VIDEO: Ted Cruz says Fox News went ‘ALL IN’ for Trump in the 2016 primary

This is even more fallout from the upcoming book “American Carnage,” this time because of a quote and video of the TedNado discussing just what really happened in 2016 during the primary election.

Wow. You can tell he’s still pretty irked about it, and likely for good reason. The TedNado lived up to all of the conservative principles that Fox News espoused and defended for years, and then when it came to 2016, they decided to back something else. We remember it well.

I’m not sure if the look on his face is annoyance with what happened, or annoyance with having to answer the question, because you know his answer won’t be popular with the TrumpNado, or with his base.

Here’s what Tim Alberta wrote in the book – he says Cruz was told that they weren’t allowed to say ANYTHING positive about Cruz on the air:

Sounds problematic.

Here’s another one, with Fox News skewing their analysis to help Trump:

Yikes. I would expect that if this was false that Cruz would deny it. Instead we got that video up above. But none of that really matters anymore, does it? This is our new reality, and we have to deal with it.

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