[VIDEO] – Jen Psaki mocks Fox News for discussing the consequences of being ‘soft on crime’, says it’s SCARY that people watch it

In an interview Jen Psaki mocked Fox News for discussing the consequences of being “soft on crime”:

Psaki said, at that moment, CNN and MSNBC were talking about the 8,500 US troops being on ready-status from the Pentagon. CNBC, she said, was just talking about the market.

But then she said Fox News had Jeanine Pirro discussing the consequences of being soft on crime, to which she laughingly said “what does that even mean?” She went on to mock Fox News as living in an “alternate universe”, claiming it’s “scary” that a lot of people watch it.

This is really unbelievable on multiple levels. First, CNN and MSNBC discuss different things all day long, as does Fox News. Just because they weren’t talking at that given moment about the potential Russian invasion of Ukraine, which Biden is in part responsible for, doesn’t mean anything.

But even more than that, the fact that she doesn’t understand the consequences of being soft on crime, especially at a time when we are seeing cities and states deal with an epidemic of violent crime, shoplifting, etc, makes absolutely zero sense. It’s like she doesn’t know it’s going on or something, which speaks volumes about the Biden administration. Much of this crime epidemic stems from cities and states taking a softer approach to crime with bail reforms and irresponsible prioritisations, as well as the reduction in the police force that we’ve seen after all the attacks on police officers since 2020. It’s a huge issue and for Psaki to mock Fox News just shows how tone deaf she and Biden truly are to the realities that plague this country.

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