VIDEO: Thugs in Brooklyn throw fireworks at sleeping homeless man

Brooklyn is out of control lately with fireworks. Below is a video of a few thugs lighting a firework and tossing it at a sleeping homeless man so that it explodes next to him:

What pukes! These people disgust me. Chief Rodney Harrison, who is calling for the identification of these men, said the explosion caused “burns to the victim’s back”.

Apparently the firework crisis has gotten so bad that De Blasio is going to crack down on the firework suppliers:

NY POST – The city will begin cracking down on illegal firework activity that has ramped up in recent weeks — but pyromaniacs themselves won’t be targeted because it’s “not a good use of police’s time and energy,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday.

De Blasio announced the formation of a task force — comprised of NYPD Intelligence Bureau officers, FDNY Fire Marshals and officers from the Sheriff’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation — that instead go after suppliers and distributors of fireworks.

“I think the more profound issue is going to the root of the cause, cutting off the supply,” the mayor said at his daily press briefing.

Asked why authorities won’t be going after individuals setting off the fireworks, the mayor said, “A lot of cases you can’t intervene when someone shoots off fireworks and they’re gone. It’s just not a good use of police’s time and energy.”

De Blasio said he’d rather the NYPD focuses on the recent spate of shootings and “the most fundamental issues of public safety.”

Can’t say I necessarily disagree with De Blasio on this one. Unless fireworks are being used as a weapon to harm people or do damage to property, I probably wouldn’t focus on them either.

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