[VIDEO] Ted Cruz makes surprise appearance, gives speech at Supreme Court in solidarity with Hobby Lobby

Ted Cruz gave a great speech today in a surprise appearance at the Supreme Court, supporting the cause of Hobby Lobby and reminding people of the importance of our God-given right of religious freedom and why it is protected in our Constitution. He also predicted that the Supreme Court would strike down the contraceptive mandate and rule in favor of Hobby Lobby.

Watch the full speech below:

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(h/t: Caroline Pilgrim)

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88 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Ted Cruz makes surprise appearance, gives speech at Supreme Court in solidarity with Hobby Lobby

  1. You know, I could almost….ALMOST….believe Hobby Lobby’s owner’s are sincere and not evil, lying, religious hypocrites who would use the name of God to make a few extra dollars at the expense of their underpaid workers, if it weren’t for that pesky little fact that the lying sacks of excrement who own HL give millions of dollars – MILLIONS – to a communist dictatorship that forces its citizens to produce HL’s cheap shit for slave labor wages and working conditions, and – and this is the really spectacularly hypocritical part – forces abortions on it’s citizens, even late term pregnancies of healthy fetuses wanted by their mothers have been forcibly aborted by the atheistic, Communist dictatorship that runs China.

    Chinese companies are HL’s biggest business partners. If those lying motherf*ckers can allow their money to support forced abortions in China, then what the hell are they doing pretending they can tell American women that they should have ANY say over ANY medical decisions their employees make – including to get an abortion?

    I don’t think so.

  2. I’m a business owner & excited that I won’t have to cover vaccines anymore since I believe they cause more harm than good. No more blood transfusions either. As a Christian Scientist I believe healing comes through prayer, not modern medicine. It will be great for my insurance costs too if people are using the insurance I provide less.

  3. Christian Liberty and Religious Liberty are NOT the same thing. In
    fact, the two are antipodal to each other. Whereas Christian liberty is
    in keeping with the First Commandment, religious liberty, as provided by
    Amendment 1’s Free Exercise Clause, is an unequivocal violation of the
    First Commandment.

    That said, please understand, I’m not referring to an individual’s
    choice of who or what they personally believe or their choice not to
    believe in anything. I’m referring to Amendment 1’s provision for the
    open proliferation of other gods and evangelism of yours and my
    posterity to the same. Private belief is one thing, open proliferation
    of gods other than Yahweh is another matter altogether.

    Since Amendment 1 was adopted, America was quickly transformed from
    what had been a predominantly monotheistic Christian nation to allegedly the most polytheistic nation to exist, rivaling the Roman Empire.

    For more, see online Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Online Books page, click on the top entry, and scroll down to Chapter 11.

    Then find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a free copy of an 85-page book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

    1. Because you’re so glad that Hobby Lobby will continue to be able to stock their stores with cheap crap made in China? Where abortions are forced on women who want their babies.

      Yeah, God Bless all the rich Americans who have no problem with their millions supporting an atheist communist dictatorship that forces abortions on its women, but who think they should tell their American employees they can’t decide for themselves about birth control.

      That makes sense – if you never bother to think.

      I suppose you’d prefer it if the Godly owners of Hobby Lobby could force abortions on women here too. Why not? You love how religious Hobby Lobby is, and they spend millions supporting the Chinese government forcing abortions there, so it must be alright.

    1. Why do right wingers insist that they should be able to force us all to live under their weird, Evangelical Sharia Law?

      Here’s a simple concept: Hobby Lobby’s owners spend millions on cheap Chinese crap, which supports the atheist communists who run the Chinese dictatorship and who order forced abortions of even healthy, wanted babies.

      That’s where Hobby Lobby’s money goes, instead of supporting American companies, it supports forced abortions.

      But, even though it does not bother HL for their money to support those forced abortions in China, they believe they should be able to dictate what birth control their employees can get here – because their precious money must not touch anything to do with abortions – except for the millions and millions and millions they spend supporting the dictatorship that forces abortions in China.

      Freaking hypocrites shouldn’t get to tell anyone what to do.

  4. There is a difference between “contraceptives ” and murder of an unborn girl or boy. Abortion and pills that destroy a life at it’s very beginning , is what is wrong and no Government should force a business to have to provide for such an evil act of hate.

    1. I see, the company that should get to act so righteous about where their money goes here in the US, should be able to spend their money supporting – as their biggest business partner – an atheist dictatorship that forces abortions of healthy, wanted, babies on its women. Against their will. That’s where Hobby Lobby spends their millions to stock their shops.

      Because its cheap and they make more money buying from China.

      So, when they can make more money supporting forced abortions, they will.

      And, if they can save money pretending to be religiously offended by birth control here, that’s ok too.

      Are you thinking we don’t see HL’s rank dishonesty? We do. They aren’t Christians – they’re profiteers.

      Profit before God for Hobby Lobby – or their stores would not stock Chinese products.

      1. ” From Hobby Lobby’s standpoint, there are two intertwined wrongs: abortificients are being used, and the United States government is compelling them to purchase insurance that pays for them. Even if we granted that Hobby Lobby is inconsistent in their pro-life practices for shopping in China, that would not annul the second wrong. Nor would it account for the fact that as an American business owned by American citizens, Hobby Lobby and their owners may have special obligations to pursue the right within their own country first and foremost. Nor does it acknowledge that Hobby Lobby has legal recourse to pursue righting the second wrong that it lacks with the Chinese government. But it is just that coercive stand by the government that we ought be troubled by: A government that forces its people to commit what they consider to be grave moral wrongs upon penalty is a government with little concern for the welfare of its own people.”

        – See more at: http://mereorthodoxy.com/hobby-lobby-chinas-abortion-policy/#sthash.mLoFxChX.dpuf

        1. In other words , Hobby Lobby is not so much concerned as to want to control what anyone else does. They are simply trying to control themselves from being forced to paying for ending a life. There is a difference !!!

      1. LOGIC: Hobby Lobby is not trying to control what anyone else does. They are simply trying to control themselves from being forced to paying for ending a life.

  5. From the Great State of Texas, Senator Ted Cruz. We are blessed to have him at such a time as this.

    1. I’m from WA State and I’ll trade you Cantwell and Murray for Cruz along with another politician to be named later.

      1. That’s funny Billy! It must be interesting living among so many liberals? Keep your senators but give me Mt. Rainier.

  6. We Americans are so blessed to have Senator Cruz on the side of right and on the side of the US Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and The Declaration Of Independence.

  7. the first sign of Christian life and hope from U.S. in many years; what a joy to hear him proclaim the U.S. constitution guaranteeing religious rights to U.S. citizens; it is time for all real Americans to unite across all parties and stand up to the Muslim President who wants to destroy Christianity in U.S. and destroy U.S. too for his rich Saudi Arabian financial backers etc and the wicked Muslim Brotherhood terrorists whom Obama supports in Syria as they butcher all the Christians left there who cannot escape the persecution.

    1. Per Syrian Christians. I know this is unpleasant but the full truth must be known. The decapitated bodies line both sides of the streets and the dogs are feedings on them. This is America’s future people if we don’t get serious IMMEDIATELY and impeach Barack Hussein Obama, indict him, try him, and ………………………

      1. you are quite right; this is the future of America, Europe and the free world as politicians are “politically correct” or cowardly in not facing up to the Islamic threat to our civilisation; the Islamic oil money can buy elections, food stamps etc but that is just a temporary trick until they take over the country and make slaves of us all or decapitate us in the name of their Satanic idolatory to the devils

  8. The solution to this problem is for companies to pay their employees for their work and let the employees purchase their own insurance

    1. Which is how it used to be, and how it should be again. Make people responsible for themselves.

    1. Yes all the vile liberals had better watch out over their shoulder, to their left, to their right, and straight ahead for there are more and more AMERICANS rising up and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

    1. It’s wonderful to hear someone stand in front of a crowd who is not afraid to speak about our God and our faith. I just pray that we can get him and others like him in office for President and all the other government positions.

      1. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

  9. Let’s see. Barry has two strong activist liberals on the bench in Kagan and Sotomayor. No way they will EVER go against his wishes, That’s why they are there in the first place.

    Breyer and Ginsberg are getting old and sometimes vote their hearts, but usually stay with the liberals.

    Kennedy is the swing vote, but has proven himself in the past, so I think he may be bribe-proof.

    That leaves the four right-leaning justices. It’s a toss-up which one will be bribed this time around. Roberts had his turn with ObamaCare, so perhaps he’s safe.

    Scalia and Thomas, I believe, will hold strong, as well.

    So that leaves Alito. What will happen to him or his family that will turn him to the dark side to give the 5-4 vote against Hobby Lobby? We will soon find out. Will he be strong, will he ‘accidentally’ die, or will he find some strange and unique way to claim that this administration is right when all the facts point to them being wrong?

    1. That’s exactly my sentiment. We know who will vote in which way. The only thing we can do until they come out with the verdict at the end of June, is pray.

  10. A man of the people, by the people and for We The People – AND, among the people… nearly unheard of in Washington D.C.. God bless him!!! I’m so thrilled he’s on our side and we need to uphold him in prayer.

  11. Like Sarah Palin said at CPAC 2014: “Thank you Texas! We need a Senate on “Cruz control.”

  12. Once again Sen. Cruz proves his media savviness while standing up for the Constitution and standing on the right side of history. That was a powerful and presidential speech.

    Cruising with Cruz in 2016

    1. BTW, very smart of Cruz to remind all of us that the 1st Ammendment begins with freedom of religion:

      U.S. Constitution – Amendment 1

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; orabridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  13. Does this man have to do anything else to prove he is Presidential material! Cruz 2016!

  14. We the people also have the God given right to not be subjected to the geopolitical system of hate that operates in the veneer of a religion of hate we know as Islam.

  15. What better spokesman for the Constitution and conservative principles could we ever have than, Sen. Ted Cruz! He just the best. Period!

    1. He’s good at it, because it is who his is. At his core. No talking points needed. No teleprompter or focus group required.

      We all want a candidate that breathes conservatism like it’s second nature. That candidate is Ted Cruz.

  16. Cruz is leading, and by extension winning. Note, who is not there. No GOP bigwigs. I’m convinced they don’t care about winning any argument or election for that matter.

    1. They are paralyzed by the “wrong side of history” high school popularity contest talking point.

      Cruz isn’t.

      1. Just check out Byron York’s piece on the GOP and repeal. I would link it but don’t know how to do it on the iPad.

        Talk about the gang who couldn’t shoot straight.. It’s almost comical if it wasn’t our healthcare at stake.

        1. I saw the piece.

          The key to beating liberals/ liberalism is exactly what Cruz is doing. Take it on. Spank the talking points. Debunk the phony “facts”. Punch the bully in the nose with a smile. Beat the hell out of them with the truth.

          If we’re ruled by what “people will think”, then liberals will do what they do best. Demonize and marginalize.

          When we stand up to it, the liberals wind up looking like the bully…..the truth is revealed.

          1. There is a huge Alinsky machine out there, and people like Rove are part of it.

            The intimidation has worked on a lot of people.

    2. The GOPe don’t believe it so it’s really better that they are not there because they have a way of mucking things up.

    3. That’s what I like about him. He steps up to the plate. when you have principle on your side, you have nothing to fear.

      1. I seriously hope he keeps it up. I’ve seen too many start out like him to only get co-opted by the GOPe.

          1. Lets not name names. Lol. But, people like Paul Ryan, Tom Coburn, Renee Elmers, etc. come to mind.

            1. Well, there is someone who is supposed to be all about “liberty” that is noticeably absent. Oh, that’s right he thinks we should ‘agree to disagree” on social issues.

              On foreign policy, he thinks we should “mind our own business”. See the Cruz/ Cavuto interview thread for my thoughts there.

              Simply put, one person is leading across multiple fronts, and the other has a campaign that is shaking up to look like a typical establishment campaign ceding ground on multiple fronts while staying on safe issues.

              1. Yeah, I remember that from a week or two ago. Unbelievable. What is the quote?

                “If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything.” Alexander Hamilton

              2. Thanks DG for the info. It’s hard to keep up but you are on it. Things are so fluid with these power seekers.

            2. Rand Paul’s hyping of the NSA program is currently being exposed on Special Report.

              I hope TRS will post the interview with the NSA chief in full.

    4. You’re exactly right. Notice that Rand Paul isn’t there, nor is Marco Rubio. That in itself speaks volumes.

  17. The junior senator from my state folks… My hope is that sanity returns to our nation soon. In the mean time it is important to voice our opinions and engage the debate with those around us on issues such as this. The election is coming soon, have you donated? Have you volunteered? Have you spoken to those you know whom don’t believe “their vote counts”? We can’t just complain about the decline of our society and rail against the intrusion of government and it’s progressive policies. We need to stand up, be seen and heard.

    1. I hope he is as good at predicting as he is at speaking truth and understanding our founding! This short speech was packed full of very clear points. Love this man!

      1. That’s one thing that really sold me on him a while back. He says more of substance in 5 minutes than most GOP pols say all day.

  18. I like how he said this is NOT about people being able to use contraceptives.

    Kagan is worried about everyone wanting things differently, and the law becoming piecemeal. Well, maybe that’s why we shouldn’t create huge mandates that apply to everyone. One size fits all NEVER works. And when the top-down government has the power to decree this and not that for everyone, then you’re just asking for people to be constantly fighting for what is decreed. Instead, people should be able to make their own individual, or at least local, decisions.

  19. At least someone isn’t afraid to not “agree to disagree” on social issues.

    This is what leadership looks like. Not gimmick lawsuits and safe talking points.

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