[VIDEO] Syrian man pleads with West not to support Al Qaeda

Joel Richarson interviewed a Syrian man about what’s really going on in Syria and he pleads with the West not to support the brutal rebels which include Al Qaeda. He says what many of us already know, that they want Syria to be under full Islamic control.


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46 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Syrian man pleads with West not to support Al Qaeda

  1. famouswolf  
    I had a very similar experience.  Guys in the gun stores have to walk on eggshells sometimes. But real Americans have your back, even if they are holding their fire for now.

  2. poptoy1949 K-Bob You’re welcome!
    It’s an amazing story, really. But I have no trouble with putting down a dog gone bad.

  3. Oh, but no!!  McCain is supporting the freedom loving and business minded rebels.  Never mind that very few of the rebels fit that description.  Freedom to a Muslim is a caliphate…complete Islamic control and other sects be destroyed along with all non-believers.  So, McCain, when you support uprooting dictators that keep the reigns on these people, you support the uprising of radical Islam and the destruction of anything truly free.
    I am not ashamed to be American, but I am truly ashamed that we have a President that would pass as Salifist and Republican leaders that want to topple a dictator that keeps the lid on radical Islam and also protects Christians.  This is a very, very low point in American history.

  4. sallyjohanna Frankly, knowing the lack of character that liberal marxists have, I find it unnecessary to hear from Syrians. I already KNOW who the culprits are in this conflict and it isn’t Al Qaeda and it isn’t Assad. It’s American marxists. THEY ALONE are the problem for this war on the world.

  5. You’re a CHRISTIAN sir! This is the new Amerika! Don’t expect any help from the godless marxists in the Obama regime.

  6. Cassie1  I agree that Obama wants the MB to have control of the Middle East.  Also,  I am starting to question whether the US military is acting on behalf of Saudi Arabia.  What are Russia’s bottom line interests, other than poking a stick in Obama’s eye? Russia is Syria’s buddy, however, I read that they want a pipeline built? Does Saudi Arabia also want a pipeline built through Syria for their own interests?  Could this be an underlying reason for the conflict, after one looks at all the regional conflicts which may be encouraged to increase the possibilities of escalating war?

  7. K-Bob famouswolf Your comments about more recruits being on the pro-Obama tilt make more sense of the latest efforts to purge and discriminate against Christian or conservative soldiers within the ranks.

  8. I have some trouble with Bush and Iraq part of the Syria gentlemen’s criticism, he did not add Bush was responding to 9/11 an act of war and Saddam was harboring the AL Qaeda terrorists. I wrote this a couple of days ago. It feels good to have confirmation of my position and know I am not off base. These Syrian people’s words are eye openers.
    A year ago we witnessed Obama support…I think the Liberal term is Freedom Fighters in Egypt..this seemed to occur overnight and with no Congressional approval.  It seemed almost overnight these Freedom Fighters quickly turned in to Al Qaeda and they were killing our Ambassador on 9/11 with weapons that we supplied them.
    That is why all Americans should be reticent about Syria.  Al Qaeda appears to be waiting in the wings to receive an arsenal of Assad’s chemical weapons, once we remove Assad for them!  Russia China and Iran are also waiting to see what opportunity awaits them.  Obama let our foreign policy lapse and the result is this quagmire.
    We can not be blindly loyal to a POTUS…we have to be loyal to what is smart and WORKS!

  9. Okay now, time for some truth telling…herein are some facts which Obama Inc is suppressing, and they involve the gassed kiddies! –

  10. He wants MB to have control of the entire Middle East…. He started to stir all this up right after Egypt started scrapping and it was a perfect distraction for all the crap and destruction that is going on here. He also wants to distract from Obamacare and that nasty debt ceiling thing is coming up so all his progressive Repubics and drones can push thru their agenda when we are all focused on Syria….Oh and those pesky illegals are pouring in. How much more of him can we take folks??? It is not going to get better, only worse! NO ONE should sit home in 2014 and if you do, you will be partially responsible for what happens. If you stay home, you are giving your vote to the left!!!!

  11. famouswolf Wolf, don’t be ashamed at the country, be ashamed at the leaders and the people who support them.

  12. Indeed. Last week I was in a local gun store- shopping for my latest firearm- and someone said something like ‘our president wouldn’t approve’. About something. I growled, ‘that queer son of a bi*ch ain’t my president’. It sort of slipped out. The guy behind the counter raised an eyebrow and got busy with some paperwork, I saw a couple of guys off to side nodding, and a tense silence suddenly fell. I walked out. The next time I went there the owner gave a discount on my new shooter. That was yesterday afternoon.
    If I had said something like that even ten years ago…so yeah, there is a lot of disgruntlement and pent up anger. I keep wondering when this is going to come to a head, because it is.

  13. I’m hoping (one of my hopes) that they won’t have time to weight the numbers too much in their favor. Maybe the National Guard will swing it our way.
    I can see a scenario where some units will go one way and others the opposite, though.
    Funny that I may wind up a rebel, like my great grand daddies. I wish I was younger and in better health.

  14. famouswolf  
    Ironically, ten years ago that comment would get you kicked out of any decent establishment.  Now it’s on every decent person’s mind, if not lips.
    History isn’t supposed to change so fast that you see entire western civilizations rise and fall before your kids are grown.

  15. sybilll K-Bob  
    Oh they mention that in the article.  It’s either something like FSA or it’s a bunch of stolen valor #$%holes.
    But no, I’m just expressing a minor concern.
    Heh.  I’m minor-concern trolling.

  16. famouswolf  
    Thanks, fw!  I have no worries whatsoever about vets and folks no longer wearing the uniform.  I just wonder about the actives.  Especially when I’ve seen active duty people posting that a growing number of those serving are pro-Obama, and we see stories about the Pentagon actively encouraging muslim outreach and recruitment among the troops.
    We need real men in office who served, at least for long enough to flush out the crap that is accumulating.
    (But I’m also smart enough to stay out of arguments among veterans and active duty folks.  That’s their world, and I can only hope sense prevails.)

  17. K-Bob I had seen somewhere that these were photos from the FSA (Free Syrian Army) propaganda arm.  I have limited knowledge of such, but the de-bunker said the medals did not match some of the uniforms.  Just food for thought, but if you are steadfast on your opinion, I fully respect your stance.

  18. 12grace
    Barack Obama is a puppet whose strings are being pulling by those who have a worldwide agenda to raise up the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood and establish Sharia Law. This will be accomplished by destroying ALL present systems through violence or infiltration.

  19. Barack Obama claims to be a Christian.  GMAB!
    Syrian rebels take Christian village near Damascus: activists
    September 8, 2013
    AMMAN, Jordan — Syrian rebels led by al Qaeda-linked fighters seized control of a predominantly Christian village northeast of Damascus, sweeping into the mountainside sanctuary in heavy fighting overnight and forcing hundreds of residents to flee, activists and locals said Sunday.
    The battle over Maaloula, an ancient village that is home to two of the oldest surviving monasteries in Syria, has thrown a spotlight on the deep-seated fears that many of Syria’s religious minorities harbor about the growing role of Islamic extremists on the rebel side in the civil war against President Bashar Assad’s regime.
    The prominence of al Qaeda-linked fighters has factored into the reluctance of Western powers to provide direct military support to the rebels. It has also figured in the debate underway in the U.S. Congress over whether to launch military strikes against Syria in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack last month.

  20. Someone over at Atlas Shrugs suggested ‘destroy Israel’. To destroy the USA, to destroy the West. All the above, in any order.
    All I know is that for the first time in my life I am deeply ashamed of this country. How dare people continue to support these criminals…whose deeds tarnish us so badly and whose perfidy is doing so much damage all over the world. The USA I grew up in would be taking a very different course of action, and obama would never have gotten past a roach infested slum in Chicago.
    I want him dead. And I want every mothers son in this country that voted for the son of a b*tch to be fully aware of the evil they helped unleash. And suffer.
    It’s all too tragic to bear.

  21. Obama knows who he is supporting and he must be stopped. It doesn’t look like he is going to get the votes in Congress which is a blessing.

  22. famouswolf  
    Heh. Yeah, but I meant, what is his specific goal in this particular case?
    I mean, other than to just cool one in the bathroom with Reggie while Valerie Jarret tells the Generals what to do.

  23. K-Bob, just remember there are a hell of lot of us who really ARE oathkeepers, and don’t make a display of it. We won’t know how things are going to play out unless and until the balloon really goes up. I’ve seen a lot of positive signs, like the refusal of most Colorado sheriffs to enforce the worst of the new gun laws in that state. Stay frosty, and keep your powder dry.

  24. bluerose3335 K-Bob  
    I’m not sure what the strategy remaining uninformed will do for you.

    I’d rather find out why barack is supporting the “rebels” (mostly al Qaeda) when they may well be the ones causing the WMD problem.  I’d rather see our leaders hold barack accountable for a change.

  25. PressWatchusa Exactly and no matter what THERE IS ANOTHER SIDE…that McLame, OFraud, Washington Insiders and others DO NOT SHOW AMERICANS which is the Horrors of the Rebels….and I sick of trying to make US as Americans feel sorry for Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic Haters….sorry try the next Category!
    Neither side is worth it and there is NO WAY to pick sides!

  26. Sure you do not want the west to support Al Qaeda.   Trouble is, in my opinion, the CIA created Al Qaeda.  Does the CIA fund Al Qaeda?  Right now I am trying to find out if they do.  Why is the U.S. helping to de-stabilize all of the Mideast Countries?  Kinda makes you wonder.

  27. K-Bob sorry Bob I could care less until they SHOW and ROGGIO and others SHOW all the atrocities by the Rebels and spare the Chemical Weapons Crap….I am sick of people trying to manipulate…HARD DATA MY FOOT…There is NO JUST SIDE….The Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood…I could care less if they are gased….they hate everyone and DESERVE NOTHING…So nothing from Roggio or Kristol or anyone else MEANS BEANS until they show the HORRORS of the so called REBELS…Lets see BOTH SIDES!! with Hard Data.
    I do not like Assad either and I have said before LET THE SCUM DEAL WITH EACH OTHER!

  28. What a sad story this man has related in the video above.
    I really have to wonder how much Reverend Wright supports what barack is doing, as he watches Christians–especially black Christians–being slaughtered with impunity under barack’s “watch.”

  29. Wow, I was just coming to provide a link to something I found at LongWarJournal, and I saw this new post of Scoop’s.
    I hope you folks are following this closely, because barack is determined to take us into this mess while angering Russia. Let’s hope Putin knows he holds the upper hand, and plays it cool.

    I’ll add more after I check out Scoop’s clip, but I should point out that Bill Roggio is the head Hibachi Chef and floor sweeper at LongWarJournal, and he’s a smart guy with deep experience in the Middle East.  LongWarJournal has been a great place to see what’s happening on the jihad war front (bear in mind, however, that he’s a bud of William Kristol, so grain of salt, etc).
    But those folks, in particular, understand we are at war.  Anyway, http://www.longwarjournal.org/threat-matrix/archives/2013/08/questions_about_alleged_gas_at.php (who always looks like he just wants to go back to his previous life).  I don’t know who to believe right now, but it sure isn’t our State Department, and I wouldn’t believe barack if he told me my own name. Bill Kristol is wrong about most things, but Roggio isn’t Kristol, and he has the hard data.

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