[VIDEO] Schumer proposes doing Biden’s cabinet confirmation hearings BEFORE the inauguration

Chuck Schumer is actually proposing that the Senate begin cabinet hearings for Biden’s nominees weeks before the actual inauguration takes place:

He wants to begin hearings on January 6th, the day after the Senate special election in Georgia.

This is the same man who led Democrats to slow-walk confirmation hearings for Trump nominees after he became president. In fact Fox News reported in July of ’17, almost 7 months after Trump was inaugurated, that Team Schumer had deliberately held up the Senate so that it had confirmed less than a QUARTER of Trump’s nominees:

The White House released figures Monday showing the Senate has confirmed less than a quarter of President Trump’s 216 nominations while the Senate confirmed 69 percent of Obama’s 454 nominations before the August recess his first year in office.

But now that he thinks his guy has won, he wants to rush the Senate into putting Biden’s team together before he even steps into the Oval Office, all in the name of the pandemic. And if McConnell doesn’t agree with this timetable, he’ll use the Democrat propaganda media to shame him. What a hypocritical schmuck.

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