[VIDEO] Ranch Riot! Protestors at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada take on the Feds and stand their ground.

There was a protest in Nevada yesterday over the Feds coming in and creating quite the atmosphere of intimidation, including creating a free speech zone for people to protest, all because a man refused to comply with the federal government (BLM) over his cattle grazing on public lands.


Okay, Here’s more on the story:

WAPO – All those emotions stem from a long-simmering fight over cows, which boiled over during the weekend.

For more than 20 years, Bundy, a Nevada farmer, has allowed his cattle to graze on federal land, and his main contention is that the government doesn’t really own the land. The Bureau of Land Management finally started rounding up the cows this weekend. They initially wanted to sell them at auction in Utah, but Gov. Gary Herbert argued that the whole controversy needed to be contained to Nevada. He succeeded, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, but Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is still pissed about the whole affair.

“No cow justifies the atmosphere of intimidation which currently exists nor the limitation of constitutional rights that are sacred to all Nevadans,” Sandoval said in a Tuesday statement. “The BLM needs to reconsider its approach to this matter and act accordingly.”

He took particular issue with the government’s decision to establish a specific area in which residents could protest.

“Most disturbing to me is the BLM’s establishment of a ‘First Amendment Area’ that tramples upon Nevadans’ fundamental rights under the U.S. Constitution,” he said in the statement.

A park service spokeswoman told the Las Vegas Review Journal that the area was intended to do just the opposite. Roads had to be closed to protect safety during the cattle removal, she said, but the service wanted to make sure protestors still had an area to gather.

Here’s more on this, including an interview with Cliven Bundy from Hannity tonight:

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93 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Ranch Riot! Protestors at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada take on the Feds and stand their ground.

  1. we all know that things are on just here in United States but we the people have to do something about it we need to stand stand together em believe believe believe what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong to have the discernment.so please in the name of Jesus don’t be angry don’t be mad don’t be so hostile but to take thing back what belongs to you so stand you known;stay positive stay, stay with self control so you can work things out right we know that they come to steal kill and destroy that’s what the wicked does but all in the name of Jesus we praise the Lord praise the Lord praise the Lord so he reveals evil to the believers to the believer a Amen Amen

  2. While today’s Internet technology enables the principles of morality, liberty, and prosperity to spread as never before, its imagery also unleashes the anti-social passion of envy from its moral cage.

  3. Frankly I hope the Feds arrest and disarm the militia morons drawn to this standoff like bugs to a bug light before they murder more babies like Timothy McVeigh. My aunt Frances Williams worked for HUD in Oklahoma City and died in the bombing of the Murrah Building, and I really don’t appreciate guys who target members of my family as political enemies.

    1. you better hope the feds never turn on you !!! Ask Harry why he wants this land !! Drive all the ranchers and farmers off the land for money and you will starve to death !!! OMG where do you think our food comes from Obama ?

  4. Your “pregnant” aunt was the aggressive party. Those citizens were complete assholes. The only victims were BLM. “I’ve been fighting cancer,” sorry lady but I’ve had several treatments and I recognize bullshit. She does NOT have cancer. She has too much energy, too much hair, too nasty. These people make me sick. Your video makes BLM the winner, and you guys LOSERS!
    What scammers. Good thing BLM isn’t LAPD, your candy asses would be beat to hell.

    1. The Gov trolls are out.. tonight you sound like a lol birch.. you need to be slapped around.. UN American trash. Go back to sleep

    2. Buy the way dummie those were Blackwater, in BLM suits.. look how they move..Strait Military go back to watching MSM SHEEP..

      1. Sloppy, if you think those BLM Agents are “straight military” you really are a genius. I’ve seen better tactics from the Girl Scouts selling cookies; at least they partner up and create barrier lines and don’t flee the scene leaving half their cookies behind. You call that video Blackwater? Mainly Contract drivers in Iraq; several of which were hung from a bridge by the neck. I dont get the connection. Most BLM guys come from farms and ranches, just like Bundy, since the job requires horse and cattle skills, not military. I don’t think you even know the real issues or even care. They don’t involve any amendments, or freedom violations-it was merely a sign designating a place for people to protest, that’s it.
        I notice that You specifically are being AVOIDED by anyone with notoriety because of the way you act and the way you talk. Either you are very young and immature or a total weirdo. If someone doesn’t agree with you, you are foul and threatening over something that doesn’t exist.

        1. You hurt my feelings baby 🙂 look at the equipment they are using, watch more videos.. buy the way the Feds lost..

  5. This is why the states need to embrace the invocation of a states’ constitutional convention as provided for in Article V of the US Constituition to pass the Liberty Ammendments and any other such ammendments to our US Constituion which would correct the abuses of the federal government, such as the IRS scandal and the fascism of the BLM and the EPA by abolishing all of these alphabet agencies who rule by fiat outside the bounds of all that is constitutional.
    John Craven
    New Orleans

  6. Meanwhile the BLM allows wild horse to destroy million of acres with over-population, and then round some up and hold them in feeding areas at taxpayer expense. But when they are too successful with the Desert Tortoise they kill them off.
    I worked building houses in Las Vegas in the early 90’s and when the Desert Tortoise BS was being talked about, all the developers sent big D-9 dozers to plow up all the developable land. They ran 24/7 for months. Problem solved, no Desert Tortoise.
    The Govt. always finds the worse possible solution to f***up all Americans’ rights! It is time for revolution.

  7. Sounds Like a nice spring Bike ride to Nevada would do this wonders Maybe even a nice Truck stop if in Nevada

    1. Thanks TONS, time…A few years ago, I thought Alex Jones to be somewhat a “chicken little” type…These days, NOT at all. I have even taken the time to listen to his daily radio broadcasts on occasion, and have been surprised at the amount of Truth to Tyranny he shares with Credible guests and callers. A Bible clingin`, gun lovin`, Patriot, For SURE. I beg your pardon, brother Jones…

      1. Thank you TexasPGRRider,
        I appreciate your kind words. I agree with everything you said. I’ve never listened to Mr Jones radio show or at least not enough to say I have, but same as you I to use to laugh at Mr Jones and wonder where in the world does he come up with this all this crazy stuff? but during the past 51/2 years seeing what has happened to America and to American families by this new runaway corrupt to it’s very core Government, the laughter has turned to prayer, tears and resolve, worrying what will happen to my beautiful young family but not just my family alone.
        Thank God we also have great Americans like Mr Levin and Mr Limbaugh who are also relentless at informing Americans and defending liberty.

  8. I will forever think of Mel Gibson as the Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace in Braveheart yelling, “Freedom! Freedom!” when I read of this situation.
    What is happening to American, the land of the free because of the brave!

  9. Found the answer to my previous question of when the feds took over
    the land. –

    “Let us all hope this conflict resolves itself in a peaceful and fair to both sides manner. The Bundy family has been utilizing that land since the 1800′s, and this dispute did not come about until federal authorities initiated a non-grazing use on the lands to protect a desert tortoise. (If that sounds ridiculous to your reader, it should, but that is exactly how the federal government has operated since passage of the Endangered Species Act. It is the same situation that has California farmers unable to access water in order that a species of fish can allegedly be “protected”. The ESA is nothing more than yet another example of federal land grab authority posing as “greater good” policy.”

  10. “Most disturbing to me is the BLM’s establishment of a ‘First Amendment
    Area’ that tramples upon Nevadans’ fundamental rights under the U.S.
    Constitution,” he said in the statement.
    News Flash to BLM America is a ‘First Amendment Area’.

    1. The “First Amendment Area” is between Canada and Mexico….will somebody please inform the BLM.

      1. Exactly. But, the BLM does not care or doesn’t understand or both. Either way we lose our freedom.

      2. And between Canada and Russia – it’s called Alaska.
        And all of the Hawaiian Islands – except that is where Nero Obama vacations and of course the place where he was hatched.
        And American Samoa too and even the American Virgin Islands. And Guam. And Guantanamo!
        I don’t know about Puerto Rico though. Yes! there too.
        John Craven
        New Orleans

    2. I was going to say much of the same.
      Reading what the “park service spokesman” had to say makes you understand the government has people who don’t understand the first amendment or don’t care what it says. That’s scary and a danger to freedom.

  11. Happy to hear the Governor had something to say. Now, its time for the state to step in and throw the feds out.

  12. Wow. How has this government turned on it’s citizenry? Reminds me of scenes from Nazi Germany as German Shepherds were used herd people into concentration camps and death camps. Wow!

    1. And this is to protect a turtle! We’re being sold down the river for a TURTLE!
      Those men and their dogs were used to intimidate American citizens over a turtle…that is stunning.

      1. Yep, sold down the river-pardon the pun-for a Turtle. Those sweet lil things. Aww, ain’t they cute 🙂 (just a little Thursday humor)
        Warmed my heart to see actual Americans standing up for liberty!

        1. Warmed my heart too. I just hope their protest doesn’t turn into another Ruby Ridge or Waco…it’s a democrat in charge, they like nothing better then to burn down American citizens or get them with sharp shooters….and the con man would relish it the most, imo.

          1. My fear as well. And even some of the people at the Blaze are listening to the “rational” perspective and believing Bundy is on the wrong side and ripping off others by failing to pay.

            1. I have such mixed feelings about the people at The Blaze. I rarely listen anymore to Beck. He can’t make up his mind just how much freedom he actually believes in, if you ask me…
              Bundy is up against the worst administration in history, I pray God helps him, he’s going to need that level of help.

              1. I hear you. There are a few that I just can’t abide and I just don’t have time to listen to the radio as much so I miss a lot. I listened to part of the show this afternoon and was disgusted that they didn’t do some research because it could be a conflagration here shortly.

      2. The turtle is just an excuse, bbl, but you knew that. The feds have been driving off ranchers for years all in the name of the environment. In Wyoming the ranchers can no longer graze cattle, but the feds brought in their own sheep. And sheep will destroy vegetation. Cattle don’t eat it completely down and the grass grows back.
        This is about taking away our rights to use what is ours, just as Bundy has stated.

  13. If the rancher was an illegal alien usurper the Feds would be giving him an award. And Nevada sends America Harry Reid. Maybe they are getting what they deserve.

  14. This reminds me of Tiananmen Square in China. Do these enforcers believe they are simply doing their duty. Time for them to stand up for what is right.

    1. Wouldn’t he have to get his tongue out of Obama’s *^$ first in order to make a statement?

      1. That aside, this is his state. If this was happening in any other state where state vs fed rights were at stake, the senator of that state would be grilled for their opinion.

        1. If he was a Republican Senator, he might be. The casinos and the service worker’s unions bring a lot of money to Obama and Co. Screw the ranchers.

  15. Probably more feds here harassing citizens and rustling cows than there are along the southern border rustling illegals and harassing terrorists.
    This makes me angry on so many levels not that it matters to anyone who is supposed to represent us.

    This time its a bunch of federal thugs, next time what? Drones?

    Our troops are fighting on the other side of the world for other people to be free and for us to be free of terrorists but our government are the terrorists and letting more in every damned day- and too many Americans have let it happen.
    This kind of crap will happen more and more, it already is, but not enough people have been supporting the few who are trying to fight back.

    Time to take our country back. This crap has got to stop now or it will be too late. http://patriotsbillboard.org/?s=operation+american+spring&submit=Search

    1. Great post and that’s a great website – thanks for sharing. You probably have seen this video, but I will post for the rest like me who were unaware of their work:

      Operation American Spring – May 16th 2014 in Washington DC… JOIN US!!!

      1. BTW, watching and listening to patriotic video like this is what causes “thrills and tingles” up my legs.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. This is how the Revolution and the Civil War began. Little skirmishes over seemingly insignificant things. Glenn Beck said yesterday that we’re very close to winning, and I definitely believe that, but we have some serious business to take care of first.

  16. Memo to Senator Harry Weed of Nevada:

    Senator, why don’t you come to the aid of a constituent of yours in Nevada who is currently involved in a major dispute with the Federal government? Wouldn’t this be a better use of your time than yelling about the Koch brothers from the floor of the Senate? Besides, you need to fly home to Nevada at least once a year to give the appearance that you still represent the state instead of George Soros and the AFL-CIO.

  17. Obama’s Brown Shirt BLM Thugs are at it again. The same thugs that closed down our vets war memorials, are now in Nevada, en mass, harassing a rancher.

    1. I’d ask any of those “thugs” if they ever studied or even read history?
      If not, I would like to explain to them they aren’t much different then the “brown shirts” of hiter’s Germany.

  18. These frogs refuse to be boiled. The heat is slowly being turned up, support your local and State wide Conservative candidates! Before it is too late.

  19. Did the federal government always own the land or did the federal purchase (read “takeover”) occur recently? If this man has been grazing cattle on
    that land for 20 years why is it NOW becoming an issue?
    I had an issue with a city inspector about a year ago. He came
    and told me my fence had to be moved because it was a foot over the
    back property line. This all happened because
    when the home was purchased 30 years ago a farmer owned the sloping
    land and large fishing pond behind the property line; he didn’t care where
    the fences in the neighborhood were placed. The Park District of our community took it over and that is when the trouble started.
    I informed this gentleman that he should look up “grandfather” laws
    concerning fencing. My neighbors thanked
    me because they had also been contacted requesting they all move their
    fences too. It was crazy! None of us have heard from him again.
    Get up to speed on Agenda 21 folks! Its happening in your neighborhood!

    1. Agenda 21 aka sustainable development is how we are losing America. BY DESIGN!

      Each and every town or county that has accepted Federal funds is implementing it.

      It is deep and entrenched. It is where each and every citizen can make an immediate difference – huge difference.

      Call your councilman and/or Town manager. Ask to speak with someone about what they are doing for sustainable development.

      1. Got a problem doing the Dee. With the current administration, calling anyone to question this action only gives them the opportunity to question you. Seems to me, it’s best to keep a low profile until we have some sort of guarantee that one isn’t singled out. Better to keep yourself available for a future confrontation that might be winnable than exposing yourself too early to those who seek to destroy you.

        1. We have a Tea Party movement in our town which
          keeps us informed with a monthly newsletter.
          Unfortunately, there are some in the movement
          who look like old hippie protesters and mostly
          everyone ignores them. They do alert us to things
          and then action is taken on a larger scale. They
          helped defeat a Mosque takeover of a building in
          a neighborhood that didn’t want it. They also helped
          defeat a movement by a huge grocery store development who purchased land adjacent to a college and neighborhood which would have made
          traffic unbearable in that area. People in our community take action when they are aware of what is happening. Unfortunately, like most areas, the news media is mum on lefty activities for the most part.

  20. Is History repeating itself, these Federal Cops with their dogs are acting just like the SS did at the death camps in the thirties and forties in Germany. Thank you, Obama, Eric Holder.

  21. The government is very very scary, and some people still think it’s a good thing to let them into our lives even more? They could have acted like adults and take this into perspective. Desert turtles? Do you want to know how much land is dedicated to desert turtles? What harm are COWS doing? Wow, this is scary.

  22. We’re getting a look at where our country is going , if people don’t wake up . Thanks to the great one and his gang .

        1. We can’t forget bout the RINOS who have the same fleas as these because they run with these same liberal communist flea bags.

  23. “The BLM needs to reconsider its approach to this matter and act accordingly.”

    YOU TELL ‘EM GOVERNOR! Reconsider! or else I’ll scream “RECONSIDER!” again. (The power of fluff)

    Maybe someone needs to contact Harry Reid’s office. He has the ability to intimidate and get things done.

  24. On the day that Holder shows up at Sharpton’s gathering to complain about the harsh racists among House Republicans toward him and Barry, our government sent federal law enforcement officers to attack a rancher and other peaceful protesters – unbelievable, shameful and cowardly use of force on’We the People.’

    This is socialist fascism that Obama, Holder, Reid, Pelosi and their minions have warmly embraced. Keep your family safe and if you don’t own firearms, go to your local dealer and buy some. We all may need them soon,

  25. ArcLight data indicates race / culture / ideals war within one year in the United States. ArcLight systems have been designed over the past decade to predict future events and decode past events. At present, ArcLight non linear data suggsts that the event in Nevada is a “lexington and concorde” level event whereupon a revolution could be started. ArcLight data also suggests a frustrated, angry, and hyper-violent middle class and melinial generation are already at the “chaos point” in ArcLight’s equations. (Evidenced by instant college riots for any reason). America will see a culture war within its own borders inside of one year according to ArcLight data.


  26. This is the Obama training grounds. Sort of a test before the real thing begins. The fed does not own this land. We the people do!

  27. So where is Harry The Communist Reid and the Governor?
    Please make the call or send a fax for Liberty.

    Carson City, NV, Governor Brian Sandoval
    Contact Info: Capital Building: 775.567.0684, FAX 755.684.5683
    Las Vegas, NV Grant Sawyer State Office Building.
    Fax 702.486.2505
    Carson City, NV, Lt. Governor Brian K. Kroclicki755.684.7111, Fax 755.684.7110

    In Liberty

  28. Only we, the people, can stop this. The entire federal system is now aligned to deal the final blow to liberty, freedom and property rights.

    No one is coming to save us.

  29. Typical Washington Post propaganda to make this fight over “cows”.

    All environmental actions by the central government are designed and intended to strip Americans of our property rights.

    This is the UN. Laid out in Agenda 21 as signed at the Rio Summit by George Bush, and put into federal policy under executive orders of Bill Clinton.

    Long before, the groundwork was laid by Nixon who established the EPA.

    Each and every president since has expanded it.

    BLM and a host of other federal agencies are now in place.

    1. Right on the mark! and along with that what Agenda 21 doesn’t steal from Americans the debt will finish off. My thought about why we have this push for Agenda 21, but our oil field and national parks are being held as collateral for the countries that are paying our interest on the debt, that would be China, Japan, and now the way that Obama is pushing Germany I’m thinking the EU must be holding collateral notes against some of our territories.

  30. I would get tased to make a point. I’m glad these folks are not backing down. Don’t back down!! Be brave

  31. What happened to the cows? Where are they? Did they just steal them? Looks like the Ukraine 1930’s.

    1. I have also read that some of the calves are dying because the feds separated the new born calves from their mothers. Other cows, if you know, will not nurse calves that are not their own.

  32. These are legitimate protestors, unlike the Occupy Everything leftist mobs.

    Welcome to Obama’s America. Turning into a third world country before our very eyes. In all fairness, if one can be fair to OZero, the feds have been doing this thing for a long long time. But under OZero, expect the all powerful Federal State to ratchet things up as the Democrat Progressives infest every branch of government. This is only the very beginning phases.

    They are training you to bow to every claim and diktat outside their jurisdiction. This is how invaders do it. They enforce diktats against a defeated foe through oppression. In this case the Feds arbitrarily enforcing laws where their jurisdiction is questionable at best usurping state and county laws in the process.

  33. This is all about the man-made myth of Global Warming/Climate Change concocted by the idiotic left and their theory that COW (and human*) FLATULENCE is dangerous and will bring about the end of the earth.

    *They are now thinking about banning beans or forcing researchers to develop gas-less beans and/or forcing humans to take Bean-O.

    These people are trying to fill the void with earth, sex, money, etc. because they do not and will not worship the One True Holy God. (see Romans 1)

  34. Fox News Reporting Enemies of the State. Sagebrush Rebellion

    Fox News Reporting Enemies of the State. Sagebrush Rebellion Update

    1. See the second video from Fox news Reporting I posted .Sagebrush Rebellion Update.
      Local Sheriff Defends Citizens Rights

  35. Today law enforcement is often a political fascistic overreach extension of overreaching BIG govt. A neat tactic is for ALL to just sit down on fold chairs and play LOUD music and watch and film. No, really.

  36. Pretty much every major american college has a free speech zone on campus. They pick a spot which can easily be avoided and stick all the protestors or advocates they do not like there.

  37. Love the pocket Constitution in Clive’s pocket. 🙂

    This man has been fighting the Feds for 20+ years (1993). Anyone who thinks this man may back down now will be incorrect.

    I hope no one dies.

  38. There is something nauseous about this.

    Those “protesters” were put in one place so the government could steal what does not belong to them under threat of force. In that way, they were protecting themselves, NOT the “protesters.”

    Give an authoritarian POS some sun glasses, a badge and a gun, and they think they own you.

    Hussein Obloody and his Marxist regime are responsible for the confrontational attitude of any lawless enforcement against we the people. They are the ones who have set the atmosphere for this.

    It is becoming more and more evident why this insane government wants our guns…you know…so we can protect ourselves…

  39. Big brother`s just testin` the water, as the EPA continues private property seizures, advancing UN Agenda 21…move along now, or go back to sleep, nothing to see here… HEY, b.o. … Guess What … We the People, are Wakin` UP ! ! ! !

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