[VIDEO] – People notice something funny about Biden’s latest video attack on Trump and Putin

The worst president in our lifetime wants Congress to pass a bill funding Ukraine to get back at Putin for killing Alexei Navalny. He tweeted out this video to that end, but it was really more about attacking Trump than it was about Putin.

He blamed Trump for all ills related to Putin or something:

It’s really a disgusting attack on Trump. He never suggested that Putin be able to do whatever he want. In comments Trump made earlier this year, he was simply relating a story about a NATO country’s leader who challenged him over his policy to force NATO members to pay their dues, back when he was president. The leader suggested that Trump would defend them anyway regardless of whether they paid their dues. Trump simply responded that he would not and took it one step further and said he’d “encourage them to do whatever the hell they want.” He was trying to send a message and now that’s being perverted by the likes of Joe Biden.

But I digress. People who watched the video noticed something funny, or interesting, about it:

That’s how bad Biden is these days. It took almost 30 takes for Biden to get it right and who knows how much they took out just to get it ready.

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