Video of young Americans talking about their problems should kill off any hope you have left

You know, I used to think I was pretty pessimistic about our future as Americans. But every day I find a new reason to look back and marvel at how naive I was, and realize how screwed we are.

Case in point: this video about American yutes discussing their problems.

Here’s the background – President Trump said during a speech that now is the best time to be a young person in America, because of his presidency.

OK, kind of a spurious claim, but let’s run with it. So, the BBC goes out and talks to American yutes and asks them if they feel fortunate.

Seriously, grab a beer, dump some fentanyl in it, and prepare yourself.

It’s bad…. really bad:

Wow. Like… wow.

It’s unbelievable the level of ignorance you have to operate under to believe that the problems of young people are worse than ever before. And the examples they cite, are the expense of child care, and gun violence, and

I cannot emphasize enough how screwed we are.


Do you know why child care is so expensive? Because we have broken homes with single parent families where one parent is trying to raise a kid while also paying for full time care of that child. You know why people didn’t have to worry about that in the past? Because they didn’t have children out of wedlock, and they didn’t get divorced.

So yes, you’re facing a setback prior generations didn’t, BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T ACTING AS STUPID AS YOU ARE.

I want to shoot myself in the brain when I hear stuff like this. Now look, I’m not judging people who happened to be in a bad situation through no fault of their own. Clearly, it would be wrong to put the blame on them.

BUT when you have high rates of children being born out of marriages, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether it’s tough to be in this generation or a past generation. It has to do with stupid people making dumbass decisions.

“Uniquely to us, childcare is sooo expensive” says Priscilla, 26, in the video. I am embarrassed that this generation is so stupid.



“It’s not something that older generations necessarily had to grow up with, in the back of their mind.”

It’s painful. PAINFUL to see such stupid people say such stupid things.


I am so sick and tired of this BS about student debt. Yes, it’s difficult, yes, it’s onerous, but again, YOU AGREED TO THIS. This has NOTHING to do with older generations except for the fact that they weren’t STUPID enough to take out a loan for something that they could not pay back!!

The vast majority of outstanding student debt is from people who didn’t complete college. The headlines scream about the PhD idiots who have hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, but thats the fringe. Most of those people can pay it back because a PhD is pretty lucrative education.

Most of those who don’t pay it back are those who didn’t belong in college, went for two or three years and flunked out, and owe about $10k, but will never pay it back. Again, those are bad stupid decisions on your part, NOT anything that the world has imposed on you.


Oh, and the worst, the absolute worse is when they talk about the best thing about being an American yute. They literally cite Twitter and Facebook as advantages!!! LOL!! WOW. What a sick stupid joke.

“Political motivation is made easy…. like the #MeToo movement!” Hannah the genius.

So screwed. S-C-R-E-W-E-D.

It’s one thing to be stupid. You can overcome that. It’s a whole other deal to be SO stupid that you count your weaknesses and ignorance as strength, and call your strengths weaknesses.

BRB, this beer needs more fentanyl.

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