Video of apparent explosion over Billings, Montana goes viral, MSM mostly ignores, Congressman, Governor want answers

The mainstream media have mostly ignored the story of a viral video that appears to show an explosion in the sky over Billings, Montana. Montana, of course, being where the Chinese spy satellite Biden is fine with was located yesterday.

The video isn’t “verified” in the official sense of such things, and so far, there don’t appear to be any corresponding videos from other people in the area – although it’s hard to search when the story isn’t really being pursued. But you would think the timing would merit some attention considering the city of Billings officially weighed in, the local sheriff believes it’s a real video but isn’t sure what it shows, and a United States Congressman has weighed in.

But no, it’s MOSTLY being ignored. NBC and some other outlets have the city’s official statement that they don’t have any reports of an explosion, but there are few news articles about the clip itself, or the woman who filmed and shared it.

She did, however, speak to local media, and that video is below, as well as a clip from Jesse Watters. But first, here’s the viral tweet with the aforementioned vid.

The City’s response:

Rep. Rosendale:

Local news report from KTVQ in Billings:

Here’s Watters from last night:

The British press has covered it a bit more, with the Express and Daily Mail reporting the clip.

The Governor of Montana has been furious about the balloon passing over and Biden’s inaction.

And he said on Tucker Carlson’s show last night they are “monitoring.”

But neither the city of Billings, nor Gov. Gianforte, nor the local sheriff, nor the local media, nor Rep. Rosendale have updated since last night on the explosion, even though the governor was on Fox and Friends this morning. He was not asked about it and did not bring it up.

Personally I do not think it was the balloon, which is observable still over the United States. But the fact that there was a sky explosion video going viral while spy satellites are being ID’d over our airspace, and it got little mention, is pretty notable to me. Failing to cover it seems like trying to cover it up. But the MSM is so hot to prove how noble and not disinformation and pro-Biden they are they simply chose to ignore it.

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