VIDEO: McMaster won’t confirm that the Western Wall is part of Israel

McMaster today, in the White House press briefing, was asked directly if the Western Wall is considered part of Israel. But he refused to take a position on it:

JPOST – The Trump administration appears to have decided against taking a position on the status of East Jerusalem and control over its holiest sites.

Asked twice to comment on whether the Western Wall– holy in Judaism as the last standing structure from the Second Temple– is within sovereign Israeli territory, US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser demurred on Tuesday, dismissing the matter as a “policy decision.”

Earlier in the briefing, McMaster was asked if Trump’s visit to the Western Wall would be accompanied by Netanyahu. McMaster said no:

The Western Wall is all the Jews have left of their temple that was destroyed in 70 AD. It’s the holiest site at which they pray and Trump will be the first American president to visit the Western Wall. And yet he’s going there to make a statement that the three major religions in the Middle East should be unified and is not allowing Netanyahu to accompany him there?

Maybe Trump doesn’t understand this, but Christians and Jews are already unified. It’s the Muslims, it’s Islam who want to kill both Christians and Jews, not the other way around.

How big is Trump’s ego that he believes he can not only bring peace between Israel and Palestine, but unity to the greater Middle East? Ugh.

Levin is exactly right, Trump has turned into Obama when it Israel and this delusion of peace with Muslim nations. And we probably have Kushner and McMaster, in part, to thank for this. Also the fact that Trump has no principles.

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