[VIDEO] Reporter finds condoms, lube and children’s clothes dumped at the border

A reporter with Real America’s Voice went to the border and found condoms, lube, children’s clothes and documents dumped right there on the border where these illegals turn themselves in to the Border Patrol:

Talk about a crisis. It’s not just that Biden’s horrific policies are driving this historic surge, but that it’s also subjecting children to what appears to be unspeakable acts by these traffickers who are bringing children to the border in droves.

Just today, CNN is reporting that 4,200 unaccompanied children are now in the custody of the Border Patrol (skip to the 30 second mark):

How many of these children were raped, sodomized, or worse on the way? Where is the outrage over this? It’s Biden’s policies that have done this.

Just listen to Yuma’s Sheriff explain what’s happening:

It’s unbelievable. Wilmot says that the cartels are manipulating the Border Patrol by sending illegals to the spots where they want them to go, which takes the Border Patrol off the front lines and into processing, which then allows the cartels to move drugs across the border easily.

But hey, it’s just children getting raped and tons of deadly fentanyl coming across the border. There’s nothing to see here. No outrage to be voiced. Democrats and the media got the president they wanted and this is probably all Trump’s fault anyway, just like everything. Don’t worry, Democrats will fix all this by granting amnesty to these illegals to make them feel better and it will all work out in the end as they vote to keep Democrats in power forever.

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