Video: Larry King Live – Obama’s full comments on Israel

This interview was weird for me for a couple of reasons. First, Obama says the loss of life in the Flotilla incident was unnecessary, yet he then says they need to wait until they have all the facts to make a full decision on who was right/wrong. Sound familiar? Let me save everyone trouble and just go ahead and say tell you what the President is thinking: Israel acted stupidly.

Secondly Obama seems very detached from the real problem between Israel and Gaza. He talks about Israel’s security concerns without even mentioning Hamas. He makes it sound like missiles are just raining down on Israel for no apparent reason. It’s like Hamas doesn’t exist even though they are the security problem plus they are the government in Gaza! How does one leave that out? He goes on to talk about the need for a legitimate two-state solution, but it’s clear he isn’t willing to admit what the real problem is, because if he did he couldn’t make those statements without calling for a new government in Gaza that accepts Israel’s existence.

Our president is a joke.


UPDATE: In the post above I didn’t mean to infer that I thought Israel acted stupidly, but rather to imply that is what Obama is really thinking. I have corrected the post to reflect that.

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