or running for a judge or whatever. He talked about the proposed “Constitutional Convention” and how horrible it would be. (First clue that he didn’t have a clue.) He said – No matter what anyone tells you, if that happens we would lose our freedom of speech, religion, second amendment …… yada, yada, yada. I was shocked that he was even speaking at this event.

      Let’s just say my first thought was – I can’t wait until K-Bob and Mark get a hold of this garbage. Thought you might me interested.

      1. First of all it ignorance showed because he called it a, “Constitutional Convention.” And it is called a Convention of the States which is a process to restore the Constitution. I, like you, heard that man and while I was sympathetic to his plight he is completely ignorant about the 5th Amendment to the Constitution that is right there in the Constitution. What’s scary is that he is running for some type of judge position. Furthermore, he reminded me of the old Tea Party candidates like Christine O’Donnell who hearts were in the right place but could not effectively communicate the principles of the Republican Party or the Republic.

        1. Yeah, that was the first clue. But his total dismissal of the process boggled my mind, and the scare tactics really sent him over the top for me. I really couldn’t figure out how in the world he was speaking such garbage at FreePAC. I have to question if they support his view.

        1. No, it was a speech. (his delivery was horrible). I’m sure it must be on their website. I’ll see what I can find for you.

        2. I think this was the guy but I couldn’t find a clip of his speech.

          Richard A. Brueggemann

          Constitutionalist Attorney

          1. It’s really strange that an attorney would get confused over a legal term. It’s doubly confusing that a “Constitutionalist Attorney” would do so over a term in the Constitution.

  28. Well, well now, Glenn Beck – what do you say about your guy Rand Paul’s support of Mitch McConnell now?

    1. This is so interesting. I love Glenn Beck but I am so disappointed in his aggressive and vociferous support for Rand Paul that I really don’t know why Beck is putting his reputation on the line. Rand Paul is a joke which is even more evident by his support for Mitch McConnell. By voicing his support for McConnell Rand aided McConnell in squashing any candidate who would even think about running against McConnell. I can see if Rand supported him once the primaries were over. But to come out and support McConnell after a fantastic candidate like Matt Bevin shows Rand’s inability to make good decisions which some of us already knew and this was just one of many bad decisions coming from Rand Paul. Glenn says that Rand learn from his father to support the establishment. Well doesn’t that go against being an independent Libertarian as he claims to be? Libertarians say they don’t just go along to get along but that’s what Rand is doing. Rand is an imposter who is trying to satisfy young people and appear hip and cool to the pot smokers.

      1. I believe Beck considers himself a libertarian (or pseudo-libertarian) now, doesn’t he? Although I don’t think he agrees with the drug legalization.

        1. He may not agree with it but he is willing to support a candidate who will make it a priority in his candidacy. So I’m not sure if he agrees with legalization or not.

  29. Thank you Glenn! Well said.
    The GOPe has to go first… then we can finally get down to business. If you play sports and your knee develops a very serious infection, you can’t keep playing that sport until the infection is cleaned out and healed… otherwise you’ll suffer far worse injuries if it’s left untreated. And you don’t add salmonella or other bacteria to your infection. McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, Chambliss, Collins, Graham, McLame, Isakson, Kirk, Murkowski… so many of them ARE the Infection and they have to be removed before the Republican party can heal and become whole… and get back in the game. And then it’s the damned Demoncraps turn to be cleansed.

  30. Nice to see that Glenn Beck has finally reached assclown status. Ann Coulter has company.

  31. Yes! Many of the GOP don’t want to change the status quo….keep their jobs and al their money, but keep The People down!

  32. I am a regular viewer of Beck and I mean no disrespect, but when giving a speech at a RALLY to get people ready to go out there, Please give a speech that is motivating. He is really good at it. I love the history stuff, but there is a time and place to show artifacts. Did he hire Rove?

    1. Beck is against Progressives in both parties. We only got a clip of his speech but the audience seemed motivated. Beck supports Matt Blevins – maybe we didn’t hear that part. McConnell and Boehner have to go.

    1. Agreed. I often wonder if he is a Conservative only for money and his Conservative Commentator occupation. He seems to prefer to hire RINO’s for his network. The Blaze News was so liberal biased I almost could never watch it. I refuse to read The Blaze Blog because again it is RINO leaning and misleading headlines (a sign of leftist).

      But on this he is spot on.

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