[VIDEO] Pete Buttigieg: If you eat hamburgers and use straws you are part of the PROBLEM

Pete Buttigieg actually said, while at CNN this morning, that people who eat hamburgers and use straws are part of the problem when it comes to Climate Change.


I would imagine Burger King, McDonalds, and a million other restaurants where they serve hamburgers and straws might have something to say about this. But even more than that, the American people should have something to say about it and they should reject this nonsense with prejudice!

Democrats are building their hopes for ‘change’ on the backs of demonizing Americans. Whether it be saying that poor people of color in other countries should have more abortions for the benefit of western society or that people who eat hamburgers and drink with straws are to be blamed for a phony climate crisis – it’s all absurd and offensive.

Oh and by the way…

Here’s a mashup of last night’s Climate Town hall on CNN from Tom Elliott:

Look at all the stuff they want to BAN. It’s an incredible list that Elliot lays out: Straws, hamburgers, gas-powered cars, incandescent bulbs, nuclear energy, fracking, natural gas exports, off-shore drilling, factory farming, and carbon.

And don’t forget coal. They hate coal and all fossil fuels.

If you vote for Democrats, then you might as well say goodbye to America as a superpower and say hello to America as a third world country who can’t stop people from dying of hypothermia in the winter and heat stroke in the summer because we don’t have enough of this expensive new clean energy to keep people safe.

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