[VIDEO] The media’s making a big deal about this bodycam footage showing Sheriff’s deputy taser an illegal

Over a year ago, a Bexar sheriff’s deputy was called to arrest a teenage illegal at a federally-run shelter who was described as being ‘past the point’ and ‘super aggressive’.

Here’s the video that’s going around and they are clearly suggesting this deputy did something wrong:

They claim the illegal was tased for over 30 seconds. But it looks like to me that the deputy unhooked the leads around 15 seconds. Didn’t look excessive to me at all.

Also, as the video clearly shows and I’ve pointed out already, the deputy was informed as soon as he arrived that the teenage was ‘super aggressive’, which is probably why he waited seven minutes for his partner to arrive.

When the officer told the illegal to stand up and turn around, he didn’t comply. The deputy gave him several orders to do so and he just kept looking at the deputy and refused.

Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with how the deputy handled the situation. But just read how Yahoo News makes his actions sound:

The body-cam footage of a sheriff in Texas has revealed how he tasered a 16-year-old boy at a federally-run shelter for migrant children and called him ‘El stupido,’ or stupid.

The clip from May 2020 is from an incident at the Southwest Key Casa Blanca shelter in San Antonio, Texas, when they had called the Bexar County Sheriff’s office for help. The teenager had only been at the shelter for about a week and by May 2020 he had already spent nearly nine months at five such shelters in California, Virginia and Texas.

According to the body camera footage, when Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy Patrick Divers reached the shelter, he was informed by the staff about the boy being aggressive, having broken things and his refusal to go to school, reported Reveal News.

Mr Divers entered the building and found the child in the bathroom. “If they’re going to take me, let’s just f*****g get it over with,” the child yelled in Spanish to the staffers at the facility.

The footage showed that he didn’t request the shelter officials for any evidence of the child’s alleged wrongdoing and asked if they wanted to press charges.

When the interim director of the facility Ricardo Cisneros said ‘yes,’ Mr Divers said he would wait for his partner to arrive and then they will “take care of this.” The boy, meanwhile, asked several times what they were going to do with him.

Mr Divers’s partner, Deputy Harold Schneider, arrived after about seven minutes. “Ready? I’m going to tase this kid,” said Mr Divers in English even as he was informed that the boy doesn’t understand English very well.

The staff moved aside as he took out the gun. He directed the teenager to stand up and when he did Mr Divers shot him with his taser. The boy showed no signs of resisting arrest. Mr divers used the taser on his torso and thighs.

The footage shows that the teenager experienced the electric current for about 35 seconds after which Mr Divers’ partner cuffed him and called him “El stupido”.

Ok first of all that’s bullcrap. He did show signs of resisting arrest in not complying with the orders of the deputy. And why would he need to investigate? The people in authority at the shelter have already explained what’s going on and told the deputy the teen was ‘super aggressive’. So why would he go romping around the facility while he knows that this teen could lash out??

Oh yeah, and who the hell cares if the deputy called the illegal teen ‘stupid’? What he did was stupid! It’s not like they cursed at him or anything of that sort.

Again, I don’t see anything wrong here. But because it’s about an illegal, the media will continue to demonize this deputy and try and cancel him.

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