Kristol: Palin shouldnt be our nominee for President

After talking about how he met Sarah Palin and giving her props for holding her own in the 2008 debate with Joe Biden, Bill Kristol said this:

After the election I don’t think she did what I would have hoped she would have done in terms of educating herself, continuing to educate herself on national issues. When she quit as Governor of Alaska that was a questionable move I think from her point of view. But I thought at least then she would come to the mainland and really participate in the national debates. Instead she turned out she actually loves Alaska which is to her credit but, then, I don’t know why she quit as Governor. And so she’s up in Alaska giving some speeches.

I still think she has – so I think she’s unlikely to be the Republican nominee and to be honest I think she probably shouldn’t be the Republican nominee for President.

But I still have affection for her and respect for her and I think she’s very shrewd. I really don’t disagree with her on many issues. I think she has a very shrewd judgment about politics and policy, very good instincts.

But she hasn’t done what Reagan who also had great instincts in my view did which is really educate himself over a bunch of years about issues.

So I think she’s unlikely to be the nominee. She’s probably unlikely to run for President – I have no inside knowledge on this that’s just my guess.


You know Palin has given a ton of speeches over the last two years, some of them to rally the troops for specific candidates and some on policy. It’s interesting that Kristol makes these comments just after her policy speech in India which I thought was very good. She’s a very capable woman and as I’ve said before and will say again, I have no problem voting for Sarah Palin to be my president.

I just hope she runs because outside of Herman Cain, I’m not liking the rest of the potential current field. If Newt didn’t make me scratch my head so many times over things like his ethanol support and his support for Democrats in NY special elections when there is a real conservative running, he might be a good candidate.

Run Sarah Run!

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