[VIDEO] Pete Buttigieg: If you eat hamburgers and use straws you are part of the PROBLEM

Pete Buttigieg actually said, while at CNN this morning, that people who eat hamburgers and use straws are part of the problem when it comes to Climate Change.


I would imagine Burger King, McDonalds, and a million other restaurants where they serve hamburgers and straws might have something to say about this. But even more than that, the American people should have something to say about it and they should reject this nonsense with prejudice!

Democrats are building their hopes for ‘change’ on the backs of demonizing Americans. Whether it be saying that poor people of color in other countries should have more abortions for the benefit of western society or that people who eat hamburgers and drink with straws are to be blamed for a phony climate crisis – it’s all absurd and offensive.

Oh and by the way…

Here’s a mashup of last night’s Climate Town hall on CNN from Tom Elliott:

Look at all the stuff they want to BAN. It’s an incredible list that Elliot lays out: Straws, hamburgers, gas-powered cars, incandescent bulbs, nuclear energy, fracking, natural gas exports, off-shore drilling, factory farming, and carbon.

And don’t forget coal. They hate coal and all fossil fuels.

If you vote for Democrats, then you might as well say goodbye to America as a superpower and say hello to America as a third world country who can’t stop people from dying of hypothermia in the winter and heat stroke in the summer because we don’t have enough of this expensive new clean energy to keep people safe.

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233 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Pete Buttigieg: If you eat hamburgers and use straws you are part of the PROBLEM

  1. Why should I take advice from a guy that likes to play in the feces of another? If he cannot figure out that then I have to question why I should give up hamburgers.

  2. I like being part of the problem… it’s a good problem. It’s called life. I like being alive.

    I can’t believe the lunacy coming out of the Democrat Party, it has to be pushing normal people away right? Right? People could not possibly think that this is something positive to vote for right? It terrifies me that any of them could win.

  3. I may have drank a coke this morning using a straw however I never ride around on a private jet. Obviously he wants one set of rules for us and another set for him. I can’t stand these hypocrites.

    1. I’m using a plastic straw right now. Same one I used yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that. And…

      1. Going to convert my Bass-O-Matic to liquefy a double Whopper…..I’ll make some burger shakes for my next Notre Dame tailgate….free plastic straw included. Free one for you, Mayor Pete!

  4. We are the only nation that has reduced carbon emissions while expanding our economy and becoming energy self sufficient. But yet the Dems blame Americans and want to ruin our nation in the name of climate change.

  5. oh it’s coming. Democrats are going SO far to the left, they will ban meat and introduce forced abortion and population control (no child policy). Now these ideas would be laughed at even 4 years ago. Now apparently it’s all cool

  6. It’s official…….the Democrats ARE insane! They have moved sooooooooooo far Left they’re isn’t a snowball’s chance in Hades they’ll be able to come back to the center. I’m waiting to see how many wear the Dem’s new emblem of the Hammer and Sickle at the next debate. Won’t be watching but I’m sure there will be pictures.

    1. I’m paying close attention so I can help the Republican candidate beat Democrat Ben Ray Lujan in the NM Senate race. Too many voters here think hes a bluedog when he’s really just a buttigieg clone rep hiding under Pelosi’s skirt.

        1. At 65, almost 66 years of age, I could have happily gone into my next doddering years not knowing.

  7. The Dems have all gone crazy!

    “Let’s kill the beef industry, the car industry, the power industry, the restaurant industry, and your unborn children! Vote Democrats for 2020!”

    1. Brilliant!!! You will get rich with bumper stickers. And if you add a large bag with popcorn you are going to become super rich!

    2. Not smart enough to understand that if you bankrupt the country all those “freebies” the left promises won’t be possible.

  8. Beta and Yang want to start moving millions of people to higher ground. Meanwhile Obama buys a $15 million dollar mansion on the beach.

  9. This is why the DNC didn’t want a climate change debate. Their lunatic candidates are now making great ads for the GOP

    1. Good point. However, the Communist News Network had to oblige so they can show the true colors of their “comrades”.

        1. Can you remember when Ocasio got mixed up and said that the midterm election would be a “red wave”……she was sure thinking about communism….

  10. The photo of Petey with the straw says it all. Good for me but not for thee. The best thing about last night is the Democrats sealed their loss to Trump.

    1. You would think so wouldn’t you? But they are so stupid in their worship of “climate change” and so gullible that they don’t understand the ramifications of what the Dems propose.

    2. Yep. Same with old commie bernie and his commie wife. They own three homes and she bankrupted a college. Where is that money?????

  11. Every Democrat running for office in every state needs to be called out on this garbage. This is their party and all I hear is silence. I see a GOP landslide coming.

    1. Every Democrat running for office in every state needs to be called out on this garbage. This is their party and all I hear is silence. I see a GOP landslide coming.

      Only if they’re smart enough to capitalize on this. That drops the odds considerably.

  12. Direct emissions from cattle represent only 2 percent of total U.S. greenhouse emissions. But even then it’s not really a problem. The amount of methane that makes up our atmosphere is infinitesimally small, only 0.00017 percent. There’s actually three times more helium in the atmosphere than methane. Moreover, methane dissipates over time, and atmospheric water already absorbs the heat that methane could, and the same heat cannot be absorbed twice.

    As for straws, all this started because of a 9 year old’s campaign to “Be Straw Free. He estimated that Americans use 500 straws daily, but this is a made up number. He called straw manufacturers asking for their “estimates” and just divided it by 365. And just like magic that number has stuck and become an actual statistic. The amount of waste from straws is infinitesimally small, and even if you got rid of every straw in the United States it still would not stem plastic straws from other countries or plastic consumption in general.

  13. Quick! – let’s reimagine our entire society and change the way everyone does everything. Kind of reminds me of the great communist societal re-engineering plans of the past. I am sure it will work just as well.

  14. GenXer turns down A.C. to 67, leaves house, drives 2 blocks to Sams in his Expedition with A.C. blasting and buys lots and lots of red meat and charcoal for his BBQ this weekend. Oh and firewood for the fire pit. It’s hot, but what the hell.

      1. I’ve never cooked a whole hog before. Love to learn how. I found an old well or could be an entrance to an old root cellar in the house we bought a couple months ago. I’ve dug down about 3 feet and it’s all red brick and gets wider as I go down. It’s pretty cool, but I like old stuff like that. I’m using it for a fire pit right now.

  15. No fuel > no power for farm machinery and no factory farming = no food.

    No food.

    Not just hamburgers, because without factory farming, US food production of all kinds will drop dramatically.

    This is an incredibly regressive agenda.

    This is an attempt to return the US to the 1890s, before aviation, before the internal combustion engine, before cars, before electric lights were common…back when even big cities had horse manure piled in the streets, when people had to work 60 hours just to survive, where generations of extended families lived in abject poverty on subsistence farming.

    Women, get ready to do all the washing by hand (no washing machines, no power for machines), drying on the back porch, beating rugs (forget vacuum cleaners), and sewing your own clothes (because store-bought clothes will be cost prohibitive).

    I’m not just being a chauvinist, somebody has to do that work while somebody else (the man?) is working 10 hour days at a manual job (no power), and then another 6 hours tending the farm they’ll need to eat. Also, you’ll need lots more kids to help with all the work, or you’ll need to live with all your relatives in a multi-family home.

    Using these antiquated methods — just in agriculture — means there is no way the US can sustain a population of 350 million — maybe 75 million max, but probably much less. A lot of somebodies have to go.

    There are models for their plans – Vietnamese agricultural reform of ~1957 (killed tens or hundreds of thousands), the Soviet agriculture reform (estimates range from 10-20 million starved to death), and the Chinese agriculture reform (more millions killed). I think the best example is the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and Pol Pot who literally tried to force Cambodia back into the stone age, murdering maybe 25% of Cambodia’s total population in the process.

    These radical Democrats have no idea what they’re advocating, or worse, they do.

    1. They tend to vilify meat in general and want everyone to be vegetarians or vegans. But even if they continued to use factory farming there is still not enough farmland to feed everyone. Not all soil or climate is conducive for growing crops. Only 37.7 percent of the world’s total land area is considered agricultural land. Some climates are too cold, while other climates are too hot. Other factors include
      soil composition, rockiness, and altitude. Then there is urban development, which limits the amount of available farm land. All this is to say that meat helps to offset global food consumption.

      1. Modern farming in the US is a minor miracle. Land under cultivation since World War II has dropped dramatically while production has similarly increased. IIRC, there was something like 5-7 million farms in the US immediately post-war. By the early 1960’s, that number dropped to just over 3 million. Again, going only by memory now, somewhere around 2005 the number dropped to under 2 million. Some of it is loss of acreage, but there is also a lot of consolidation.

        The consolidated (“factory farms”) use highly automated, modern (fossil fuel powered) machinery that lowers the cost production. They also use petro-chemicals galore to protect the crops and encourage growth. That’s why we can grow more on less land. Put a gun to all the farmer’s heads and tell them they must drop all fossil-fuel will be an unmitigated disaster. We’ll go from a land of plenty to mass starvation in a matter of months.

        This is as insane as the soviets forcing people who knew nothing about farming to raise crops in areas (as you described) unsuitable for cultivation. They were given quotas to produce in places that were incapable of producing anything. Some starved, others were killed for failing to meet quotas.

        1. You’re not kidding about the factory farms. I worked the harvest last fall on what could be considered a family mega-farm. Nearly every aspect of it is mechanized and computerized.

  16. Don’t the racist Dems kill enough black babies here with abortions? Must they also kill them in other countries? Sounds like eugenics to me. Just like their Goddess Margaret Sanger wanted.

      1. And blacks will vote for them to help them accomplish that. Which may explain why with all the help from the left, and all those “convenient” abortion mills right next to or in the black communities, the black population seems stuck at 13%.

        1. Exactly like that. The black population are sacrificing their unborn children to the liberal cause and supporting it further with their votes. They are killing their future and blaming it on others.

  17. We’ve joked and yammered and babbled about tube steak, and felching, and butt plug…but underneath it all we see just how sick this whole LGBXYZ crap is…and to think they are and having parades… and teaching it in schools …brings me full circle to……..gack…double GACK and TRIPLE GACK

    1. This is the second time I saw feltching, so I thought that maybe it was a real word and looked it up. Turns out that it’s another one of those things that I could have happily gone to my grave not knowing.

  18. Pete Buttigieg can’t even do a decent job as Mayor of a city with a population of less than a million people. South Bend has not prospered with him at the helm. With a record like that we should put the whole country in his incompetent hands?

  19. F this guy !! These people think they can actually tell me what to eat? Hey Pete — kiss my entire butt.

  20. The lunatic left actually believe in this nonsense. God forbid if they ever take over.
    As for Mayor Buttboy, he ain’t going win.

  21. So if cows and and straws are causing climate problems, besides meat you must also ban milk and cheese.

  22. Come get me Petey! Just went to Whatabutger, had the bacon and cheese with an extra large drink, drive thru while the A/C is blasting!

  23. Of course, there will continue to be skeptics as long as there continues to be deceivers . . .

    Gov. Jerry Brown: Scientists tell us the apocalyptic drought in California is the new normal and completely caused by man-made climate change. We’ve become the latest North American desert and will probably never see our dried-up water reservoirs replenished again.

    Gov. Jerry Brown declared an end to California’s historic drought Friday, lifting emergency orders that had forced most residents to change their way of life. Across the state, dams are under siege and reservoirs are overflowing. The snowpack in the Sierra Nevada — a source of water once winter ends and the dry months settle in — was nearly twice its normal level last week.

    Newsweek in 1975: “Tornado outbreak blamed on global cooling”

    Time in 1977: “How to Survive the Coming Ice Age”

    Al Gore in 2009: “Snowfall is a thing of the past”

    November 2, 1922 – The Washington Post: “Within a few year’s most coastal cities uninhabitable”

    In May 2014, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius declared during a joint appearance with Secretary of State John Kerry that “we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.”

    “Scientists See Ice Age in the Future,” Washington Post, January 11, 1970

    “Scientist predicts a new ice age by 21st century,” Boston Globe, April 16, 1970

    In 2008, ABC News ‘reported’ that by today ‘global warming’ meant NYC would be flooded, milk $12.99 a gallon, gasoline $9

  24. Can someone name one positive that comes from electing a Democrat to office? Before you answer, don’t tell me about free stuff, because we all know that is a ruse to get votes. They have demonstrated over and over they can never deliver what they propose, and even if they could, it’s unsustainable and is ultimately another factor in the destruction of the country. I always thought the key to winning any election was to explain how your ideas and policies could make things better for voters. So how does any element of the Democrat platform make that happen? I am just trying to understand how this party even exists anymore based on policies that kill jobs, kids, and the elderly in favor of illegal immigration, no air conditioning, no straws, no lights, no cows, you get the point. Is it just a bunch of miserable pissed off people that can’t make it life, and want to saddle everyone else with their miserable existence?

  25. I’m already imagining this IDIOT grabbing my burger and Coke out of my hands… and me punching him in the face. Then again, LIBERALISM is a MENTAL DISORDER. Who knew TDS would aggravate the disease?

  26. That mashup made me feel like I was watching one of those “bad lip reading” videos. If only it were..

  27. On one hand, I wonder if Buttigieg actually believes what he says. On the other hand, this is probably why he is dangerous.

  28. I don’t understand why anyone is concerned with what someone else eats. Busybody libs want to control everything. But others get bent out of shape because some people, who don’t give a crap what you eat, don’t eat meat. So what? I don’t eat meat 3 days a week because it causes me some gastric distress.

    I don’t give a rat’s a$$ what anyone else eats. We’d all be a hell of a lot better off if everyone just minded their own business.

    Buttigeig and his ilk are just flapping their yaps. They know full well they cannot stop people from eating meat and driving cars. Just babble from morons.

  29. It’s not eating Hamburgers and using Straws that is our Problem. It’s too many of you prissy little “BUTT-HURT” fellows eating TAINTED MEAT and the SOCIALIST COMMUNIST PARTY is Crammed full of them.

  30. Pete Buttigieg insists that he is “married” to another man. Forgive me but, given that, while he is articulate, it is somewhat difficult to take much of what he says seriously.

    1. He is all gloss and smooth on the surface. But get just a little under his skin and you find a bitter, nasty little man.

      1. Liberals are like peeling a hard-boiled egg. Once you get under the skin, the shell comes off in big pieces.

  31. Well, at least we aren’t pretending to be Christian and flaunting it to God! You sir are the problem, you are racist, rude and completely on the road to hell!!

  32. I eat hamburgers & use straws all of the time. I also served & defended this country. What has this little no body twerp ever done for this country but criticize average normal Americans? These parasite liberals are ruining this great country. If you don’t like me eating hamburgers & using straws then come tell it to me to my face.

  33. I had lunch today where my buddy got a chocolate milkshake and was given a paper straw.

    That thing collapsed about 1/4 though the shake. Just use the friggin’ plastic. It’ll be fine.

    1. Steven Crowder compared it to sucking on a #2 pencil. They wont be content until they’ve made everyone else as miserable as them.

  34. Power is expressed most commonly in the ability to be a gatekeeper. The power to say “no.” To deny access, to deny help, to deny your humanity.

    I suggest a post today by Ace, regarding the twitter mob and how it can cost you your job, and how it drives people to the ultimate end.

    Ace (AoSHQ): Days After GamerGate Figure Zoe Quinn Accuses Former Boyfriend of Vague Sexual Abuse, and Days After He’s Fired from His Job and Ostracized from His Industry, Man Kills Himself

    Ace is right. This isn’t a side effect or an “unintended consequence.” It’s their goal.

  35. Being a gay man with the word “butt” in your last name is about as ludicrously problematic as “eating hamburgers and using plastic straws.”

  36. Mayor Pete says in the interview that “people in this country summoned the courage” to do things that were unbelievably hard, like surviving the Great Depression, winning WWII, and going to the Moon.

    Well, no doubt the Depression and War years were difficult, but going to the Moon? The decade between JFK’s announcement of the goal, and the 1969 Moon Landing was a time of great prosperity. And, unless you worked for, or were somehow connected to NASA, there was no personal sacrifice involved in going to the Moon. Mayor Pete might have known that but he wasn’t born until 1982 and obviously wasn’t to interested in learning the details.

      1. Mental cases with screwball ideas have no business running this country and I hope with every fiber of my being they lose BIG! The more they talk, the more eager I am to vote for Trump, again.
        MAGA 2020!

    1. “I don’t like this, this is potentially dangerous, therefore it should be banned” has been the bread and butter of self-righteous holier-than-thou statists for decades.

      Oddly, it doesn’t bother me as much when it comes from the left. They’re idiots. They always want to control what they fear. It pisses me the F off especially though when it comes from the right. They should friggin’ know better.

      Every damned nanny/pre-crime law on the books falls under this category.

      1. I agree, the right politicians cannot even think for themselves anymore and are now agreeing more and more with this climate change BS.

  37. That’s the old political saw: “If you can’t talk policy, talk about straws.”

  38. I’ve been waiting for some nutbag leftist to notice the carbon in carbonated soft drinks. It’ll happen eventually.

    1. Yes, happily I am a huge climate change denier. Have them bring me a thick medium rare hamburger, a large root beer with a straw for dinner, and while their at it, leave my weapons alone, at the bottom of a large pond.

  39. I bet if we produced all the straws with marijuana leaves they would be running around demanding more be produced,then running around picking the butts up off the streets.

  40. Once they convince Uganda to contribute their millions to Climate Change,then it might be worthwhile to put it on the UN Agenda.

  41. Atten St Butthead : If you are a brain-dead liberal, “you are the problem” .. lol

    I can’t wit til Nov 2020 .. post election night, to watch the America hating, Trump hating Democrat Leftist Nutjob heads all across the country explode like the death star will be nothing less than spectacular, like the greatest July 4th fireworks display ever made.

  42. Here is what will stop global warming…cancel all 10 of these brain dead candidates
    worthless commies……wake up America…..listen to what they say carefully

  43. Democrats are insane and anyone who votes for Democrats and falls for taxing cow farts need to check themselves into the looney farm. It is depressing to see how many stupid people have the potential to become President of the USA. I guess if you have brains you need not apply to run for president of the USA.

  44. if you try to be a dictator control freak- you sir are the problem- not us- we get it that you aren’t happy unless you are making people’s lives miserable- you just can’t help yourself- but do us all a favor and Shaddap! Thanks

  45. The thought just occurred to me… Maybe Hillary was actually the most sane Democrat in the country… because what we saw last night… that was not people in full control of their brains. I bet Trump’s numbers rise.

    1. Hillary would have upped the ante as well. Whoring for votes is what democrats do. Republicans too I guess

  46. “Pete Buttigieg actually said, while at CNN this morning, that people who eat hamburgers and use straws are part of the problem when it comes to Climate Change.”
    Hey Sodomite, I’ll take hamburger with Mayo over poop with sperm dressing, any day.

    1. I’m convinced the Sodomite eats hamburgers and uses straws. He is another stone cold liar. Further,
      we do not need this fool anywhere near the White House.

      1. Of course he does. ‘Regulations’ only apply to you, the Obama/Clinton administration proved that.

  47. Plastic bags yesterday, straws today. I wonder who comes up with these wacky ideas and why straws specifically? Did a crow choke from a straw in the landfills!? We need to find the source and cut funding to those idiots.

    So. I did some research and found a link to a 2015 video of a straw stuck in a turtles nose and some wackos trying really hard to take it out. I wonder if that’s ground zero for the straw ban.


  48. I’m sitting in Shelbyville, IN listening to Tony Katz on WIBC and he pronounces the name Booty-Judge. I can’t help but wonder if that’s the proper way to say it, or every talk show host in Indiana is making fun of him.

  49. I seldom eat hamburger when porterhouse steaks are on sale but I never ever use straws. I guess that makes me part of the problem but also part of the solution. At my age, being half awoke is an accomplishment.

    Consider where cow farts come from: the things that they eat which are either digested or rot. If the federal and state governments would open up the lands that they control for free range grazing, cow would become carbon neutral… as if they would care.

  50. I eat meat, I drive cars that use gas, and I love the 2nd amendment.

    I am the existential threat.

    The left has a solution for me, it’s their final solution.

    It’s me and everyone like me in a oven.

  51. You know I’ve been thinking and it might be way out there but…Thought one, Oprah has announced she’s going on a wellness tour to preach eating right..( really, it’s partly because Weight Watchers is hurting) , the other part I think is Michell Obama will be joining her either casually or more. So thought two is now that these wackos have shouted all the things they will do, maybe none of them ever intended or purposely planned to lose. Michelle Obama comes out playing the sweet Michelle, more or less ignores or flies over any of the issues..(Barry taught her well as well as a few others), and puts her hat in the ring..Of course Joe will get a job..

    1. That is hilarious – Oprah and Michelle Obama teaching us about what to eat. Oprah is always way overweight and Michelle loves her fried foods and martinis and rarely eats vegetables.

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